Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helena hopes she can sleep peacefully. She is disturbed by the noise of Vit’s toy. Vit’s toy reaches that room. Vit stops in shock realising that this room belongs to Sushim. He isn’t here though it seems. Helena peeks at Vit from behind the curtains. If he sees me then! She hides by the time Vit goes past the curtains while looking for his toy. Helena covers her mouth well as she sits behind a giant vase hiding herself. Vit finds his toy but then he hears the sound of Helena’s anklets. He stops in shock. Mahamatya’s words echo in his head. He shouts ghost loudly. Bindu and Dharma come there. All the other family members come as well. Ashoka asks his brother to open his eyes. we are here only. There is no one. Bindu asks Vit why he looks so scared. What happened? Vit speaks of a ghost behind the curtain. Sushim wonders where Rajmata is. Bindu asks his son to come with him. Vit is scared but Bindu assures him nothing will happen to him. They both look behind the curtains.

Bindu assures Vit there is nothing called ghost. Vit insists that he saw the ghost of an old lady. Her feet were really white unlike us. Ashoka asks him if he saw something else too. Sushim questions Vit as to what he was doing in his room. What was your motive of coming here? Bindu reprimands Sushim for talking to his younger brother like this. He is already scared. Why are you troubling him all the more now? Vit shares that he was playing with his toy which came to Sushim Bhaiya’s room during that. You trust me, right? Bindu nods. You are Dharma’s son. you can never lie. Ashoka points out that it might be some outsider. We should inspect all the rooms. Bindu agrees with him. Go look for him. Ashoka goes. Bindu asks everyone to take rest as it is too late. He goes with Dharma and Vit. Everyone leaves except Mahamatya, Sushim and Siamak. They look for Rajmata in the room but in vain. Sushim calls it their good luck that Vit dint see them. Siamak is upset with his decision of bringing Rajmata here. Sushim is sure everyone will get over this. They will think of it to be a kid’s illusion. Both the brothers argue over the matter. Sushim tells Siamak to worry about Rajmata. Everyone is alert right now. If she gets caught then the result will be scary. Mahamatya suggests that all three of them go in different directions to look for Rajmata.

Helena is running in the corridor. Nayak sends the soldiers in different direction to look for any kind of impostor. Helena steps out of her hiding place. Ashoka is coming from the opposite direction so she stands behind a pillar. Ashoka hears the sound of anklets as she moves. He turns but finds no one there.

Sushim is looking for Helena. Ashoka notices him looking for the impostor anxiously. When I spoke of the idea then he showed no interest. He calls out for Sushim. I have the responsibility of internal affairs so I will look for the impostor. Dont be so curious. Siamak adds that the impostor was found in Sushim’s room. It is the responsibility of all of us as it is related to Magadh. Ashoka wonders how he is so worried about Magadh and its affairs suddenly. Plus how come you are taking Sushim’s side today? Anyways, remember that I will be keeping an eye on you both. He leaves. Sushim and Siamak resume their search.

Bindu sends Vit with Dharma. Charu thinks to go to Samrat now that Dharma isn’t there. Let me dress up first. She sends back Nayak and his troops as she heads to her room. Charu sits down to get ready. Helena is in the same room. A mirror breaks down wherein Helena’s reflection is seen. Charu screams seeing it. All the kids hear her scream and rush to her room. Helena tells Charu to be quiet. It is me only. Vit, Dharma, Bindu and Mahamatya also come to Charu’s room. Vit asks Charu if she too saw the ghost. Charu says yes. Ashoka asks for details. Bindu does not buy it. Vit is a kid. How could you believe in ghost? Vit says Badi Ma is strong. Why would she scare someone when she herself is so scary? Nayak hides his smile. Vit shares the description of the ghost he saw. Bindu tells him against it. It can scare the guests in the palace. Will you like it? Ashoka says father is right. There is no ghost here. I will find it if there is one. Vit requests his father to sleep with him tonight. Bintu willingly agrees. Everyone leaves. Sushim asks about Rajmata.

Princesses are scared of the so called ghost. Anindini hopes she does not have to really face a ghost to get Ashoka. Kaurvaki is sure there is some secret. It cannot be a ghost. Is Ashoka’s life in danger? I have to find out. Devi advises her to rest for now. Everyone is looking for that person. He will be found soon.

Helena is in the corridor. I know every corner of the palace. I have to hide to keep Gondna’s secret safe from Ashoka. I can never let him catch me. She hides to avert Nayak who happens to pass from there along with his soldiers. Bindu and Dharma go in the same direction as Helena. Helena hides in a closet in Bindu’s room. Dharma asks Bindu why he looks so troubled. He denies. I recalled Mahamatya’s words a few hours back. he spoke of Rajmata’s ghost. I am confused thinking about the same. i am not scared. I have only been thinking. You go to Vit. I will join you soon. Dharma leaves. Diya’s blow off because of the wind and bad weather. Bindu senses someone’s presence in his almirah. He takes out his sword, demanding to know who is inside. He opens the cupboard and is shocked to see Helena. He steps back in shock and drops his sword. He holds his chest in pain as he falls unconscious on the floor.

Next morning, Vaid tells the family members that Samrat fell unconscious. There is nothing to worry now. Ashoka wishes to know how it happened. Dharma says Vaid ji said He saw something because of which he fell unconscious. Ashoka refuses to believe that his father believes in ghost. Mahamatya repeats his theory of ghosts. Bindu calls it more than just a coincidence. Sushim wonders if his father is having some doubt. Bindu speaks of all the coincidences since Mahamatya first spoke of Rajmata. Sushim and Siamak check his father’s ideology on ghost by presenting counter arguments. Bindu calls it unusual that he saw the ghost of Rajmata the day he refused to do her ghost. I wont do the puja for a traitor but I will do it to free this house from the ghost. We will pray for our peace. Sushim is really content with his idea of hiding Rajmata in the palace itself (in the cave). Flashback shows Rajmata vowing to send Ashoka to pataal loka as he is giving her so much trouble in this age. Flashback ends. Bindu tells mahamatya to make preps for puja. Someone brings a message for Bindu. Sushim thinks his plan is going right. No one can save Ahsoka now.

Precap: Ashoka tells Kaurvaki that he wants something in return for all that she feels for him. Kaurvaki says I can even sacrifice my life for you. He asks her to leave Patliputra. Kaurvaki picks up her stuff and begins to go when Dharma shouts after her to stop, calling her Kaurvaki.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Thank you for the update Pooja! Why is Ashoka trying to make Kaurvaki leave Pataliputra?

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome Devi 🙂 I guess he is doing so to save her from the upcoming troubles that can arise in Patliputra.

    2. ashoka samrat

      I think Ashok need to save kvk from the ghost

    1. Nice

  2. thank mis pnja for quick updates.oh ths bindu get heart atack by seen helenas ghost so shamles that smal boy vit also nt get afraid like him.acording precp dharma idntify hapy!plz brng helenas true face infrnt of every one without dragng.

  3. Pooja Ur Writing Is So Fast Like Wind Blowing

    1. Pooja

      Thanks Dhananjaya 😀

  4. S. Ravi prakash

    The episode was so interesting, I enjoyed it on tv. So also Pooja di ‘s updates, wonderful. I wonder why CAS has less trp? Action ?, direction all ok, story should not drag, that is all.

    1. I think you are right priya but they should not take it off air they should try and improove it ! Its really disgusting to see another story on maurya empire going down like this hope they some how dont let it go off air .writers if ua reading this please show the historical events dnt show this gondna shit and other stupidities more plz !

    2. Sorry i by mistake posted it to ua coment it was for priyas comment

  5. Thank you for the update pooja di. This bindusar became unconscious! !!!Dharma will identify kvk! !!! waiting for the next episode.

  6. please dont stop this cas it is a humble request for colors search team..plz…

  7. Nagin, jaadu, tantrik and now ghost. Director and producer running out of ideas at colors. All serials showing same themes

  8. is it true that now CAS is going off air? can anybody confirm it please? y can’t they remove ssk from the tube instead of ashoka 🙁

  9. According to an India Forums report, “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” will be replaced by Swastik Production’s new show titled “Shani.” The show will mark the return of cricketer-turned-actor Salil Ankola back to the small screen. The actor, who was last seen on reality show “Power Couple” will essay the role of Surya Dev while popular actress Juhi Parmar Shroff, who will also make a comeback with the new show, will play the role of Shani’s mother

  10. If the show is loosing TRP. It isn’t actors fault. They’re doing their best. On the other hand, writer should write better story line. They should write about the real history and not about fictional love stories, illicit affairs, black magic and false history. People wants to sed the life Journey of emperor Ashok. Not false things. If the show is going off air it is writers fault

    1. true, writer is creating story based on his self imagination

  11. better to watch SRK movie Ashoka, instead of watching this witers self imagination story without any substance. This is a disgrace to the Ashok and Bindusar… Bindu is proclaimed as a foolish emperor who has no work to do, only sit in courtroom giving order or romance devi dharma. Secondly, Ashoka is shown as such fooling prince that everytime he is at receiving end. Kvk, irritating from bgining, looking like idiot and foolish. Swayamvar, wonder how long will this last and the selection criteria including cooking, fasting, horse riding etc etc.. No secrecy in kingdon, KvK roaming freely in the kingdom listening to any secret and confidential conversations, Helena roaming in palace without anyone caught… wonder what next surprise we have

  12. Director and writer please move this story faster and STOP!!!! showing ghosts and birds. Dis is crappy.

    My fervent request to the production house is to replace dis director and writer wid some 1 more capable. Please hire gud directors like Noel Smith or Arshad Khan who can deliver better storylines, set designes and lighting.

    Please replace the present story writer wid someone like Ved Raj who was the story writer for the memorable Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon or Vincent Franklin or anyone who can write decent stories. Dese people gave memorable shows why dont u hire dose who gave memorable shows.

  13. Last night serial was another disappointing experience. Just wasting time and money of producers and colours.

  14. Devendra Shah

    I agree that if the writers are as stupid as an ass, this shows deserves to be closed. Useless and meaningless themes and dragging, which no history supports must be thrown to dustbin.

  15. Vanshika

    Thnx pooja dii fr the wonderful update..

  16. Ashoka samrat

    Well not bad episode let’s see how ashoka finds rajmata

  17. Writer and Director should remove side stories and interludes and should focus on real things.
    Nayak does not have much role though he looks very good. The soldiers and Naik are doing march fast rather than really search. Rajmata Helena and Sushim’s team should be exposed immediately.
    Thanks Pooja garu for jet speed updates.

  18. i am eager to read next updt

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