Luvvv Uuuuu!!………..Dr. Kabir Kapoor Season 2 Episode 7

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Hiiii all!! How are you buddies?? hope you all are fine…………. see who is back?? So sorry guys for disappearing…. Actually I’m little lazy girl. aur uper se Jiyu bhi chalii gayii u know all the burden of work at home came on me. Actually she went out of town along with my MOM and Bhai.

okay so let move towards the story.

In the previous Luvv Uuuu!!…………Dr. kabir kapoor you saw Saanchi motivated to Sonu that she need to do as she want she need to fulfill her wishes she need to go for an interview at Mehra group of textiles industries. and Sonu called her Di… sanchi overwhelmed. Next morning sonu went for an interview then her scooty bumped with a car.
kabir and saanchi shared beautiful eye-contact at hospital BG “Tere naina.


It was same morning where Sonu reached Mehra group of textiles industries where she found lots of other candidates were waiting. She took long breathe and tried to motivate herself..
It is okay Sonu don’t worry this job is only yours and no one can snatch this chance from you. Go girl you are the best. Yes I’m the best. She smiled and waits for her call.
Finally her wait was over receptionist called to her..
R: Miss Sonu
S: Yes I’m
R: Miss Sonu Dhruv Sir calling you.
S: she smiled and also nervous, to me??
R: yes ma’am you.
S: Okay she gave her smile.
She reached outside the cabin before enter in the gate she took long breathe again and prepared herself for an interview. She reached inside then file drops from her hands. She was hell shocked to see him in front of her.
The thud of file caught Dhruv’s attention towards her because he was busy in his laptop. He stands up. And both asked in the same time, you here??
After few seconds Dhruv came from shock, yes miss this is my office my company my cabin toh main hi honga na yahan??
Sonu remembered the dialogues of praful from khichdi “Aisa Zaroori Nahii” she suddenly came from her thoughts. No no Sir.
What No?? Dhruv asked.
I…I..I mean she stammered
Wait a minute are you stammering problem??
Sonu’s expressions like unbelievable. What?? No no.
She took step forward.
Okay so you came here for an interview. He asked while sitting on the chair.
If I know that it’s your company then yahn kabhi nahi aati she murmured while sitting on the seat.
What you said?? Asked Dhruv
Ahh no nothing sirrr she empathized the word Sir.
Dhruv asks for file she gave him he saw all the designs that she made till now Dhruv appreciates all.
Okay so Miss Sonu Kapoor Why you applied here?? I mean there are lots of other garments companies why you didn’t applied there??
Sir first of all I only meant from my work and I had applied here and trust me in the very first time I applied in any company and it is yours “MEHRA GROUP OF TEXTILES INDUSTRIES” this is very well reputed company everyone wants to work with this company and I’m not any special person who show Extra tantrums that I don’t like yeh woh.. I applied and it was my luck that I got interview call. She answered him in full of Confidence.
Dhruv: So it means In the future suppose you gets more sufficient offer from another well reputed organization/company then will you resign from this company if we hire you??
She smiled Sir I earlier mention that I only meant from my work if I satisfied by working here then I won’t think to leave this company. You know sir why people not wants to leave Google?? Why everyone wants to work in Google? Because Google satisfied to their employers by fulfilling their all requirements. That is why the employer giving them their full effort to maintain first position of the web browsers.
Dhruv impressed by him but didn’t shown. Well Miss Sonu Kapoor you wants to give me the lecture that how to run the company how to do management??
Sonu rolled eyed and confusion. I wasn’t mean it at all.
But you did.
No I didn’t. If you took it as in that it was not my problem she stands to leave.
Okay sir thanks for your time.
When she was going Dhruv smiled Okay Mis Sonu Apna appointment latter shayed aap bhul rahin hain??
Sonu turned and shocked. her mouth widely opened what?? Her happiness had no boundaries.
Why are you waiting for?? come take it. Dhruv offered him latter she came with big smile and took the latter and start staring the latter lovingly while Dhruv steal some glances of her.
Thank you so much Sir.
Okay you have to join by tomorrow.
Okay surely she leaved.
Dhurv unknowingly smiled. Then he noticed why he is smiling then stop smiling and starts doing work again.


Kabir took discharge from hospital coz he was fine. He went home back. Saanchi drove the car. They reached the home. Where Ritu along with Rahul did preparation for his welcome home. Kabir gets really happy Ritu brings Rakesh there kabir came inside and took blessing from Rakesh and he cried in his leap.
Rakesh asked what happened kabir beta?? Why are you crying??
Papa I missed you so much.
Rakesh caressed his hairs kabir you are my strong son. This crying vrying doesn’t suits on you. Kabir smiled as well as all.
Papa kabir gave him naughty looks.
I Love you too Kabir. Now you are fine. Don’t you do that again otherwise your this old age father won’t live long.
Shuu papa if you said this again then I surely won’t talk with you. He gets angry.
Axha mere bety I won’t tell this again. Maaf kardo mujhe he folds hands.
Kabir instantly hold his hands and nodded nahi nahi papa aise mat kahiye… Then suddenly he realized that Rakesh moved his hands.
Kabir amazed he stared at his hands which was in his palms. Papaaa Aaap ke haathh. Papa aap theek hogaye??
All noticed it. And gets happy with shock.
When it happened papa??
Some days ago when you were in the hospital she…he pointed towards Saanchi iss bachi ne mujhey bolne ke layak banaya hai.. See today I’m able to talk with you just because of her hard work and her effective treatment. Kabir saw her with thankful eyes.
She also looked at him.
Both shared emotional eye contact.
Soon Rakesh said to him kabir beta we are so lucky that Saanchi came in our lives.
Kabir looked at Rakesh and nodded in positive hmm definitely.
Soon all sit on dining table for lunch where Saanchi and Ritu was serving them food they all talked while eating btw kabir who steals glances to Saanchi but when Saanchi moved to see him he moved aside Saanchi blushed with smile.
In all the Scene Sonu was missing kabir noticed it and asked where is Sonu?? Saanchi tensed.
Ritu answered don’t know Bhaiya where is she?? Even I didn’t saw her since morning.
Saanchi was about to say something then Sonu made her an entry. I’m here Bhaiya. Saanchi saw her all turned to see her. She came inside with big smile.
She hugged to kabir bhaiya aap theek hogaye I’m so happy for you. Bhaiya dobara aisa kabhi mat karna hum aap ke bina nahi reh payenge. She warned him.
Okay baba nahii karunga. Now tell me where were you??
Ohh ho Bhaiya leave it na. Then suddenly her eyes went on Rakesh who was sat with them for lunch.
OMG papaaaa she rushed to him. She was very happy to see him like that.
Papa you ok papa yeh kab hua ap ne bataya kiyun nahii??
Sonu my bachha calm down Sonu hugged him tightly. Wow today is very happiest day of my life my kabir bhai gets fine my papa is talking to me after so long time and I got my favorite job. She said with so much exciting tone.
All shocked
Favorite JOBBB?? All asked together. Except Rahul and Saanchi.
Yes Bhaiya I don’t want to leave you in dark because you taught me that in any situation we have to take truth side always unless that truth is how much bitter. So to follow your guidance I want to tell you that Bhaiya I went for job interview in MEHRA GROUP OF TEXTILES INDUSTIES AS A FASHION DESIGHNER and guess what I got selected.
Silence spread for coming few minutes.
After that kabir went from there without eating anything. All looks on.

@ Tarrace:

Saanchi went behind him he was in the terrace and he bang on the wall while looking down. She came behind him. She came besides him she kept hand on his shoulder. Kabir turned back and saw her then hugged her tightly. The tears took place in his eyes. Saanchi felt guilty because she knew it that she was one who encouraged to Sonu to do that so she thought somewhere she is responsible for tears in his eyes.

Kabir Sir

No Saanchi Rony do mujhy. (Let me cry)

They broke Hug.

Are you okay kabir sir??

No I’m not even okay My Little angle Sonu she wants to become a fashion designer and I was so fool that I didn’t understand in which her happiness was lied. Saanchi this was her first job interview and she went without informing anyone Saanchi you knows what’s the feeling of first interview when I went for my first interview then My two little princess ate me Dahi shaker (sugar in curd) and they were both wished me Good luck bhaiya. They both were prayed for me till then I didn’t came back and give them good news. That was very special moments na?? btw my doll Sonu she was alone in her that time. I’m not good brother of my sisters. I’m not good he disappointed a lot.

NO kabir sir you are best brother in the world of your sisters you took her parents place after uncle and aunty you did their best upbringing and that’s prove in front of you. Sonu went without informing you that’s truth btw she didn’t hide anything from you. Your both are sisters very lucky to have brother like you.

Btw Saanchi how do you know that??

Sonu told me all this.


Yes and you don’t worry I ate her Dahi shaker when she was going.

That means you knew all that??

Ummm…. Yesss she said in a very low tone.

He hugged her again. Saanchi how much you did for me and my family??

They broke hug

Saanchi tum kiyun kar rahii ho yeh humare liye (why are you doing this for us??)

Because this is my duty Sir. Both were looking at each other’s eyes.

Your duty was take care of my father (papa)

Sir as a human being it’s my duty.

Just for humanity??

She thought for few moments. It seems kabir wants to hear something else as answer.

Yeah Sir Just for humanity.

Kabir broke eye contact. Ohh… Okay…. Good… humanity is better… he takes steps back yes off-course for humanity.. He thumps up Humanity is good carry on during taking back steps he bumped with the box that kept on floor of the terrace he was about to fall. Saanchi screams Sir..

Kabir holds himself I’m okay Dr. Saanchi Ager meri jagah koi bhi hota toh bhi app yun hi chilati??

Yes Kabir sir

It seems his heart is crashing in thousands of pieces.


Scene 1)

Saanchi: Kabir Sir Are you ready for knowing about your past Life??

Kabir: Yes Saanchi I’m ready

Saanchi smiled

Veer and Isha Looks tensed..

Scene 2)

Isha: Veer Don’t worry everything will be fine..

Veer: I Hope So Isha.

Isha looks hopefully.

I hope you all will like it If yes then you know na what you have to do??

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Bye LUV U all

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  1. Amazing Anee
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    1. Anee

      Thank you so much Tanvi and yes dear I’ll try to not disappear again.

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    Wowwww amazing episodes n kaanchi scenes were awesome. N do post soon. Luvv u my sis ?❤

    1. Anee

      Thank you Priyu (jinny) Okay I’ll try to post soon bye tc luv u too sis.

  3. RuCh23

    ?????????????????? beautiful one Anee!! A lovely epi…!! Loved it. This was a treat for my tired brain. But hey! Where’s the other ff? Miss it too ???. Come again with another awesome epi like this. Don’t be lazy ???. Love you ???

    1. Anee

      ???????? Heyyyy!!! Thank you so much Ru… You have no idea that How much I happy to see ur comment..I’m glad that main tumare tired brain ko refresh kar pai ???…. and yes dear I’ll try to post my other ff as soon as possible… Luvv uuu Toooo… ???.

  4. amazing superb dear post next part sooooon tc?????????

    1. Anee

      Thank youuu Poori….Yea will sure…?????????

  5. Dhruti

    Superb epi ????
    Post next asap….TC… you a lot..?

    1. Anee

      Thank you Dhruuu….????????? Yeah will try to post asap. Luv u too.

  6. Superb episode, please post your anathor ff. Take care.

    1. Anee

      Thank you samidha, Okay I will post soon bye tc.

  7. AAYU

    Awesome episode dear
    Please post soon
    Take care

    1. Anee

      Thank You Aayu. I’m Glad that you liked it….Yeah I’ll try to post soon… You also tc.

  8. Anu88

    So so amazing and mind blowing episode yaar……….I haven’t any word to appreciate this episode yaar…………..anee you are rock dear…………. please yaar post soon yaar………… u dear…………tc yaar

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