Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 116


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This one is going to be a short one.

Recap: Sonia came to stay in Luthra house.

Next morning:
At breakfast table,
Twinkle were serving everyone. Yuvi noticed that she is still angry.
Yuvi thinks:”I will not talk to her. Let her be”
Yuvi:”mom, i am going to studio for rehearsal, maybe i will be late.”
Anita:”ok beta!”
Sonia:”yuvi i want to come with you. I mean i want to see what it looks like.”
Yuvi:”sorry but it is a close rehearsal, no one can come to assist it.”
Anita:”but you took twinkle with you the other day”
Yuvi:”mom, to sign the contract not for rehearsal, it is not allowed.”
Sonia:”yuvi plz, talk to the manager once plz”
Yuvi, angrily:”i said no means no.”
And he angrily went from there.

The boys started to practice. Yuvi missed some parts. They stopped.
Yuvi:”sorry guys, lets do it again”
They started again but one more he could not get it.”
Rohan:”buddy, what happened?”
Yuvi told him about yesterday night and in the morning.
Rohan:”ohhh so bhabhi is not talking to you.”
Yuvi sadly nodded no.
Rohan:”this means that till everything is not normal, you will not be able to concentrate.”
Yuvi:”sorry, guys. We will do it again and i promise to concentrate now”
Rohan:”wait yuvi! Call her and talk to her.”
Yuvi:”no need. She doesn’t want to talk.”
Rohan called twinkle from his phone.

Twiraj bedroom:
Twinkle was busy arranging some books on the shelves. But she was not able to. All fell down.
Twinkle, to herself:”babaji, what’s happening to me? I am not being able to do one thing properly….”
Her phone rang.
She picked it up.
Twinkle:”hey Rohan…”
Rohan:”bhabhi, plz come fast to the studio, yuvi hurt himself.”
Yuvi, who was behind Rohan tried to take the phone but the other boys stopped him.
Twinkle:”what? How?”
Rohan:”bhabhi, plz come fast…” And he hang up.
Yuvi;”stupid, she will be very worried. Let me call her.”
He was about to take his phone but Rohan took it before him.
Yuvi:”Ro…. Give it back!”
Rohan nodded no.

Luthra house:
Twinkle hurriedly climbed down the stairs.
Sonia saw her.
Sonia:”twinkle where are you going?”
But twinkle didn’t answer her.

Yuvi:”plz yaar, let me call her”
Twinkle came there. She was in tears.
The boys surrounded yuvi so that she doesn’t see him.
Twinkle:”rohan, where is yuvi?”
Yuvi:”over here!”
Twinkle went to him and saw that he was perfectly fine.
Twinkle:”why did you lie to me? I was so scared.”
Rohan:”twinkle, actually we called you not him. He didn’t even know that we would tell you that he was hurt.”
Twinkle:”And you?”
She moved towards yuvi.
Twinkle:”couldn’t you call back to tell me? I was so scared, you like to do scare me right? I will not talk to you. Don’t you dare do this again Mr. Luthra.”
Yuvi:”I didn’t even do anything… All this was done by them.”
Twinkle, who was in tears, hugged him.
Yuvi also hugged her back.
Yuvi:”baby, plz don’t cry!”
Twinkle:”i am sorry for yesterday. I shouldn’t have reacted this way.”
Yuvi:”its ok and sorry too. I should have explained you too instead of getting angry.”

They both hugged once again.
Rohan:”ok, lovebirds. Now can we start the rehearsal. Bhabhi you can stay if you want.”
Twinkle:”but it is not allowed right?”
Rohan:”till no one says anything, you can stay.”
Twinkle sat there while boys practiced.

After 2 hours.
Rohan:”buddy enough for today. We are tired”
Yuvi:”ok, then we will practice tomorrow at college during lunch time.”
Yuvi came to twinkle:”let’s go”
They left the studio.

In the car:
Yuvi looked at twinkle who was enjoying cold breeze.
Yuvi:”baby… What happened?”
Twinkle:”you know yuvi… Your voice is something different. Your voice would make anyone feel special.”
Yuvi smiled at her:”thanks…”
Twinkle saw a pani puri stall and asked yuvi to stop the car.
Yuvi:”but twinkle…”
Twinkle got down and went to the stall and ordered a variety.
Yuvi:”baby, order only for you, i am not going to eat.”
Twinkle:”this is only for me.”
Yuvi:”you will eat so much?”
Twinkle nodded yes. She started to eat. Yuvi:”twinkle, slow down. The food is not running away.”
Yuvi sat in the bench and twinkle also sit next to him, while eating.
Yuvi was lost in his thoughts.
Twinkle:”what happened?”
Yuvi:”Actually, when you were saying about my music I remembered how i used to sing in childhood. You know, when i was small, i sung in front of my dad and mom. My dad always encouraged me to pursue music. But when he died, i lost that motivation. I didn’t sing for a long time but mom always reminded me of my passion for music and i started to sing again only for her. You know twinkle, when i went on stage for the first time, i was scared and i am even today. Not only for my music but for everything. I am scared that I disappoint the ones i love, you, mom, our families.”

Twinkle hold his face.
Twinkle:”yuvi, we are all with you. We will support you in good or bad times. And about me, my yuvi will never disappoint me”
Twinkle:”what thanks? Because of you I couldn’t finish my plate…”
Twinkle went to the vendor once again.
Yuvi followed her.
Yuvi:”baby, enough. How much will you eat?”
Twinkle continued to eat.
Yuvi:”twinkle, you will become fat.”
Twinkle:”don’t care”
Yuvi:”twinkle stop it now…”
He started to pull her from there. Twinkle protesting, she hit him with her hand.
Yuvi:”ouch, jungli billi…” (Crazy cat??? Don’t know exactly what it means)

Twinkle:”you call me jungli billi… Then you are bandar (monkey) no bhiga bandar (wet monkey)” and she took a bottle of water and threw on him.
Yuvi:”twinkle ki bacchi….”
He also threw water on her.
They continue like that for a moment. They stopped when the vendor asked them to.
Vendor:”you both finished all the bottles…”
Twiraj looked at each other and apologized to the vendor.

Yuvi paid the vendor and they came back in the car.
They looked at each other and laughed.
Twinkle:”bandar (monkey)”
Yuvi:”jungli billi”

Precap: twiraj stuck somewhere and romance.

For all twiraj fans, congrats they got married with everyone blessing. Wish they stay together till the end.

Credit to: Zai

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