Begusarai 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya says to Adarsh that why you are lying? tell truth to everyone, i have proofs, if you dont tell truth then i will tell everyone, she shows Adarsh and Bhavna’s wedding photo in her phone to everyone, all are stunned, Bindya is confused, Ananya says now tell me whats truth and whats not, Amar says this photo can be camera trick, right Adarsh? Adarsh says yes, this is morphed, these girls are trapping me, Ananya says why you are lying? this girl did so much for you, she changed her name, left her home for you, even after being Thakur family’s daughter in law, she lived underground life and today when you should be with her, you are afraid of your mother? Bindya says shut up, i trust my sons, you are lying, i have to applaud for your guts, you brought this girl here? Ananya says Bhavna has right to come in this house, Bindya says i know your character, you are trying to trap Adarsh so that you can get saved, you want to prove that he is married so that you are saved, i wont let you get saved so easily but first i will finish this girl, she drags Bhavna, Ananya stares Adarsh, he doesnt budge, Ananya says leave her, Bhavna cries and calls out Ananya’s name. Shakti grabs Ananya from going behind Bhavna. Ananya says to adarsh that save your wife otherwise you will live in guilt for life, you act like manly infront of world but you cant stand for your wife, you dont deserved to be called a man, she asks shakti to leave her hand, he doesnt, Ananya says i pity Bhavna that she loves you, she came here when she listened that you are injured but you didnt save her, you people are not thakurs, not man, even animals try to save their family but you people are useless, you people destroyed my life on your mother’s saying, you people are just emotionless, she is going to kill not only your wife but your unborn child too, Adarsh is shocked, ananya says its your baby, she wanted to tell you but before she could inform you that she is pregnant, Bindya maa went against her, alongwith your wife, your baby is going to get killed too, save them, Shakti and Garv are tensed listening this, Shakti leaves Ananya, she looks at him in surprise, Ananya leaves from there, no brother tries to stop her.
Bindya has brought Bhavna to godown, Bhavna is getting trapped in walls, she is going to trapped in walls from all side, Bindya recalls how Dadda tried to kill Guddi earlier like this, she says i used to feel this is wrong against women but now i know why elders used to do it with girls, Amar is building walls around Bhavna to engrave her in them, Bindya asks Amar to make video of this as an example for everyone, Amar says yes, Mayank is there too, Ananya comes there and says stop it, she tries to stop Amar but he grabs her. Bindya says this girl comes everywhere, you fooled Shakti again and came here? Ananya says no this time Shakti realized that his mother is so wrong, she asks Bhavna if she is fine? She says to Amar and Samar that arent you ashamed of engraving your sister in law like this? Samar says dont act smart else we will engrave you like this too, Ananya tries to free herself from clutches of Amar and Samar, she frees herself and is about to fall on ground but Adarsh comes and holds Ananya, Garv and Shakti comes there too. Amar says you are taking this girl’s side against mother? Adarsh says i am not here to take side of Ananya or hBindya, i am here for love, he comes to Bhavna and asks if she is fine? Bindya tries to go to Adarsh but Ananya stops her and says no sasumaa, Ananya says sons become good people when they get love of mother but your love made Adarsh a coward person who couldnt even stand for his love and wife, Bindya says you are pointing fingers at my upbringing? you are trying to make my sons against me? you are pointing fingers at my love? Bindya says i wont spare you today, she is about to slap Ananya but Adarsh comes infront of Bindya and covers Ananya behind him, he says its not her fault, you brought me but Ananya made me realize that real man is not just about being goon but to stand with his family and i will do that now, because of your love, dignity and fear i lied to you but Bhavna is my wife and mother of my unborn child, Bindya is shocked to hear this, Adarsh brings Bhavna outside and hugs her, he says nothing will happen to you, forgive me, i would have lost you and my baby if i was late, forgive me, he folds his hands, Bhavna says i am not miffed with you, dont be sorry, Ananya says to Bindya that this is woman who doesnt let her family destroy even if her husband is wrong because she doesnt hold grudges, she has only love in her heart. Adarsh folds his hands and says i am sorry Maa, i couldnt become son like you wanted me to become, truth is that i cant live without Bhavna and my baby so its better if i live Begusarai, he touches Bindya’s feet, Bhavna touches it too, Bindya murmurs Adarsh.. Adarsh says forgive me if you can, Shakti gives his car keys to Adarsh showing his support to them, he salutes Adarsh, Ananya is surprised seeing this, Adarsh holds Bhavna’s hand and starts leaving from there but Bindya shouts Adarsh, Ananya says even Garv and Shakti have understood that Darsh did right, Bindya says my son left me because of you, you destroyed my power, you broke my family, Ananya says i didnt break your family, your family broke down the day Adarsh married someone else without telling you, your wrong thought has brought you here, you thought that woman is home wrecker but see your own thoughts broke your family.

PRECAP- Bindya says its time to do this work. Ramakant is sitting in Bindya’s feet. Bindya asks Mayank to do this work, she gives him gun, Mayank points gun at Ramakant. Ananya is with Shakti, Garv, Adarsh and Bhavna, she gets call and says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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