Tashan e ishq – dosti to shadi episode 10


Hii guyzz im really very very very sad like literally the news siddhant gupta is leaving the show… is heart breaking ??????
Well i wish this was a rumor but its not he is leaving the show nd it is confirmed by him ?????
He wont continue tashan e ishq after the leap the story will now focus of twiraj… but siddhant gupta will always stay in our heart ❤❤❤
Its his life… we cant judge him nd we have to support him… soo yeah All the best Siddhant Gupta for ur future…..!!!

Now thank u sooo much guyzz for supporting me I LOVE U ALL ❤❤
im seriously speechless ???

Asifaali thank u soo much for commenting… i hope u like more ??

The episode starts with everyone getting ready for mehendi function where only mahi uvi kunj twinkle mansi nd vivek are there nd the mehendi girls twinkle is dressed in full black glittery sari with black ear rings nd glittery bangles her hair open kunj is wearing white kurta and shalwar with his sleeves folded mahi is wearing yellow nd green sari with golden color borders having a puff in the front with golden jewellery uvi is wearing black kurta nd shalwar with his sleevs folded mansi is wearing green nd dark green lehenga with purple borders nd purple jewellery her hair open vivek is wearing purple kurta nd shalwar all r looking beautiful nd handsome kunj is lost in twinkles beauty while she applies mehendi on mansis hand as a ritual aryan reaches there
Aryan: u people didnt invite me
Vivek: we r sorry bro… actually didnt get time

Aryan: well its ok (he looks at twinkle) oh my ghosh my fiance is looking so beautiful nd what is this u didnt apply mehendi (to one of the mehendi girls) i want my to be wifes hands fill with mehendi nd with my name got it
Twinkle feels upset kunj again notices this
Kunj self talk: what up with her?? Why is she feeling low whenever aryan is around her… he is her fiance y does she act like she dont like him… i should find out
The mehendi is being applied to mansis and twinkles hand mahi is sitting there uvi comes to her
Uvi: y r u not putting mehendi?
Mahi: well… honestly i dont like it

Uvi: what but mehendi makes ones hand beautiful… it will suit u… i like mehendi infact i love mehendi on girls hand
He leaves mahi looks on nd smiles mahi to on of the mehendi girls
Mahi: excuse me can u apply mehendi for me
Girl: sure thats why we r here… well if u dont mind can i tell something
Mahi: sure
Girl: uummm… im sorry i heard ur conversation with the guy… i must say u really love him
Mahi blushes listening to this

Mahi soul talk: yes indeed i love him
She smiles the mehendi girl applies mehendi on her hand
Twinkles hands r almost complete kunj comes to her…. her hair starts flying kunj looks at her lovingly (sajna ve plays) twinkle gets irritated because of her hair she lifts her shoulder to fix her hair behind her ear she struggles but is not able to kunj comes to her he moves his fingers on her forehead nd tucks her hair behind her ears they share an eyelock
Kunj: pretty
Twinkle: thank u
Kunj: i was not telling to u i was saying to the mehendi
Kunj laughs twinkle gets angry mehendi girl speaks up

Girl: what name should i write
Without listening to her twinkles screams to kunj
Twinkle: kunjjjj
Kunj laughs again… the mehendi girl misunderstands nd writes kunj on her hand kunj leaves

Next scene
Mahis hands r filled with mehendi she smiles looking at mehendi where uvis name is mentioned uvi who is passing by notices her hands he comes there with a surprise
Uvi: u applied mehendi?
Mahi: y..ye…yes
Uvi: wow… look ur hands r looking so pretty just like u…….
He realizes what her said they share an eyelock (hua hai aaj pehli baar plays) mahi breaks the eyelock nd blushes uvi smiles
Uvi: c… can i ask u something?

Mahi: sure
Uvi: umm..i…wanna ask th..that r u happy marrying me
Mahi looks on confused
Uvi: mahi actually as u know u have been living like a princess nd i wont be able to give u all the luxury u want i cant ful fill ur dreams
Mahi smiles
Mahi: u know what uvi… im really happy that im going to be ur wife… u thought about my luxury life before urs…. nd thats enough for me… nd i can cooperate as i know i wont get a guy like u… u r perfect for me
Uvi: so u will u be my wife??
Mahi nods nd blushes uvi smiles brightly

Next scene
Mansi is sitting near the fan as her mehendi is being dried up vivek comes to her
Vivek: let me see my name on ur mehendi
Mansi: what the hurry… wait that ritual is still left
Vivek: what it i won… then
Mansi: then i will do what u want
Vivek: Really!!! Anythiny??
Mansi nods
Vivek: then great… i will think of something really tough for u
Mansi: well i love tough things
Vivek nd mansi laughs

Next scene
Twinkles mehendi finishes the mehendi girls leaves twinkle starts looking at her mehendi nd is shocked to see kunjs name she recalls how she told kunj nd the mehendi girl wrote
Twinkle: siyappa…. kunj is right u r a siyappa queen… i have to remove my mehendi otherwise the color will come
Twinkle stands nd is running to the washroom just then mansi stops her
Mansi: where r u going?
Twinkle: washroom
Mansi: ok… u know what twinkle… it is said whos mehendis color is dark their husband will love her alot
Twinkle: yeah ok im not at all interested i wanna go
She leaves to the washroom mansi smiles standing there
Mansi: nd i know ur husband will love u alot… afterall u will becomes Mrs Kunj Sarna
She smiles to herself

Next scene
Twinkle washes off her mehendi nd to her surprise the mehendi is color really very dark… nd kunj is clearly seen twinkle gets tensed
Twinkle: babajii… what should i do… i have to remove this name
She is standing there hell tensed

Next scene
Twinkle is walking in the corridor looking at her mehendi full tensed someone pulls her inside the room which is dark twinkle thinks it is kunj
Twinkle: kunj what is this… let me go
Person: this is not kunj
The voice is revealed to be aryans twinkle gets tensed the lights come back
Aryan: i cant wait any longer today i will make u mine
Twinkle: wh…what…i…is th…this aryan… let me go
Aryan: y twinkle… i cant control myself
He pushes twinkle on the bed
Twinkle: what the hell is wrong with u
She tries to get up aryan pushes her again nd comes over her twinkle starts screaming for help she cries

Twinkle: aryan plzz leave me
Aryan doesnt listen to her he starts kissing her neck twinkle struggles she cries aryan somehow manages her nd slids down a little part of her cloth from her shoulder nd kissing it
Kunj who is walking outside the room hears twinkles screams the family memebers too hear it they starts following the screams which was increasing sec after sec kunj recognizes the voice he gets hell tensed shocked scared nd breaks the door he finds aryan over twinkle who is struggling to free herself because of the noise aryan nd twinkle looks up twinkles conditions was very bad kunj looks at her with teary eyed (sad sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: ku…ku…kunj…..

Twinkle pushes aryan who falls on the ground twinkle gets up nd hugs kunj crying badly as never before she keeps on crying kunj hugs her back he slids her cloth part up nd covers her with her saris left over part he closes his fist in anger nd looks at aryan angrily the family members comes there nd is shocked to see the scene everyone understands this nd gets angry on aryan
Aryan gets up
Aryan: what the hell is wrong with u kunj
Kunj makes twinkle hide behind him nd walks towards aryan he punches aryan on his face so hard that he falls down nd his head starts to bleed
Uvi too wants to beat aryan but mansi stops him kunj holds aryan collar angrily nd starts punching him he smacks aryan on the ground aryan gets up nd starts beating kunj but kunj holds him he recalls how aryan was forcing himself on twinkle nd how twinkle was crying he punches him again nd starts beating him black nd blue uvi comes nd holds kunj
Uvi: enough kunj… will u kill him

Kunj full red in anger
He pushes uvi nd starts beating aryan again the police comes there as well as media they starts their question with twinkle
lady: how r u feeling ms twinkle after being raped?
Man: why were u raped by mr aryan?
everyone is shocked aryan gets up laughing
Aryan: i knew…. i knew this will happen to me… but i wont let u people live in peace twinkles respect is gone i have planned all this hahhaaha… she wont get respect her face is blackened now
Kunj gets angry nd punches him again police arrests aryan nd leaves the media r asking weird questions to twinkle who is standing nd crying

Vivek: plzz stop it…
Lady: we want out answers… did mr aryan raped u completely
Man: can u atleast tell us how r u feeling after being raped
Just then CHAATTHAAAKKKK twinkle is shocked
Kunj slaps the reporter angrily he holds him by his collar
Kunj: dont u have any shame to ask such questions to a girl.. hah?
He pushes the reporter
Man: excuse me mr… we r doing our duty
Kunj: then go nd ask mr aryan… why did he rape her ask him what was the need to play with a girls respect
Lady: who r u to her
Kunj looks at twinkle they share an eyelock their eyes full of tears (sad sajna ve plays) kunj comes nd holds her hand twinkle looks on surprised
Kunj: im her friend… more like a husband (it echoes)

Reporter: so u r telling that u r marrying her??
The family members waits for his answer kunj is about to speak the reporter continues
Reporter: im sorry who will the girl who is already raped
Kunj screams up
Kunj: YESS I WILL MARRY HER… I WILL (it echoes)
Twinkle is shocked mansi cries with tears in her eyes everyone is shocked screen freezes

Precape: not decided

Hope u all like it..!!
Finally 10th episode… thank u all for ur love nd support!!! ??????

Credit to: Sweetie

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  3. Awesome Episode

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    Great future ahead for sidhant Gupta 🙂

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