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I know some of yo who remember me, would be hell angry on me for not uploading my ff sinc a year.. u know i guess am the first erson on.. tu who has an year long gap between her updates.. Again guyzz.. i really cant promise to be punctual but i can upload my parts whenever am free.. and really sorry for a year long delay.. and to all those people who loved my three shot on mehbeer.. thanku 4 your support it really means a lot to me..

So, let’s begin..

Twinj’s side

twinky- You really feel that i look good?

kunj-no.. are u serious??? my ex. gf maya was far better than u i just said so to stop your bak bak..

twinky-what??.. so whatever u said now was just to divert me..

kunj-obvio..(actually not)

twinky-thats why even i felt something fishy..otherwise how would this sadu sarna ever complement me..

kunj-okay enough of your bak bak..let me call zain..

ZAYA’s side

zain-now why did thi mkbgot angry?

aaliya-(in mind..its all my fault..nothing has changed..its my mistake.I should be more mature.. may be what i had was just a childhood crush.. i should stop whatever is going on i n my mind.. huh…)

zain- (gets the call from kunj) ya bro..we are waiting here.. man.. you should have checked the maps.. ok wait .. i’m coming there.. send me your location.

(turns to alya) ohh mkb..kunj has lost his way am going to that place .. will accompany me or u prefer to be seated over that rock?

aliya- i will wait here..

zain- strange..she never stays at such a place.. but .. i cant even leave her she is scared of wildies..okay.. i will convince her again..

TWINJ’S side

kunj- tara ram pum.. mmhhmm..

(twinkle has earphones on and she is ignoring him..and he is getting bored..

twinkle-(gets a call)- hello! who is this? gurpreet… omg..its almost a week and u ddnt even bother to call me.. anyways.. are u not coming here?plzz.. na u know how much i miss u

kunj- (who the hell is this gurpreet..is he her bf..no no.. siyappa queen is a family girl.. she wont be committed.. wait.. but what if she is..wait why am i even bothered.. )

(aww.. kunj did u just foget that gurpreet is a unis*x name just like kiran , harpreet, manpreet etc..)

twinky-ok then.. bye luv u tc..

kunj..was that ur bf?

twinky-who(twinky understood that kunj was misunderstood..)

ohh you are asking about gurpreeet..

kunj- ya

twinky-.. well.. wait a min.. where just spying on me?

kunj-(fish).. no i just overherad u..

twinky..(getsoff the bike..) anyways how dos it matter you..??

ZAYA’S side

zain- mkb…(she is nowhere to be seen).. mkb.. ohh mkb.. aaliya.. now where did she go

zain searches almost everywhere.. and when he returns.. he sees aaliyahaving an icecream..

zain- where the hell were you i searched u almost everywhere…

aaliya pays no heed an is just eating her ice cream..

zain- are u deaf ..i asked u something..

aaliya- the ice cream is so yummy..

zain- that’s it!!!

( he brings aaliya close and kisses on her lips..well not due to love)

aaliya pushes him back..she was more enraged now.. though a girl loves someone.. it really doesnt mean that she will let anybody touch her without her permission.

aliya- how dare you zain?

zain-(shit..i shouldnt have done that) listen.. mkb.. u were not listening to me.. so..

aliya-zain leave me here and go to kunj or u will not be spared today..


kunj- so is he coming to agra?

twinky- listen kunj.. its my personal life..so i guess i shouldnt be disclosing it to u.. especially when u r my enemy..

kunj-( why is she being too rude..)



both guyz are in a fix lets see what happens next.. stay tuned people

love love,


( thats my alternate accounts btw)

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