Santoshi Maa 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Santoshi telling Dadi about her fasts. Dadi says I know you are keeping fasts for someone else, you went on your parents. Santoshi smiles and says many people need prayers. Dadi gets glad and says I will make your plate. Narad tells Mata that Santoshi is keeping fast for others. Mata says she is my best devotee, she gets satisfaction in other’s happiness. Dadi and Santoshi make bhog, which reaches Mata.

Santoshi tells Tinu about her 16 Friday’s fast. Tinu says I will also keep it. Dadi says you can’t eat anything during fast. Santoshi says anything sour can’t be eaten, as its said Mata gets angry. Tinu says Mata looks calm, why will she get angry. Santoshi smiles and says she gets angry and does so for her devotees, we stay hungry for fast, if we eat sour, then stomach will get bad.

Madhvi looks on and says Daksha is glad to get money by Santoshi’s earnings. I will see how Santoshi keeps fast. Narad says she is trying to ruin fasts. Mata asks him not to worry. Devi Paulmi smiles and says there is someone who tries to make Santoshi’s life well. Dhairya’s mum Vidya feels unwell and asks for water. She calls her husband. Mata blesses the bhog. Santoshi prays and showers flowers on Mata. The flowers fall on Mata. Dadi prays. Santoshi says I m keeping this fast for Kaka and his wife Vidya, I m sure you will accept my fast and prayers.

Narad says it seems Mata is helping her devotee. Santoshi prays for Kaka and Kaki. Vidya Kai tries to get water. She takes water with her hands and drinks. Kaka comes there and gets shocked seeing her holding glass on her own. He asks how did this happen, its miracle that you held glass on your own. Vidya smiles.

Madhvi takes lemon to add it in bhog. Devi Paulmi smiles. Kaka asks Vidya to hold the ball and just try. Santoshi sings the bhajan. Vidya holds the ball and says I have held it. Madhvi goes to add lemon, and Dadi asks what are you doing here. Madhvi says I got flowers. Madhvi adds lemon in the bhog. Devi Paulmi smiles. Narad says this is bad.

Kaka tells Vidya that this happened because of Santoshi, and tells her everything what Santoshi said. Santoshi and Dadi take bhog. Santoshi stops Dadi seeing lemon seed in it. She shows it to Dadi. Mata gets angry. Dev lok gets thunder and Brahmadev and Devis look on.

Dadi says Madhvi did this, how shall I leave her. Madhvi calls for help. Seshnath cries with stomach ache. Dadi and Santoshi come and ask what happened. Seshnath asks them to save her. Mata’s eyes turn furious with fire glowing.

Devis and Narad see the Devlok shaking and catching fire. Mata fumes. Devi Paulmi asks whats happening, such affect of Santoshi’s fast, how is this possible. She worries seeing fire in her place. Narad asks Mata to calm down as Devlok is burning.

Seshnath cries with pain. Santoshi comes to work and Madhu scolds her for slapping Dhairya.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Saw today’s epi. What a fabulous episode today….it was worth seeing today! Loved it:) Merely reading today’s epi will not b enough as today was 1 of the best!

  2. will santoshi marry dhairya?

    1. I think so,i think firstly she’ll fall for sanketh but for some circumstances she will hav yo marry dhairiya(i think so)

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