Tashan e ishq – muhabbat ki dastaan episode 22

The episode starts with leela coming to manohar house
Twinkle gets glad to see her nd hugs her
Twinkle: maa where did u go?? U know i missed u soo much
Leela: i know twinkle puttar i missed u too… kunj didnt tell u that im going to london for some work
Twinkle nods no
Leela: acha jii
Nd she calls out kunj
Kunj comes running nd greets her
Leela: y didnt u tell her that im going to london
Kunj: maa she doesnt let me speak everytime i start talking she wont keep her mouth shut
Twinkle: haaawww kitnaa jhoot bolrahey hai yeh maa he is the one who doesnt stop nd keeps fighting
Kunj: i dont fight u only start the fight
Twinkle: who started the fight in kitchen
Kunj: u only i m very innocent person… but i were the one who started fight in the bedroo…. before he can complete
Leela coughs nd he stops
Leela: kunj bedroom ki baat bedroom mein hi rakho (smiles)
Usha nd bebe comes usha introduces both of them they sit nd talk
Twinkle hits kunj with her hand kunj says what
Twinkle: did u do ur work
Kunj: yes i did… nd that person must be coming
Someone rings the bell kunj opens the door nd takes some envelope twinj smirks at each other kunj handovers the tickets to usha nd comes nd stand with twinkle
Usha reads out the envelope nd it is written that the flight has been cancelled due to some technical problem
Kunj acts shocked nd whispers twinkle to start her acting
Twinkle comes nd sits beside bebe acts like sad
Twinkle: bebe now our honeymoon is cancelled what will we do now
Usha asks twinkle not to feel bad
Bebe smiles nd tells them because of that she have already booked two tickets for mumbai i got to know about this from before only
Flash back
Twinkle discussing her plan with kunj while bebe hears them nd books the tickets
Flashback ends
twinj r shocked

Twinjs room
Kunj nd twinkle r packing there stuff angrily
Kunj blames twinkle for her plan but twinkle tells it was a nice plan what is her fault that bebe heard her
Kunj: fine the plan was good but what about ur over acting
Twinkle: my acting was nice ok
Kunj: oh come on who will cry for honeymoon
Twinkle puts her tongue out nd realizes her mistake
Twinkle: amm umm fine i admit my acting was bad… nd u know what
Kunj: what?
Twinkle: plzz dont laugh
Kunj: yeah ok tell
Twinkle: when i was in school my friends gave me the name “acting ki band bajaney wali”
Kunj laughs badly twinkle looks at him lovingly twinkle becomes conscious
Twinkle: i told u not to laugh
Kunj: this is the best joke i have ever heard plzz do continue
Nd he leaves
Twinkle smiles

Twinj leaves for the airport they reach the airport they get in the plane kunj sits near the window twinkle in the middle nd some guy comes nd sits beside twinkle eyeing her evilly who is none other than cherry
Twinkle moves to kunjs
Kunj ignores her
Twinkle: u know kunj when i was small i wanted to go to mumbai so badly nd now i am going im soo excited
Kunj: wow twinkle…. what will i do??
Twinkle: mr kharoose sarna
Cherry: come madam speak to me something
Twinkle thinks something nd starts to speak to cherry
Cherry eyes her evilly nd thinks that her husband doesnt care about her look at her she is gorgeous but her husband is not even giving little attention people nowadays dont care for the best thing

In the plane
Twinkle is sleeping she keeps her head on kunjs shoulder (sajna ve plays) kunj looks at her nd smiles he sees cherry eyeing her evilly nd gets angry at him

In the airport
Kunj is loading suitcases he asks twinkle to hold one bag she picks it up the bag is about to fall but before kunj can help her cherry holds the bag with twinkle
Twinkle gets tensed seeing this while kunj is angry
Kunj: i can help my wife
Cherry leaves
Kunj: twinkle y did u even speak to him?? U dont know this men they can do something also
Twinkle: why do u have to carr
Kunj: because I……. nd stops
Thinking she wont forgive me for what i done with her
Kunj leaves with twinkle following him

Twinj reaches the hotel
Kunj asks twinkle to wait in the lobby he will get the keys nd come he leaves
Twinkle is standing alone cherry comes from behind nd holds twinkles mouth so that she wont scream she moves but is unable to cherry pushes her in one of the room he locks the door twinkle gets shocked nd asks what is he doing cherry starts to unbutton his shirts twinkle screams nd tries to go out but cherry pushes her on the bed

Kunj comes back nd finds twinkle gone nd thinks where did she go… why do feel something bad is going to happen nd he starts looking for twinkle here nd there
Cherry removes twinkles duppata she screams cherry holds her hand but before her can come forward kunj breaks the lock nd comes in nd finds twinkle in this state
He gets angry nd start to hit cherry badly he starts hitting him black nd blue but cherry also beats him back seeing this twinkle faints kunj sees her nd pushes cherry he pick twinkle in his arms (sajna ve plays)
Nd moves out he goes to there honeymoon room which is completely decorated the winds r blowing he makes her lay on the bed nd removes his shirt because of his wounds on the back, neck nd face he sprinkles some water on twinkles face she gets up nd screams KUNJJ
Nd hugs him tight kunj also hugs her back
Kunj: i told u about this people but u wouldnt understand
Twinkle: im sorry (she cries)
Kunj consoles her twinkle moves nd is shocked to see his wounds
She stands up nd brings first aid nd starts to put ointment on his back (agr tum saath ho plays)
She sees kunj controlling his pain nd comes close to him nd blows on his wound she does same with the neck twinkle is so close to him he looks at her lovingly
He holds twinkles hand nd pulls her close screen freezes

Precape: kunj wakes up nd finds twinkle gone somewhere nd gets tensed

What will happen next??
Will kunj confess his love again??
To know plzz do read nd comment…. love u all ??

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