Hippie’s Angel Epi-3 (Naagin)(Vishkanya)(KRPKAB)(KKB)

Extremely Sorryyyyy frndzz for discontinu aftr 2nd epi..of Hippie’s Angel…I apologize for tiz..Now I strt from the first..The old 2 epis r now here again..
Loc:2nd floor of a building..Evng…“Meowww…”A sound makes Ritik’s Angel awake..Her eyes strts opening…While opening,Shivanya,Ritik’s Angel was shocked n her lips smiles”What r U doing,Ritik?”Ritik plays “Hawaa Hawaa (Rockstar)” in speakers n actually in Spanish Cowboy style n makes Spanish style of dancing..bt hides something behind her..”Pappapaan pow…

Trik..Chik..Trik..3..2..1..”N Take a ChocCake “Happy B’day,My Queen..Our Story Strts..”Shivanya smiles n said”Urs naughty goes high today”..Ritik said”Like U,Senorita”N with the cake,He kneels in one leg before her..Loc:A wide n narrow oneway path on the roads of HimachalPradesh…reaching 11pm..A girl is running..Some crooks tried to chase her..n wrongly get into tat path..A rod is coming in flying from behind them n attacks the goon one by one..like a remote control one..The goon is shocked while seeing the blue eyes in front of them..Actually,the blue eyes control the rod..The blue eyed Jean clothy Hippie takes his step n towards them..The girl is running n hides behind him..Blue pupils turned into red..The head of the goon identifies him n said with a fear”Mohan Bhai..We ‘ll never do tiz again”Mohan turns back n asked the girl”Where is Ur home?”Her eyes seems like a fountain..Mohan said”I willn’t forgive U all..If I ‘ll see any oneof U again,I’ll rip ur heads”in loud voice..The goons r running one by one..Mohan makes the girl to reach her home safely..

Loc:A road ..Buildings on both sides..Another hippie on the most top of the tower of building..n plays a tune frm the antenna using as a guitar strings..“U didn’t forget me for Ur future,Ritik”Hippie,Malay thinks with an undefined smile..
..”AgarTumSaathHo”(Tamasha) in bg.. LightGreenPupils of his eyes opening with his hands catching the fish which is jumping above the river..The Fish is changed into Pink(ColorofLuv)..LightGreenEyed Dev with a smile changed to sitting frm lying on the hanging bridge..(actually on Assam..)n throw the fish into river..
Mohan hears the song frm Rhivanya’s place n realized the LuvKing is awaking..while getting song change in Rhivanya’s place…
Loc:Rhivanya’s home..

Ritik give a chocCake to Shivanya by kneeling in hisone leg..”HawaHawa”(RockStar)in bg..Suddenly,Song changes….“TuHai”(Mohenjodaro) starts to play..Shivanya is surprised..Ritik also realized Dev is coming…N see the speaker ..n the song automatically goes to speed mode like a mashup..N thinks”Dev..U know about my style already..”Dev smiles while getting tiz..
Dev’s hands r changing into Pink..He smiles n thinks”Malay..U play with me..”
Loc:Topmost of the unknown building..

Malay waving his colours of luv towards Dev place..by his fingers..N he feels the magic of colors goes not towards Dev,bt towards himself(Malay)..
Dev’s lips smiles n said”TrikChikTrik..3..2..1… See Who ‘ll win tiz game..” n also “I again want to meet the two unpredictables.. .. …

”“I m behind U”A voice only get…by Dev..“PaPapow..”(RockStar-SameSong) in bg..Dev said”Bt U r in front of me”…A finger touched n calls Dev’s shoulder..“I m in ur back,Dev”Dev Turns back n see him..He said”Welcome to Abhi,the Rockstar’s house”..The place is slowly changes into Abhi’s house..Dev smiles n thinks”Where is Twister?Sure He ‘ll wait to meet his co again” “LiquidDance (Slumdogmillionaire)” plays in bg…

Hope U like this frndzz..Tanqqq frndzz for sharing ur thoughts after Ur reading…

  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode bhai

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Siddhi?

  2. Shreyaa

    It’s nice

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Shreyaa..Sorryy..I ‘ll not end the story now like tat b4..

  3. Kathy

    Started a fresh one… It’s ok harshan… No need to apologise … Good start… Will b waiting for the next episode … Good luck… Keep writing…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Kathy..Sure..Soon..

  4. Esme

    Good job plz carry on. ..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Esme..Sure…

  5. You know naagin 2 will have same lead actors arjun bijlani and mouni roy
    Raj nayak (colors CEO ) said

    1. HarSHaN

      Really?!!Arjun n Mouni??!!Happyy..I m unable to saw the original lang Naagin..Colors didn’t display here..Bt know the story..Now watching in Tamil..While they say season2,just thinking of lead..Now !!!Tanqq for sharing..

    2. HarSHaN

      Bt some news says about Ritik’s cast Arjun..is leaving the show..U said the same lead..Is it confirm ???!!I wish..Sometimes I got chance to watch the original in hotstar n also colors in TV ..

  6. Awesome epi… You mean Assam great year its my place love it

    1. And where are u from

    2. HarSHaN

      Tanq Myna..Happy to hear Assam is Ur place!!!I m frm TamilNadu..I always made Some locations for every couples in ffs…..n luv NorthEast areas..full of nature…

  7. yes it is confirmed that naagin 2 will have same cast CEO of colors said in an interview arjun and mouni are the leads

    1. HarSHaN

      !!!!Confirmed..!!Tanq for sharing????

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