Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 52


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Hope this episode gets uploaded soon. Yesterday it took so much time to get posted..I was continuously checking TU yesterday whether it got uploaded or not.

Next day Twinkle is at office and she gets a call at her break time.
Kunj: Hello, Wanted to talk to you about the kitty party plan..
Twinkle: Okay…Your idea was superb… You any how managed Uncle to stay back home. What about today? I don’t think he will stay back today.
Kunj: Today I am going to follow her and find out the truth.
Twinkle: By auto?
Kunj: Why to take auto? Yuvi’s old bike is here. I will take that one.
Twinkle: It’s been so long no one has used it. You better show it to a mechanic and then ride it…
Kunj: Okay. I will do that. I will be at home by the time you reach from office.
Twinkle: Okay.
Twinkle comes back from office and Kunj has not yet come. Twinkle asks about Kunj to Usha.
Usha: He has gone to repair the bike. Mechanic was too busy to come to home. So he decided to ride it till mechanic shop. It is near by only…May be he would have met some friends. That’s why he is getting late…
Door bell rang. Manohar opens the door to find an injured Kunj. His right hand is bandaged and some bruises here and there…

Immediately after seeing Kunj like that Usha starts crying. Kunj is trying to console her and make her relax. Twinkle rushes to Kunj and holds his hand.
Twinkle (worried): Tum tikh toh ho? Tume chot kaise lagi? Yeh sab hua kaise? (What happened to you? How you got these injuries?)
Kunj: Dekh, me tikh hun…Muje kuch nahi hua hai..Relax… (I am fine…Just relax…)
Twinkle (still worried and tears in her eyes): Tume kitni baar kaha hai Bike chalate time thoda dhyaan se… (How many times I have warned you about your speed while driving?)
Kunj: Twinkle, Please calm down.Dekh me tere saamne baita hun..I am absolutely fine…Kuch nahi hua hai muje… (Twinkle, Please calm down…I am perfectly alright…Don’t worry)
Twinkle and Kunj completely forgot that they are at home and Manohar and Usha are also there. Manohar and Usha also are worried about Kunj’s health due to which they didn’t notice how much Twinkle is worried and how Kunj is trying to console her. After some time Kunj realizes and composes himself.
Kunj: Twinkle, Go and bring a glass of water. Mummy is gonna faint due to stress. You know her.
Twinkle brings water and gives to Kunj. Kunj and Manohar are making Usha comfortable.
Kunj (while making her sit): Mummy, kuch nahi hua hai…Me jaate time zara sa skid ho gaya tha.. Haath me thoda sa sprain hai…Aur kuch nahi…Ek hafte me tikh ho jaayega…
(Mummy, I am fine. I just got slipped while riding. A small sprain is there in my right hand. Nothing else. I will be fine within a week. Please relax.)
Now kind of Manohar and Twinkle is relaxed. Manohar and Kunj are sitting on either side of Usha (in sofa). Twinkle is sitting in chair watching them. Manohar is making Usha drink water and Kunj is trying to console and make her understand that he is fine. Twinkle has a smile on her face. Manohar notices it and asks about her.
Twinkle: Chahe kisiko heart attack hua ho ya bike accident, pura attention toh aunty ko hi chahiye…Uss din Uncle ko heart attack aaya hua hai aur us ke beechme bhi Aunty behosh…Me aur RT uncle inka zyada dhyaan rekh rehe the…Aur aaj Kunj aunty ka dhyaan rekh reha hai apne choton ko bhool ke…
(Let anyone get heart attack or bike accident, but the most attention seeker is Aunty. At the time of Uncle’s heart attack, Aunty got fainted and me and RT uncle were more bothered about Aunty..Today Kunj, one who has injuries is taking care of Aunty leaving his pain aside…)
Manohar, Kunj and Usha start laughing. That kind of lightened up the mood.
Usha has now completely forgotten the kitty party and all and is everytime available for Kunj. Next day also Usha is always with Kunj or just a call away from him. Twinkle can’t meet him or talk to him personally even though both of them are longing for that. When everyone is there, Kunj gives her expression through his eyes. Kunj could read in her eyes how desperately she wants to be around him and take care of him.That day when Usha goes to take shower, Twinkle comes and takes care of him.
Kunj: I am sorry..I understand how you feel…But trust me..I am fine and will be alright in few more days…
Twinkle: Aunty is going to come soon..I will leave…
Kunj holds her hand with his left hand softly.
Kunj: I promise I will never ever ride bike at a faster speed…You always warn me and I take it casually…
Twinkle gives him a gentle smile.
Kunj: Jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai…Bike accident se Mummy kitty party mode se purani mummy mode me to aa gayi… Muje jasoosi bhi nahi kerni padi…
(All that happens actually happens for good. Mummy came back to normal mode from the kitty party mode due to this bike accident. I didn’t have to spy her.)

Twinkle agrees. By then Usha comes to room. Twinkle immediately pulls her hand and Kunj is also worried.
Twinkle: Vo me Kunj ko pani chahiye tha to dene aayi thi…(Kunj asked for water. I came to give him water.)
Usha seems okay and now Kunj and Twinkle are also relaxed.
Next day evening, Usha was giving Kunj soup. Kunj saw Twinkle standing near the door and looking at him. Kunj gives her an expression that I am fine and the pain is also less. Twinkle smiles and Kunj also gives her a smile. Usha notices Kunj’s expression and turns behind to check who is there. Twinkle hides behind the door curtains…Kunj has a relaxed expression in his face as Usha couldn’t find her.
Usha went back to kitchen after Kunj finished the soup. She has seen the dupatta of Twinkle and has understood that Twinkle was there. She has also read Kunj’s expressions, but acted as if she didn’t know anything.
Usha thinks.. “Bete ke pyaar me, me ye toh bhul hi gayi ki unke pyaar ko bhi toh aage le jaana hai… Ab meri vajah se voh ek dusre se mil nahi paa rehe hai…Kuch toh kerna padega…Mujje iss se zyada khushi kya ho sakti hai ki jo me chahti hun, vo hone vala hai…Bus thode din aur…”
(I completely forgot about them in my concern towards Kunj. Now they both are not able to meet or spend time together due to me..I will have to do something. I have seen that spark in their eyes and now they both are concerned about each other. Just few more days needed and they will realize their feelings.)
Next day Usha gets ready for Kitty party. Kunj is surprised to see her going even though he is injured.
Kunj: Mummy, I am not well and you are going for kitty party?
Usha: Kunj, it is just a sprain and you are feeling better now…Don’t overreact…I will come soon.
Kunj: And what about my soup and medicines?
Usha: You are not alone at home. Twinkle is here. She will help you out, if anything needed.
Kunj: Jaana zaroori hai kya? Muje tum mere paas chahiye… (Is it that necessary? I want you to be near by me when I am not well..I need you…)
Usha: Kunj, Ab toh jeena sikho…Kisike jaane se ya kisike na hone se…kuch nahi rukhta…Zindagi me aage badna sikho… (Kunj, If someone is not there in your life or has walked out of your life, doesn’t mean that you stop living and try to hold them back..Try to move on son…)

Usha leaves…
Kunj looks puzzled.
Kunj thinks… “Mummy philosophy jhad ke gayi ki muje tont maara…?”
Twinkle comes out of her room and asks about Usha.
Kunj: chali gayi… (She went.)
Twinkle: Matlab?
Kunj: Back to kitty party mode…
Twinkle: Really? You could have stopped her.
Kunj: I tried..And the dialogues she gave me back…Uff… I felt like I am talking to someone else…not my mummy…
Twinkle (with a naughty smile): Tumare khandan me koi twin sister wala chakkar toh nahi hai na…? Jaise movies and serials me hota hai…Like seetha and geetha…
Kunj (weird look): How do you manage to crack such cheap jokes?
Twinkle: I am sorry… I know it was cheap. But those kitty party and selfie wali aunty is totally different from the aunty who gets stressed easily and is always concerned about you.
Kunj: That’s true…But to the best of my knowledge, in my entire family we don’t have a single twin history. I have no clue what is going on…

Precap: – Twinj moments and Usha decides to convince Manohar

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