Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 31


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The episode starts with kunj oulling twinkle close while she feels shy (tumhey apna banana ka junoon plays) kunj cups twinkles face nd kisses her on the cheek nd continues nd kisses on her forehead then on her eyes he picks her up in his arms nd move towards the bed he makes her lay down on the bed he is top of twinkle he removes twinkles earrings while she clutches on the bed sheet he takes her hand nd removes the bangles nd kisses her hand he holds twinkles hand he comes closer to her nd kisses her on the lips they share a passionate lip lock kunj closes the light nd they get intimate with each other

Manohar house
Twinkle wakes up nd finds herself in the arms of kunj she recalls last night nd smiles she feels shy twinkle watches kunj sleeping peacefully she kisses him on his forehead nd is about to leave kunj pulls her back they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: u r awake??
She feels shy
Twinkle: i thought u were sleeping
Kunj: twinkle if im sleeping nd u do these type of things i swear i will act whole life
Twinkle feels shy
Twinkle: leave me kunj maa will call me

Kunj: if u want to go u have to return my shirt to me
Twinkle realizes that she is wearing kunjs shirt she hides her face with the pillow as she is feeling shy kunj removes the pillow from her face he holds her hand nd moves towards her for a kiss twinkle pushes him
Twinkle: ok i will go nd take the shirt from the cupboard nd give it to u
Kunj: no, no i want this shirt only
Twinkle tries to free herself while smiling
Twinkle: kunj plzzz let me go plzz
Kunj leaves her she rushes to the washroom closes the door nd smiles feeling shy
Kunj smiles in bed

Dining table
Twinkle setting the table kunj comes nd hugs her from back twinkle feels shy kunj starts talking about the last night bebe comes there nd coughs watching them like this twinj r embarassed
Kunj leaves
Twinkle again starts to set the table bebe comes to her
Bebe: i think the good news is gonna come soon
Twinkle feels shies nd leaves

She comes to kunj in the room
Twinkle: stay away
Kunj stands up nd asks her what does she mean
Twinkle: u know bebe listened what u were talking about
Kunj: soo….
Twinkle: kunj it doesnt feel good naa
Kunj holds her shoulder with one hand nd keeps the other hand on her face
Kunj: twinkle u r my wife they know what happens between husband nd wife
Twinkle: u r right… i just overeacted im sorry
She hugs kunj
Kunj: its ok

Taneja house
Leela is putting sindoor RT comes nd he puts sindoor on her head
Leela: twinkle will not forgive u i have a feeling
RT: i will convince nd how many days she wont forgive me
Leela nd RT hugs

Twinkle is cleaning the kitchen someone comes nd hugs her from behind
Twinkle: kunj leave me i told u many times not to do like this
She turns nd finds uvii she is shocked
Twinkle: u…u…uviii
She turns nd picks up the knife nd finds him gone she thinks i think im imagining soo much she leaves for the room

Twinj room
Kunj is standing on the door of balcony twinkle comes nd hugs him from back
Kunj: kia baat hai siyappa queen… u r becoming so romantic
Kunj brings twinkle in the front he stands against the wall nd holds twinkles hand kunj is staring at twinkle while she is looking outside she turns to him
Twinkle: what r u looking like this?
Kunj: how did i get so lucky
Twinkle: (smiles) im lucky to have u
Kunj: i know u r lucky to have a handsome husband like me
Twinkle laughs it starts to rain

Kunj: what a timing siyappa queen u laughed nd it started to rain
Kunj thinks somethig evil twinkle looks at him nd asks what twinkle signs the rain twinkle understands that he wants me to push in the rain
Twinkle: kunj dont even think of it
Kunj: i already have
He pushes twinkle in the rain twinkle gives nd angry look at kunj she comes to him nd drags him in the balcony they both get wet
Twinj enjoys the rain kunj sings jab wo hastii hai barish hoti haii barish hotii twinj does couple dance on that bebe enters the room nd watches them enjoying in the rain she smiles nd prays
Bebe self talk: aee wahiguru bless this couple
Screen freezes

Precape: twinkle tells kunj about her seeing uvii when she is alone kunj gets angry on uvi

Hope u guyzz like it nd im sorry for not posting more episodes im busy with exams…hope u guyzz understand…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie

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  1. Wowwwww Sweetieee Awesomeee !! U’re brilliant writer. Don’t worry i m happy that u’ve posted 2 epis even when u’re vry busy thsnks a lot btw best of luck fr ur exams! !!

  2. Amazing……just loved the epi…..

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  4. amazing episode….well done..

  5. sweetie u r just awesome! !!

  6. That’s awesome yaar go aged…….

  7. Meenat Abubakar

    So romantic and cute. Wish u lucks in ur exams

  8. awwww it was so cute

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