Tashan-e-ishq: Pyaar Ka Sama (Episode 1)


It was a very important day in life of Sarnas. They were in hospital praying for someone who was their soul and heart. All were in front of operation ward except him. He could not believe that he could be so lonely despite her existence. His tears had dried up but till his heart cried and his soul was in infinite pieces; each starving for her voice……her life…..her hug….!!! he went in front of Goddess Durga’s idol. He started talking with him coz today he didnot had her by his side……she…..his life, his soul, his heart, his best half, his love, his wife, his voice, his eyes, his guide, his mentor, his best friend…..whatever you say……TWINKLE…… “Maata Rani, if i am here in front of you ; if i am praying you it’s all because of her…..plss dont take her away from me…..or i will die…..iwe have not even started our love life…..we are not even aware about each other’s feelings….how can u do this to me to her….she was ur bhakt for whole life how could u do this. [seeing at her smiling face] u r smiling and there my twinkle is crying inside and i am breaking down…..and u ….. fyn…..

[he keeps his hand over alighted lamp(diya) and closes his eyes. A tear falls down fromhis eye. Suddenly he feels some one’s hand kept under his. He opens his eyes and is shocked to find twinkle. “what are you doing kunj…..u have to be strong for ur twinkle who is struggling amid life and death.” She points to twinkle’ room. “Yes i am not ur twinkle but her soul that she has given to you…..and dont ever be upset with Maata Rani…..she is the one who has gave me courage to choose u between u and death……” He is shocked…. “come i will tell u …….my story….our story….how ur twinkle fellin love with her sadu sarna…. They smile. “I still remember that day……[she starts her story]

It was still almost midnight around 2:00 am when i woke up. I found myself restless actually to be frank i was since 3 days since he had gone. My husband kunj, who had gone for a business trip out of Amritsar. But today i was really sick from inside as if something is going to happen-good or bad maybe. My one secret that i hided from him maybe reason of my anxiety. I went to fetch a glass of water when wind started blowing and my hairs which were clutched were now unclutched. He loves my open hair……straight beautiful silky he used to say. To be frank there was nothing in our marriage and still it is not ;but just a kind of friendship, trust and faith is what in our marriage. No love……no couple-type things. But why i feel something in my tummy when i am with him……..lost in my thoughts i overflowed the glass…… when i saw it i really felt stupid i mean my only hobby according to him is creating s yappas …… he calls me syappa queen no no the greatest syappa queen. He is very khadoos but cute; he shows tashan but he also shows concern; he may be sensitive but he is quite comical. Thinking this i went back to my room…… i opened up a diary. There i saw that photo which changed my life……. had i been not so stupid i would not have met him…..my kunj…oops…i mean kunj. It was our marriage photo. I started writing.
13 September,2014
Dear diary,

I don’t know but i am feeling that a new change is going to occur in my life, in our lives. He is not there but his feel is enough. Thank u babaji for giving me a husband like kunj….!!! what i feel i donot know but u know it babaji. When he comes near me i feel something like butterflies in my stomach. And when he is not near me as in this case i feel very gloomy as if he has taken my soul with him. And……

As I was going to write more my phone beeped. I went to my bed, took it and saw a whatsapp message and that too from kunj. It was somewhat like this: Twinkle as u know i was going to reach Amritsar tomorrow but due to heavy rains and bad weather i will not be able to reach tomorrow but day after tomorrow afternoon and along that was a  emoji. How i had aited for him since 3 long days and 2 never-ending nights but he did not care…… i replied him: hmmm…… ok and tc and wear woollens as u catch cold quickly and reluctantly send him msg along with a  emoji. I still remember all my fights with him and thinking of fights i thought of livening my those moments and saw my marriage album. And amid me and kunj i saw him – the curse of my life, the biggest mistake of my life, the devil ofmy life whom once i considered my love angel…….the worst yet my first love…….UV a.k.a. YUVRAJ…..YUVRAJ LUTHRA……

.he ruined my life…..he left me shattered to deal alone with my sorrows……he held my hand when i needed no one and left me when i needed everyone…….but we say na whatever happens ;happens for good……his arrival in my life was only good thing ever happened to me….in fact i would say it was best thing ever happened to me!!! Lost in my thoughts a tear rolled down from my eye and felon picture in which my mom and dad were giving my hand to kunj…….!!! my one tear [after reminiscing all our moments-sweet or bad] turned to tears. Again my phone beeped. It was kunj again. “What has happened to him….. is he alright sending me msg agn and agn….” There again i read his msg which was : twinkle, just open the door and see something is for you. Now, i was really perplexed. What could he send me now at this point of time and that too when he was out of station. As i was heading for hall, i heard a sweet voice calling me “chachi, chachi…..” Ya it was ishaan. “ishu u have not slept yet. Your chachu has spoiled ur habits. U are not able to sleep at time without him. Come i will make u sleep.” Just as they headed to leave, doorbell rung. “now who can be at this point of time. Ishu, be here i will come in a minute, ohk” “ ohk chachi”. I went and opened the door and was shell shocked. He was there my kunj…but fully drenched in rain. “kunj you what r u….i mean how r u here???”

“How….if u r forgetting Mrs Sarna…it is my house….i can come here anytime…” He winked me naughtily but i was still confused. “but u messaged me that u will be returning one day later then how come u so early???” “Ohho chachi u still don’t understand chachu or what…..he was playing a prank he wanted to surprise u….right chachu?” “That’s like my ishu. Twinkle, learn something from him…..he knows everything about me ……at least about my pranks….” He winked at ishu and they gave hi-5 to each other. OMG now i told u my whole life history but did not introduce myself- so, hi everybody my name is twinkle sarna….i am wife of kunj and daughter in law of sarna family. My family is quite big. It consists of bebe, mummy ji, papa ji, anand bhaiya, nikki bhabhi, ishu [my nephew], surjeet tauji, anita taiji, uv jiju, mahi didi, cherry bhaiya, chinki, ma, papa, mamu, mami, bubbly and Raghav.

[ Now all these are in the pairs except ishu]. As i was thinking about my family i did not realize and burnt my hand. Meanwhile kunj also came after making ishu sleep. “Ouch”, i groaned. He inquired if i was alright. I nodded yes but without seeing him. He knew that i did not look into his eyes if i was wrong if i was hiding something from him…..!!! And this time i was hiding from him not only my injury but also my sorrow my wounds that uv gave me my happiness my feelings which evolved due to him the anxiety that occurred when he is near me and tension which i go through when i dont see him. He couldnot read all this but he surely knew there was some deep secret that i was hiding him from……. As of now, we sat to eat and i served his food but not myself . I asked John- one of the caretakers and he was amused. He ought to be as i never took help of any caretaker in any household work. But he didnot say anything though he observed it and looked me with James bond look with his one eyebrow up. I broke our eyelock and signalled him to eat. “You won’t eat???” “no, actually…actually i already ate”, i answered hesitatingly. He held my hand in which injury had occurred but it didnot say anything but when he tightened his grip i could not handle myself and gave up and jumped and rushed to washroom and poured some water. As i was heading to wipe, he approached me held my hand and dragged me lovingly towards kitchen. He took out ice pack and kept it on my hand.

“Twinkle why dont you see and work….always hurting yourself…..syappa queen!!!”He took my hand and blew air and i tightened my eyebrow and felt the pain…. I saw him with utmost lovingness and amazement and i stared with him and said “not that much your feel has vanished it.” “What!!!! My feel???” Realizing what i said; i corrected myself “i mean this ointment….yes this ointment is quite…quite effective.” And i lightly tapped my head on my foolishness. And we shared an awkward yet a sweet moment. But thinking of that fact[the fact will soon be revealed], my smile vanished and i don’t know how it became tears……those tears which i had never shed-not even my papa went away, not even when he came back, not even when i got married and separated from my mother and not even when i got to know…..got to know that i am a patient of brain tumour……that i had only 6 months left to confess my feelings to him…..that i love him a lot….. But i couldnot do so- not because i lacked courage but because i could not see him without courage breaking down…… i wanted to live but had to die; i wanted to love but had to hate; i wanted to cry but had to smile all for you. Thinking this i would have gathered all the seven sisters [here referring to seven rivers] had kunj not drawn me out of my sorrows. “twinkle….twinkle….come fast its getting late!!! And then tomorrow we also have to plan for uv bhai and mahi bhabhi’s wedding” “ya….coming Mr.kunj sarna…..[whispering]actually khadoos but cute kunj sarna.” I smiled to myself.

Guys this is a fan fiction of finite episode though i have not decided how many……..hope you all like it!!!! plss dont throw eggs or tomatoes on me!!!! it was just an effort!!!! next part will soon be there to entertain u!!! 

Credit to: Rakshita [Anubha]

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  1. Rakshita rakshita oh rakshita.. when i ws reading d ff i so thought that it wld be u nd when at last i saw d credit to i ws happy dat i guessed rght u r amazing lovely episode..

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    1. I meant soooooooooo good not god
      typn error :-p

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  12. thank u aakanksha, pshyco,gopika,rashi,sanam,chehak……guys i wanted to know that whether i should upload its next part or not since i am not getting much response u see!!!??

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    1. Omg smc u know what I just want to come nd hug u for ur cmmnt thanks…..but I m not such skilled to b cmprd wid directors or someone but thanks that u think I deserve such an appreciation…. Btw what do u mean by TBH???

      1. To be honest TBH…..

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    1. Awwww…..Vinnie thank u so much for such appreciation and my sincere thanks to star and harna….. I feel so gr8 that u r taking me in a gr8 spirit hope I will stand up to ur expectations….!!! All of u thank you so much!!!!

  15. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Very interesting ! but same sad at the same time..

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