Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 9)

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Its morning, Kunj wakes up and finds Twinkle smiling.
Twinkle: Finally you woke up.
Kunj: Yes baby
Twinkle: Did you see the time?
Kunj nods no and is about to sleep.
Kunj: Twinkle, please let me sleep baby,
Twinkle: Its 11
Kunj: 11 is quite late let me sleep I must go for work
Twinkle: Its 11am, not 11pm
Kunj jumps out.
Kunj: What? Why didnt you wake me up?
Twinkle: I have tried so many times, but you seem to want to break my work.
Kunj: Oh no Twinkle, I am quite late for work. What to do?
Twinkle: Now why are you seeing my face? Just get up quickly and get ready. By then I will just get your other stuffs ready.
Twinkle is about to go, Kunj pulls her closer and Saajna music plays.
Twinkle: What are you doing Kunj? You are getting late.
Kunj: Today there is special holiday in office so I no need to go office.
Twinkle: Really?
Kunj: No. I was just joking.
Twinkle gets sad.
Twinkle: Okay now quickly get ready you must go to office,
Kunj: But I don’t want to go to office.
Twinkle: You must go to office.
Kunj: I was just joking Twinkle, really I have holiday didn’t I tell you that day?
Twinkle: Oh yes you told me, I forgot.
Kunj: Now can I get to romance with you?
Twinkle: Kunj?
As Kunj and Twinkle were getting closer, Twinkle’s phone rings.
Kunj: Why does your phone always rings at the wrong time?
Twinkle: Why do you blame everything for me?
Kunj: I just said.
Twinkle: No, I know you are blaming me, now I have to pick up the call. So please excuse me.
Twinkle leaves angrily,
Kunj: Why does all wives love to act like that? But Twinkle is ahead of all of them. I really gave her a perfect name, Siyappa Queen.
Kunj again lies down.

Here Yuvraj and Anita are discussing about their plans.
Anita: Yuvi, we must think of something else everything is getting out of hand.
Yuvi: I know mom, and I am quite frustrated. Everything is not well.
Anita: But what to do beta?
Yuvi: We really have to think something, nothing is happening according to our wish.
Anita: Right Yuvi, whatever happens we must make sure everything goes right. For that we have to do one thing?
Yuvi: What is that mom?
Anita: We have to seperate Twinkle and Kunj. For that nothing is going right and everything will go according to our plan if Twinkle and Kunj gets seperated,.
Yuvi: You are right mom.
Mahi overhears them and is shocked,
Mahi: (in her mind) How dare they think to sepeate Twinkle Dii and Kunj Jiju? I must teach that mother-son duo a lesson that they will never forget it.
Mahi goes from there.
Yuvi: I have to make sure my plan gets suceeded at any cost.
Anita and Yuvraj looks at each other,
Anita: Your plan?
Yuvi: I mean our plan mom.
Anita: Then its fine. But what should do we do?
Yuvraj and Anita gets thinking.
Yuvi: Mom, I have to go now.
Anita: Okay bye, beta. Take care.
Yuvraj leaves,

Here Twinkle comes in the room and she is worried and is walking around. Kunj is lying down on the bed.
Kunj: Finally you have came, I was waiting for you.
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle, I know what you want to say, its okay you no need to apologize to me baby.
Twinkle: No its not I still haven’t apologize you and yes you are the one who should apologize to me.
Kunj Me? And apologize. You are the one who did the mistake. And I will apologize? Seriously.
Twinkle: It is even useless to talk to you.
Twinkle is super worried and doesn’t know what to do.
Kunj: (in his mind) Twinkle really seems to be worried. But it seems to be for some other reason.
Kunj: What happened?
Twinkle: No use of telling you, what will you do?
Kunj: Okay Twinkle I am sorry. Now can you tell me what happend?
Twinkle: No you are not sorry from your heart its okay I will find some solution.
Kunj puts his hands on his ears.
Kunj: Now forgive me, my Siyappa Queen.
Saajna music plays.
Twinkle: No Kunj you put your hands down I cant see you like this. Infact I am sorry, its just that I am quite worried.
Kunj: Tell me what’s the matter then I will know you really forgave me.
Twinkle: Okay I will tell you.
Kunj makes Twinkle sits down.
Kunj: Now tell me.
Twinkle: Actually Kunj I don’t know how to say.
Kunj: Just say it.
Twinkle: Kunj actually I got a call for Miss Amritsar competition again. Mahi informed me just now. And when I called them, they are telling me to participate in it again.
Kunj: That’s a great news, Twinkle. What is there to worry?
Twinkle: No nothing. I actually don’t know if I can do it this time.
Kunj: What do you mean, say clearly.
Twinkle: I actually I want to participate, but the family members
Kunj: Just a small matter? That’s it?
Twinkle: But will they agree to let me take part in it?
Kunj: Of course, why won’t they?
Twinkle: Sure?
Kunj: Sure.
Just then they hear Anita scream,
Twinkle: Anita Aunty? Why is she screaming like that?
Twinkle and Kunj rushes,

They comes downstairs and is shocked to see Anita. Anita’s hair is being spiked upwards.
Babe: What happened? Why are you screaming like this?
Babe sees Anita and laughs. Twinkle and Kunj also laughs. Slowly all the family members come and they laugh seeing Anita in this state, Anita is super angry. Surjeet laughs and tries to calm her down.
Surjeet: What happened Anita? How come your hair is like this?
Anita: Surjeet Ji, I applied this new hair color and my hair became like this, I will complain to the company. How dare they do like this?
Surjeet: Calm down Anita.
Anita: How can I calm down? My hair is like this. I won’t spare the company.
Aliya looks at the packet
Aliya: I always apply this hair color nothing happened to my hair till now.
Anita: Oh what nonsense, how is this possible?
Aliya: Yes Anita aunty I have checked in fact I apply the same color as you. So I don’t think the product is bad,
Anita: What are you trying to say?
Aliya: Maybe you applied the hair color wrongly like the way you shouldn’t
Anita: Oh how this possible? I have applied other hair color.
Anita starts crying.
Surjeet: Cool down, cool down
Anita: How could I cool down? My hair.
twinkle: Anita aunty, you wear this hat and you go to the parlour, and fix your hair.
Anita: I hate to say this, but you are right. I think its better to do this.
Babe: What are you all seeing? Get back to work.

Mahi is laughing,
Kunj: Anita Aunty was too funny today.
Twinkle: Yes Kunj but I dont understand how come her hair became like this? She is always cautious about everything especially related to beauty.
Twinkle looks at Mahi, Mahi stops laughing
Twinkle: Mahi, have you done something?
Mahi: Me, what would I do? Why would I do this to Anita aunty?
Twinkle: I just said what have you done? Not that you have done anything to Anita Aunty,
Mahi: Oh
As Mani is about to go, Twinkle holds her hand.
Twinkle: Mahi?
Mahi: Okay fine dii I will tell you.
Mahi gets into flashback,
Mahi: (in her mind) How to teach them a lesson?
Just then Mahi sees Anita mixing her hair color,
Anita: I am trying the hair color you have recommended me. I know you are never wrong and my hair will look fantastic.
Just then Babe calls.
Babe: Anita!
Anita: This Babe’s timing is so bad. Don’t she have any other work?
Anita goes from there.
Mahi: Idea!
Mahi takes a spiking gel she finds from the drawer and quickly mixes it with Anita’s hair color,
Mahi: Finally I am done.
Anita is coming back, Mahi quickly goes back and hides.
Anita applys the hair color.
Mahi: (in her mind) Now the real fun begins.
Mahi gets out of the flashback and smiles,
Twinkle gets stunned and puts her hand on her mouth. Kunj is surprised too.
Twinkle: If Anita Aunty finds about it then you are in trouble Mahi.
Kunj: Twinkle is right, you should be careful,
Mahi: Are jiju, you don’t worry about me. That Anita aunty won’t be able to harm me.
Mahi, Twinkle and Kunj goes,
Anita overhears.
Anita: Oh so it was this Mahi’s doings, now I won’t spare her.
Babe: Who you won’t spare?
Anita: The person who recommended me about the hair color.
Babe: Now quickly go to parlour-sharlour and fix your hair. You look like a joker when you roam around the house with a hat.
Anita leaves.

Here, Yuvraj and Chinki meets each other.
Yuvi: Chinki, why have you called me is it anything urgent?
Chinki: I have got to know everything.
Yuvraj is shocked.
Yuvi: What do you mean Chinki?
Chinki: I know you have an ulterior motive of whatever you are doing besides uniting Twinkle and Kunj,
Yuvi: What ulterior motives?
Chinki: You did all this for your family right?
Yuvi: No Chinki you are getting me wrong, I know my mom hates Twinkle’s family a lot, but what can I do about it? I am doing this to unite Twinkle and Kunj really.
Chinki: When did I said you did this as Twinkle’s family?
Yuvraj starts sweating,
Yuvi: I don’t understand.
Chinki: I know you are doing this for your family’s welfare. And Twinkle’s family is your enemy is not your problem, and you want your family and Twinkle’s family to be your friend right?
Yuvraj gets super shocked,
Yuvi: How…. How do you know about this?
Chinki gets into flashback,
Here some days ago Anita and Yuvraj after Chinki is freed by Yuvraj are discussing about the plan.
Anita: I have to leave now beta, and I know we both together will seperate the Twinkle and Kunj together,
Yuvraj smiles, Anita leaves.
Chinki: How dare this Yuvi do like this? He again turned out to be a betrayer.
Chinki is about to go to confront Yuvraj.
Yuvi: I am sorry mom I had to lie to you.
Chinki stops.
Yuvraj takes a picture of his childhood with his mom and dad.
Yuvi: Dad, I miss you a lot.
Chinki looks on.
Yuvi: Dad I know you died because you had some disease and you didn’t want mom to be sad so that’s why you made everything looked like a suicide. But everything have messed up. Mom has filled venom against Twinkle and her family in my mind. I also hated Twinkle in all these years, but when I got to know this truth I couldn’t resist myself.
Yuvraj takes out the medical reports
Yuvi: I wished I came go know earlier that you had cancer and won’t have done all this mistake and I cant even tell mom anything.
Chinki: (in her mind) That means Yuvi’s dad died due to cancer not suicide?
Yuvi: Now I promise you that I will try to solve everything and make everything between Leela aunty and mom. For that my first step is to unite Twinkle and Kunj.
Chinki: (in her mind) That means Yuvi did all this drama just to unite Twinkle and Kunj.
She gets out of her flashback.
Yuvi: Yes this is true.
Chinki: Can you tell me everything clearly what exactly happened?
Yuvraj narrates everything and Chinki is surprised.
Chinki: This is so shocking! I didnt know this sort of this will ever happen.
Yuvi: Make sure no one gets to know about it till the right time comes.
Yuvraj and Chinki leaves on a motorcycle,

Yuvraj sees a black spray and he sprays on the wall.
Chinki: Yuvi what are you doing this is wrong?
Yuvi: This is one of the thing which makes me happy.
Yuvraj gets into flashback how he enjoyed with his dad and also made drawings on the wall with the spray and would escape where his dad will always scold him and his mom would defend him.
Yuvi: You did all this for my good dad, I miss you a lot. when someone scolds me feel better but I miss you a lot.
Chinki: (in her mind) This Yuvi loved his dad so much, poor Yuvi.
Just then a police comes,
Police: How dare you destroy public property?
Police chases him and Yuvraj manages to oversmart them and collides with Mahi.
Mahi: That was Yuvraj, right?
Police: Catch this boy.
Mahi: Inspector what happened,
Police: This boy destroyed public property by spraying on the wall. Wont spare him.
Mani: Wait inspector I will help you,
Chinki: Now Yuvi is in trouble for sure.
Mahi goes to Yuvraj takes the black spray and sprays his entire face, Yuvraj is shovked .
Everyone laughs.
Police: What did you do?
Mahi: Look they are very rich people they will pay fine and just go away, but he will never be able to forget this.
Police: Okay that’s a good way.
Mahi looks at Yuvraj and walks around him.
Mahi: Some people deserve this. Mr Yuvraj Luthra now your face is entirety black just like your character,
Yuvraj points finger at Mahi,
Yuvi: Hey shut up, I will never forget this. Understand Mahi Taneja?
Mahi: Keep your fingers down, Yuvraj Luthta just look around you.
Yuvraj sees everyone laughing.
Mahi: Hope you got your answer,
Mahi leaves,
Yuvi: You haven’t done this right, Mahi.
The episode ends.

Precap: Twinkle goes for Miss Amritsar contestant and as she comes on the stage Kunj is mesmerized by her beauty and stares at her. Later Twinkle says that her most precious thing is her husband. Kunj smiles, on the other hand Chinki confronts Mahi, Chinki says to Mani that she shouldnt have done so to Yuvi and she should apologize to him. Mahi is shocked,

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