Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 28


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Alisha is a bit miffed with her as she had to apologize due toTwinkle. Now that Twinkle has received appreciation from Client and Kunj, she is infuriated.
Alisha: Kahi Hindi filmon ki tarah ladte ladte pyaar na ho jaaye…Jaisi yeh gadi jaa rehi hai, muje to vahi station pe rukne ka chance dikh reha hai.
Twinkle heard it. But she chose to ignore her. Some of Alisha’s team members also heard it. Uday, Alisha’s obedient team mate was seen giggling on it.

Few days later
Kunj calls Twinkle on her desk phone. But she didn’t pick up the phone. Kunj come out of the cabin to call Twinkle, but finds she is not at desk. Kunj is informed that she has gone for a coffee break with Sanjay by her team member. Kunj gets back to his cabin. He tries to call her on mobile. She doesn’t pick the call. Kunj is frustrated now.
Twinkle came back from break and came to Kunj’s cabin.
Kunj (in anger): Where were you?
Twinkle: I went for a coffee break. I was in cafeteria.
Kunj: You were supposed to be at your desk at this time, not in cafeteria. Your team has got an escalation. I wanted you to be here for resolving it.
Twinkle: I am sorry. I will do it right now.
Kunj: By the way, why were you not picking my call if you were in cafeteria?
Twinkle: I didn’t take my mobile from locker. I thought I will come in 5 min.
*Camera phones are generally not allowed to the office. So they are kept in locker. Employees are provided with desk phones.
Kunj: It is been more than 10 minutes you are out for break. You were the one who said I know how to handle escalations if any comes. What about that?
Twinkle: Give me just 5 minutes Kunj. I am sure I can.
Kunj: Sure. But I won’t entertain these extra breaks. I can’t tolerate work getting hindered due to these extra breaks.
Twinkle leaves.
Twinkle finds out that it was a mistake from customer’s end as they didn’t provide the correct information due to which the analyst (Twinkle’s team member) got confused. She requests the customer to provide the correct information so that they can fix the issue immediately. Thus escalation is resolved.
Kunj is happy that she handled the escalation very well and worked on it immediately. But he deliberately chose not to appreciate her.
Kunj was in a discussion with Sanjay in his cabin. After his official talks, Kunj mentioned Sanjay about the extra breaks they are taking and he is not happy with them.
Sanjay: Actually Twinkle was not feeling well. She needs a coffee to get over with her head ache. That is why we went. Earlier we used to bring coffee inside the bay. But now as per new HR rules we can’t take food items inside the bay.
Kunj: Okay. Thanks for informing.

Kunj finds out that everyone has gone for lunch break, but Twinkle was still there. Some of office staffs who bring food from home have come back from break.
He pinged (messaged) her through IM.
*IM – Instant messaging tool which normally is provided for employees in their computer.
IM chat
Kunj: Hello
Twinkle: Hello Kunj
Kunj: Lunch ke liye nai gayi? (You didn’t go for lunch?)
Twinkle: Bhookh nai lagi thi. (Not feeling hungry)
Kunj: Muje nai pata ta ki sherni bhi jhooth bolti hai… (Lying ha…)
Twinkle: Hmm. Jhooth ta
Kunj: Kyu nahi gayi ye batao? (What’s the reason?)
Twinkle: My AM thinks that office work is getting hindered due to my exceeding breaks. So to balance it, I have to refrain myself from taking breaks for today.
Kunj: Ufff… Twinkle
Kunj thinks “Ye ladki bhi na… Kya keru iska…”
Kunj: Twinkle, I was in anger at that time and I didn’t know about you being ill. So please go and have lunch.
Twinkle: Muje man nahi hai khane ka… (I don’t feel like eating)
Kunj: Mann kyu nahi hai ye me janta hu…
Twinkle: I am fine. Let me do my work.
Kunj: See you are not well. I don’t want you to skip lunch. I can’t afford to have my best employee fall sick and do not turn up for tomorrow.
Twinkle does not answer to him.
Kunj: Go and have your lunch first.
Kunj and Twinkle gets back to their work.

At 4.00 PM
Kunj again pings Twinkle
Kunj: Hi
Twinkle: yes
Kunj: You had lunch?
Twinkle: No
Kunj: Tume kisi ne shayad aaj tak bataya nahi hai, per me batana chahta hun. (I don’t think someone has ever told you this, but I definitely want to tell you this.)
Twinkle: Kya?
Kunj: Ki tum bohut zidhi ho… (You are very stubborn)
Twinkle: Muje pata hai… (I know that)
Kunj: Acha ab tumhara AM baat nai ker reha hai… Friend bol reha hai.. Ab to man jao..
Twinkle: I am fine. Don’t worry. Muje sach me nahi khana…
Kunj: Tum abhi.. mere saath aa rehi ho canteen me. (Come with me right now to canteen) That’s final. Chalo me nikal reha hun.
Twinkle: It is 4 pm. 5.30 se pehle ab kuch nahi milega. So leave it.
Kunj: Chalo…tumahre zidd ko jeetne deta hun. Break pe jaane ke liye maine mana kiya thana tume. So I won’t ask you to go out.
Twinkle: Thank you
Kunj: But I am not gonna leave you. I am ordering a pizza right now. I will ask them to deliver it at your desk.
Twinkle: What? No need.
Kunj: Zaroorat hai… Bimar hone ke bawajud aaj tum khana nahi kha rehi ho to vo meri vajah se hai..Meri vajah se koi bhuka bhaite ye muje manzoor nahi.. (You are ill. You are not eating food just because of me. I can’t see someone starving due to me.)
Twinkle: Please don’t order. I am not going to eat. You money is gonna get wasted.
Kunj: I don’t want to hear anything.
Twinkle: Please listen to me for a while.
Kunj: Ok
Twinkle: Pizza boy will deliver the pizza at my desk and will come to you to get the cash. So that everyone thinks that we are having an affair. Is that what you want?
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: Already Alisha was giving such remarks after our previous escalation fight.
Kunj: Okay. So Pizza idea cancelled.
Sanjay came to Kunj’s cabin. So Kunj stopped chatting.

5.00 PM
Twinkle is working. Kunj again pings her on IM.
Twinkle is frustrtated and thinks. “Aaj ek dum se isse hua kya hai?”
Twinkle: Yes
Kunj: I forgot to ask you. How is your head ache?
Twinkle: It is still there. When I don’t eat, it gets severe. So more paining than earlier.”
Kunj: Go and have rest in dormitory.
*Dormitory – A large bedroom for a number of people provided by company for sick employees.
Twinkle: I can’t. I have work.
Kunj: Uff Twinkle, Not again…
Twinkle: No seriously… I have some work which needs to be completed today itself. Trust me, it is not because of you.
Kunj: Okay.
Twinkle gets back to her work. Kunj goes out for something.
After sometime Twinkle is explaining something to her team and is away from her desk. After the discussion she comes back to her cubical and starts working.
Kunj pings her again.
Twinkle: Tell me.
Kunj: Check your desk. I have kept something there for you.
Twinkle finds out Amrutanjan Balm (Pain balm) kept on her desk.
Twinkle: Got it.
Kunj: I bought it for you from medicals.
Twinkle: You didn’t have to take so much stress for me. I would have managed.
Kunj: I wouldn’t have. But your head ache got severe due to my anger and my comments. So I should.
Twinkle sents a smiley and a thank you message.
Twinkle: Tell me when you kept it here.
Kunj: When you were in team discussion, at that time. You didn’t want people to talk non sense about us. So I didn’t directly give it to you…Now take care of yourself…

Twinkle thinks while applying balm. “Itna bura bi nahi hai jitna me pehle din soch rehi thi… Haa par kuch zyada hi guilty conscious nahi ho reha tha…”

Jisha 🙂

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