journey to love episode-4

Hi sorry actually when I went to my home town there was no net because of rain no electricity so I am sorry I am in the train so the time is 1:30 and I am writhing it

So let’s start

Mantu and amaya birthday

At the party hall

Raman wears a black coat and red shirt and wrist watch inside witch there is I written

Ishita wears a black and red saree with small chin and dollar of r

Arjun wears a white coat and dark blue shirt

Radhika wears white and dark blue colour ghara

Arnav wears blue jeans with sky blue colour shirt

Khushi wears sky blue colour anarkali

Mantu wears a jeans and orange t shirt with yellow colur

Amaya wears a full length frock if yellow and orange

Amaya and mantu cut the cake everyone were enjoying

After that raman ishitha and press meet as there were the leading bussiens person who were going to get engaged

At press meet only ishitha raman and the press people full security was arranged

R u can start

1 person my question is to you mam

Ishu yes

1 person mam you said in interview that you will not marry as you will get separated with your bro sis

Ishu actually yes I said it but I am not my bro and sis are like his bro and sis so they are shifting to my house that is bhalla mansion

2 person sir my question is to you

R yes

2p sir will you make ishu mam company yours after marrige

Raman said no ishu company will always be ishu company and arjun and arnav will take care of the company if she is not there

3 Person sir actually my question is for both of you is it love marriage or arannge marriage

Raman I may answer it is love marriage I proposed ishita a week ago and tommorow we will be engaged soon after 10 days we will be married

Suddenly a lady comes there and say Mr raman Kumar bhalla you will not marry anyone because she does not the truth ishita leasten I am nidhi raman ‘s ex wife don’t marry him your futhe will be spoilt
Did he say about my and his marriage and we have child ruhi no he is bad ishitha don’t marry him please

Ishu say what is your name

Lady nidhi chawala

Ishu sees mangulastur and maang teka and say are you married again

N yes

Ishu slaps nidhi hard and said you and raman had a baby but now I and raman have baby and her name is ruhi and raman said me and about ruhi

N you you slapped me she raise he hand before she could raman catches her hand and said get out don’t even of hurting her I will chop you into pieces

Raman called security and asked term to take her out

Security took nidhi out

Raman said I it is enough please excuse us

Ishra went out

Next day the hot news was only about ishita raman

At the evening ishra exchanged their rings
They were asked to dance so ishra dance on jaanam jaanam re

Tamil en Jeevan their

Slowly arshi aradika Maya danced with them

Then all went only cousins of ishra were left
Raman said ishu arjun arnav amaya this is shargun aakasha rinki abhishek simi anjali Uma Sam

Ishu said raman radhika khushi mantu this is manoj payal mihir mihika prateeka nk ramshay niel

Manoj payal mihir mihika prateek said actually Ishu di jiju actually
Manoj and shargun we are aldeready married
Palyal akash say we too also
Mihir rinki mihika abshika prateek similar say we also and
Niel Sam and anjali nk uma ramshay say we are aldeready engaged

All eight were in shock


Mihir came ishu and said ishu di I mihika manoj prateeka payal it is out marriage you have to come but unfortunately they are not able to attend the marriage as ishu had meet with acciedent same happened with raman and on our marriage these six xsaid try love each other so they were engaged by a week

Fb ends all laugh

Precap raman ishu marriage

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