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Sorry to make you people wait for this FS so long specially Rayna who had been asking me to post this FS and I wasn’t able to post due to some or other problem ?

But now it’s Vibhu’s birthday today and I didn’t felt any better occasion than posting this ?

? A very happy birthday Vibhu Dear ?
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LINK (SHOT : 1 ) : http://www.tellyupdates.com/tashan-e-ishq-twinj-fs-aamna-shot-1-happy-birthday-aarti/

LINK (SHOT : 2 ) : http://www.tellyupdates.com/tashan-e-ishq-twinj-fs-aamna-shot-2-dedicated-sammy/

So enough of my bakbak ?

Let’s Start with a Smile ?

TWINJ were happy finally thing’s were falling in place everything was going on smoothly , Anita wasn’t in their live , Yuvi though had turned their side but still his past deeds were making it difficult for them to believe him.

[In My FS twinkle didn’t tried to convince kunj regarding yuvi’s changed behaviour]

Finally Kunj’s MBA was completed. He was awarded with STUDENT OF YEAR that meant his project was approved.

He can work out on it now and they will be flying to London for this project , once it would be successful kunj can start up his own business while looking after their Marriage Burea business which was running successfully in Amritsar and soon they can expand it to other cities.

As it was convocation today , their was a dinner and party arranged by kunj’s friend tonight , more than kunj twinkle was happy to see him getting STUDENT OF YEAR AWARD.

One could say as if she achieved that award such was this not so innocent siyappa queen of kunj.


Twinj were getting ready for dinner , kunj was wearing casual white t-shirt with blue jeans and a black coat , He wore a watch in his left wrist complementing his perfect looks. He was looking Hot and Handsome.

He was setting his hairs when clicking of their rooms walk-in-closet was heard , he turned around to see his beautiful wife walking out claded in a beautiful Black Net Saree with shimmery sleeveless and backless black blouse looking beautiful and elegant as ever.

She had done light makeup , her lip’s were adorned with blood red coloured lipstick , she had light shimmery black eyeshades.

Her wrist adorned with bangles while other hand had an elegant diamond watch , She was wearing beautiful diamond earrings , silver waist chain on her belly was adding to her beauty.

Kunj was staring her intensely without blinking his eye’s , he was mesmerized by her beauty , twinkle who was well aware of his gaze blushed deep red perfectly matching her Lip colour.

Their eyes met in a beautiful eyelock , kunj was moving toward’s her while twinkle stood at her spot , Kunj reached her , placing a kiss on her forehead whispered in her ear’s making her shiver.

” You look Ravishing My LOVE ! Haye I don’t want to go out of this room ” kunj spoke winking.

He placed a kiss on her cheek that was red as tomato and moved back , twinkle was like a red tomato by now listening his naughty comments. She pushed him slightly and spoke composing herself..

” No Mr Sarna ! Kya haina I am not at all in Mood to be here “

She started moving toward’s mirror when was pulled back by the tih at her hand , kunj pulled her back , her petite frame crashed into his chest making her breath hitch , her one hand gently twisted at her back by him..

” Mrs Sarna but I am toh in Mood to be here Only with my beautiful and hot wife ” kunj spoke moving her hair’s on one shoulder revealing her bare shoulder and back.

Kunj was placing soft kisses on her neck making her moan , His kisses travelled to her bare shoulder , slightly grazing his teeth , he softly bit her shoulder making her slightly wimper in pain..

He sucked and licked that point to sooth the pain , His free hand travelled to her bare waist making her body tremble with pleasure.

He was sensually caressing her waist making her moan in pleasure while continuing his sweet torture on her neck and bare back , they were completely lost in Each other’s embrace..

When Kunj’s phone rang making them come back into senses , Kunj groaned at the interruption whole twinkle was blushing but at kunj’s next statement , her eye’s widen in shock cutely.

” Uggh !!! I will kill this caller ! Banda apni hi biwi ke saath romance nahi karsakta “

” Kunjjjjj !!!What do you mean apni hi biwi aur kitno ke saath romance karne ka irada hai tumhara (Fake Sob) Now you don’t love me !! Haww (Dramatically) Kunj Sarna you have changed “

” Drama Queen.. (naughtily) Should I show you how much I Love you. ” kunj spoke pulling her closer by her waist.

Twinkle pushed him slightly blushing hardly , kunj smiled at her but continued speaking teasing her badly.

” Areh Siyappa Queen ! Tu hi bol rahi thi na I don’t love you toh why not prove this “.

” Kunjjjj (handing him his phone) Attend your phone and I will get ready else we will get late “

Kunj picked up his call while twinkle stood infront of Mirror to get ready when her gaze fell on her neck making her eye’s widen in shock cutely.

Her neck was now red by love bites due to the sweet torture given by her lovely husband her mouth form an ‘O’ .

Kunj disconnected his phone and saw his siyappa queen’s minute to minute changing expressions through mirror and walked toward’s her , He back hugged her resting his chin on her shoulder and spoke.

” What happened Siyappa Queen ? “

” Look what you did Mr Kunj Sarna ? Now just cause of you everyone will tease me ” pointing at red mark’s on her neck and spoke with cute anger

” So what twinkle ! Everyone will come to know how much your husband loves you ” kunj spoke while caressing red mark’s on twinkle’s skin with his thumb and spoke in a naughty tone.

” Shamless ” exclaimed twinkle turning around.

” Aaoww siyappa queen aise koi marta hai Kya apne pati ko ? Dekho Babaji kaisi biwi de di mujhe ? ” kunj spoke dramatically.

( Ouch ! Siyappa Queen do anyone hits there husband like this ? See Baba ji what kind of wife you gave me)

” Really ? Now go and let me get ready I have to complete my makeup ” Twinkle said rolling her eyes at his drama and then hitting him on his chest.

Twinkle pushed kunj aside and went to get ready while kunj was continuously gazing her making her blush hard , after sometime twinj left for party.

They reached the venue where kunj was welcomed by his friend’s , they pulled him to the male company while twinkle got busy with female company around her but both twinj were stealing each other’s glances.

All the women out there appreciated twinkle’s beauty complementing her some genuinely and some out of jealousy , no wonder today twinkle was a show stealer.

While kunj was no less , all the single girls out their were drooling over kunj and trying their best to hit a chance on him but poor them he was to busy to admire his beautiful wife.

An amazing dinner was arranged by kunj’s friend and then their was an announcement for couple dance , kunj walked upto twinkle who was standing with other women out their some of them were drooling over kunj still thinking him as single.

And as they saw him approaching them they were more than delighted thinking that he might ask them dance with them but when they saw him kneeling infront of twinkle and holding out his hand for her.

” May I have the pleasure of dancing with tgis beautiful lady of MINE “

Twinkle blushed at his gesture while others hooted and clapped for them even those women who were drooling over kunj had to clap unwillingly while cursing twinkle under theor breath.

Twinkle gave her hand into his and they moved to dance floor where already many couples were present dancing.

SONG : https://youtu.be/DK_UsATwoxI

Kunj held twinkle by her waist and pulled her closer while twinkle wrapped her hand’s around his neck. Both moving according to the beats of the song.

Kunj twirled her around once and held her left hand while her left hand was resting on his left shoulder , both intensely gazing eachother with all the love and affection they had for eachother.

Twinkle remisnces their lovey dovey moments , their eyelocks whenever kunj saved her from falling wether before their marriage or after it , him holding her hands while taking pheras in gurdwara.Their cute nok jhoks. A beautiful smile appeared on twinkle’s face.

Kunj again twirled her around and this time engulfed her in back hug , he lifted her by waist , his breaths falling on her bare back and neck was tickling her senses.

Kunj put her down slowly and traced his fingures on her arms making her shiver and again engulfed her in a back hug resting his hands upon her on her waist.

Both closed their eye’s savouring the lovely moment , kunj placed a kiss on her temples and then benting his head a little placed a wet kiss on her bare shoulder making twinkle shiver in ecstasy.

They were so lost into eachother that they were brought back to reality with the high intensity claps of people around them , some of his friends hooted for them.

Dance Ends…..But romance doesn’t ? Areh it’s Vibhu’s birthday toh Abhi romance treat baaki hai ?

After a while twinj bid bye to kunj friend’s , they were there way back to farm house when kunj turned the root confusing twinkle.

” Kunj !! Where are we going ? “

” Shh it’s a surprise for you Siyappa Queen “

” Wow !! What’s the surprise kunj ” exclaimed twinkle with happiness..

” Twinkle if I will tell what the surprise is will it remain one ? ” Kunj replied with scarsam to which twinkle made cute angry faces and was mumbling under her breath making kunj smile.

After a while car came to halt and twinkle looked around they were at beach which was now completely silent and void of any people.

Kunj came out and then moved to open twinkle’s side of gate who was still confused why they were here.

” Kunj why are we here ? “

” Uffo twinkle how much question’s will you ask ! Be quite you will come to know soon else I will take your mouth “

Twinkle’s mouth opened and closed in cute manner listening to kunj and within a minute she quietly kept finger on her lips like a cute baby acting to be quite , kunj chuckled while twinkle frowned.

They moved ahead holding eachothers had and soon reached a place where a single mattress was placed under a tree with scented candles in glass decor and lanterns lying across the matters on soil.

Link to beach Decor : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bko15WsAXmd/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1h0tdj57tt1wq

It was a private area where no one allowed and kunj chose to book a beautiful silent place for them under the star’s (I don’t know if you have some sort of private places area on beach ? but imagine one ?)

They head towards mattress hanging on the branches of tree near the beach , whole area enlighten with candles and lanterns.

” Wow kunj it’s so beautiful ” exclaimed twinkle twirling around like a child smiling.

” You liked it ? ” kunj asked smiling looking at her childish behaviour.

” I loved it Kunj , it’s so beautiful ” twinkle replied hugging kunj tightly.

” Thank you so much kunj “

Kunj hugged her back smiling , both smiling savouring the moment in eachothers embrace.

They went and layed on the mattress talking to each other speaking their hearts out.

” Kunj why did you planned another date when we had one two days back ? ” asked twinkle shifting closer to kunj.

” I want to make beautiful memories with you twinkle , I want to make everything perfect for you , I want to cherish life along you ” kunj replied raising himself on his elbow and intertwining his hand with hers , kunj placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

” I LOVE YOU KUNJ ” Twinkle confessed within teary eye’s seeing his unconditional love.

” I LOVE YOU TO TWINKLE ” kunj spoke taking her in his embrace , twinkle now lying almost on kunj.

They were lying in each other’s embrace silently gazing stars and talking.


Sorry Vibhu I could not write to long ?

I am busy with upcoming competition on wattpad and since today after learning rules of competition and new twist captains have to write an OS ?


This means I have to write an OS along writing a shot for story and also have to manage my team ?

But I could not even deny your request for posting one of my FF ?

I hope you are happy with this shot ?

Once again a very happy birthday Vibhu ??
Many happy returns of the day ??

Bye Everyone !
Love you ❤
Aanu ?

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