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Recap: previously we saw kanchi intro and both agreed for marriage Keshava was planning to spoil sanchi’s marriage and kabir went see the bride

Kusum- look at her na Kabir she is so beautiful

Kabir lifted his head he saw Karishma

Kusum- let me she is beautiful na

Kabir just nooded his head

Some memory flashes


( girl-Arey mom I have the right to select my bhabhi

Kusum- no u can’t he is my son I will select my bahu

Bhai see ma u itself say na who want to select ur fiance

Kabir-U both pls go from here I have the right to select my wife

Both became mum

Girl- who is going to marry this ugly man? so sad

Mom- u are right beta I am sorry Kabir u itself know na our selection is the best

Kabir-Both of them shut up

He ran behind the girl and caught her

You said me ugly I am ugly na

Girl- bhai sry sry

Kabir released her from his grip and turned to go with a angry look

Bhai sry she started to put situps

Kabir reaction changed he started laughing okk enough

Girl- but bhai truth will not change u r ugly

Kabir again angrily turned to go

She held his hand

Girl- sry just for fun u are the handsome and best bhai ever every girl loves to be with u . Pls forgive me

Kusum- acha so u both become friends

Kabir and Girl- what ma we are always friends

Girl- ok bhai the decision is yours select a girl

Kusum- agreed

Kabir was about see the photos

Kusum and girl started to collapse the photos

They are keeping each girl pic near kabir’s cheek and comparing with his face

Kabir- enoughhhhhhh

You itself select a girl

Kusum and Girl- if you request this much then ok we will select

Both giggiled than went aside with photos

Kabir- let them select we will just sleep

After 2 hrs

Girl- bhai wake up

We are not satisfied we told him to bring some more photos

Kabir- what whom

Girl- who else Anwar bhai

Kabir- what who involved Anwar in this

Girl- who else it’s me actually uncle ji is little busy to deliver photo so I told Anwar to collect the pics

Kabir- if this goes on I don’t want to marry anyone

Anwar- don’t worry my dost I am here

Kusum- beta tea or coffee

Girl- always coffee right Anwar bhai

Always right meri chotte

Kabir- guys do whatever you want I am going

Anwar- Kabir stop yar all photos started to fly in the air one pic flew and fell down at top of the kabir’s face

Kabir took that pic and mesmerized by the beauty of the girl

Girl- so finally decision taken she is my bhabhi she grabbed the pic and started to run

Kabir- I didn’t see the pic fully stop chotte

Kabir ran behind her ) end of flashes


Kabir- chotte stop

Kusum- beta are you ok

Kabir- yes mom I am ok

Raj- let them talk in private

Karishma headed Kabir to a room


Sanchi is dressed in blue leghanga with matching jewels her looks are stunning

Apurva – Sanchi u look great in this look

Sanchi- I know yar

Apurva- not that much great

Sanchi glared her

Apurva- kk you look beautiful

Sanchi in phone you are coming na mental this is a important day in my life

Man- ya sanchu i am on the way and don’t you dare call me mental you fatty

Sanchi- me fatty no way one who treats mental illness are called mental

Man- how many times I tell u it is psychiatrist what about you lawyer

Sanchi- nothing special come soon luv u waiting for you k mom came bye

Jaya- whom you are talking to

Sanchi- no ma no one

Jaya- you are looking too beautiful

Apurva- ma I only dressed her

Jaya- I know dear because Sanchi will not dress herself this much perfectly and neatly and beta you are also looking beautiful bad eyes should not fall on you both

Both Sanchi and Apurva hugged Jaya

Jaya went out from the room

Apurva- why u didn’t say he is coming

Sanchi- wait and watch

@ city

In terrace

Karishma- hi I am Karishma

Kabir- I am Kabir ,Kabir Kapoor

I will say about myself and I want a favour from you

I am not traditional girl don’t judge by my appearence i am an ultra model

Kabir gave an unbelievable look

Listen you are my only hope my dad and mom arE forcing me in this marriage

But I am not interested in this marriage

I love Ashish he is my colleague

Pls help me

Actually there is a challenge between my mom and me she know that I love Ashish

Kabir without a second thought said

K I am ready what I have to do

Karishma- nothing special just say you don’t like me actually the challenge was if my 15th groom rejected me then my mom will get married with Ashish

Kabir was shocked to hear this

Kabir- that means I am the 15th groom

Karishma- yes I know what you are thinking I know I am really pretty how 14th groom s rejected me I am right

Kabir just nooded in shock

Actually for one I told I am a characterless girl and one I told I will kill him and so on

Kabir- then why you are telling everything to me

Karishma- because I can slightly able to judge a person and I found by your lookß u have no interest in me so I thought you will help me

You will help me na

Karishma extended her ✋ friends

Kabir- friends

Some memory flashes( girl- bhai I want to say you something

Kabir- later chotte

Girl- but it is important

Kabir- what you want buy that new dress

Girl- no I am in love

Kabir- whatttt) end of flashes


Karishma-I know what you are thinking what if you reject me the answer is so simple mom will convince dad that Ashis is only hope and atlast dad will left without no option

She started to laugh

And don’t worry meri dost you look cute you will get a better partner than me

Kabir and Karishma came downstairs

Kusum-say Kabir you like her na probably it is an yes right we can start discussing the marriage date

Karishma started to act like crying

Her mom questioned her why she was crying

Karishma- this is why I told I don’t want marriage

She ran to her room

Kabir- mon I told you na I love someone then why r u forcing in this marriage

Raj- what Kailash your son loved someone and you didn’t tell me anything about it

Both Kusum and Kailash are confused

The who is cool is Anwar because Anwar knows everything

While coming downstairs Anwar mess everything to Kabir

Anwar- yes papa I forget to tell u Kabir is in love

Raj- what a family son loves someone and parents not aware of it

Both Karishma and Kabir family fought and cancelled their alliance

While going Karishma gave a victory smirk to Kabir

Kabir returned it back

While driving Kusum kept on boomeranging Kabir with questions

Kabir- I will explain everything in home


A car arrived

The goons stopped the car assuming it to be the groom’s car

A handsome man came out from the

Random goon- where are you going

Man- what for you it is my wish

Goon- you are talking to much he held his collar

Man- guys chill I am going to meet the Mishra’s

Random goon was about to hit him with a iron rod

He took a hold of it

The man beat all goon without anyone help

His face is revealed

His mesmerising eyes are shown

Man gave is visiting card to one of the goons and told them to visit in his clinic for counseling

One of the goon read out the name in visiting card

Goon- dr. Rithvik Mishra psychiatrist

So the man is Rithvik sanchi’s bro

Rithvik- don’t worry I will treat my patients well

All goons ran away from the place

Rithvik in mind I want to find what has happened in my absence

Screen freezes with his face

Precap-: family bonding and a shocking news to Mishra family


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