How tashan e Ishq should continue according to me


With all the updates and everything we know that Kunj is going to be upset with twinkle and twinkle decides to leave the Sarna house and kunj is gonna come and stop her. But this is how the story should be according to me from now…. By the way this is totally fan made and I truly enjoyed writing it. Dont stop reading because the starting is sad as the ending is going to be awesome [ Hint Nok Jhok..]

Kunj really upset takes his car and leaves. In Kunjs absence , Usha blackmails Twinkle that if she doesnt leave she will kill herself. Twinkle feeling upset that no one believes her without any hesitation leaves. Kunj goes back to the date spot that he planned for Twinkle and remembers the moment. Then he gets a call its Mahi. He picks it up she starts crying and says sorry to him he asks why then she says she heard Yuvi talking to Anita and she came to know the truth and how he betrayed her by marriage. She also tells him that she followed Yuvi and saw him talking to Purvi and he is the one who leaked the photos. Kunj starts crying and realises his mistake. He thanks mahi and tells her that twinkle will be very happy to know that Mahi came to know the truth. Kunj rushes to the hospital and comes to know that Manohar is out of coma. The family is happy. Manohar and Kunj ask where is Twinkle. Everyone our silent. Bebe tells them what happened. Manohar scolds Usha and tells her how can she think like that. Kunj breaks down. He thinks how will he search for her. He searches everywhere possible but couldnt find her and the best part is even Yuvi doesnt know where twinkle is even he searches for her but couldnt find her and realises that his whole plan went for waste. Kunj and Mahi team up to search for Twinkle. On the other side Twinkle settles down in a small Chawl and works as a school teacher and is absolutely adored by her neighbours the Chaddas and Mr Chadda accepts Twinkle as his sister. Everyday she misses Kunj and thinks about him but realises that she left him for a reason. Mahi goes to the Gurudwara one day and finds Chinki who was secretly talking to Twinkle on the phone and says that she is coming to meet her. Mahi follows Chinkis car and comes to know that Twinkle is living in the Chawl. Mahi calls Kunj and informs him about the same. Kunj is overwhelmed but realises that if Yuvi comes to know it will be a problem. The next day Kunj asks Mahi to keep Yuvi occupied so that he doesnt know that he is visiting Twinkle. He goes to the Chawl but realises that Twinkle went to school he meets Mrs Chadda who is overwhelmed t know that Twinkles husband is here. She gives Kunj the spare keys. He enters her home and decides to wait until Twinkle comes. He decides that he will surprise her. He offs all the lights and acts as though hes not at home. Twinkle comes back home. She decides to change her clothes. Kunj keeps quite as he is hiding. Twinkles dori is stuck Kunj comes out and removes it for her. Then twinkle realises that someones there and screams. She realises that its Kunj and hugs him tight Kunj hugs her back and tells her sorry and how much he missed her. Twinkle pushes him back and says I cant forgive you thinking about how no one believed her and tells him too get lost. Kunj is surprised by her reaction. He sits down and says I am not going anywhere this is my house too. Twinkle gets furious and says this is my house how can it be yours she. Kunj asks for documents that state this iis her house. Twinkle brings documents. Kunj says read where its written its your house. She reads the sentence stating this house belongs to Twinkle Kunj Sarna. Kunj asks whats his name to twinkle. Twinkle gets furious at him for asking such a dumb question but answers Kunj Sarna. Kunj smiles her and shows her how her name is joined to his and says hence proved that this is my house. Twinkle asks him to stop giving dumb logic and tells him to get lost or not.. he says or not… what. Twinkle says now see..
She opens the door and shouts Bhaiyaa! koi lucha lafanga mere room me guss gaya. Kunj comes to know exactly what Twinkle is trying to do and keeps his wallet ready….

To be continued… If you like it

If you liked it I will continue it as a fan fic
pls do comment and tell me what do u think about it so that I can start writing.
And do tell me a name that I can use for the Fan fic

Credit to: Harshi

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  1. Jaishree Ajmera

    Its really gud….I really feel the same to be happen…thank u very much for writing…. and ya don’t forgive kunj so easily….

    1. Thanks I feel that Twinkle should be more stronger and with all of that she went through she deserves more love so I decided that I am gonna show deewana kunj and Twinkle is gonna play hard to get

  2. awesome truely loved it
    plz.. continue it as fanfic

    1. Thanks muski I will as soon as my exams get over

  3. it was good harshi bt what about ur ff destiny???

    1. had exams ,still going on and go this idea so couldnt help writing.

  4. Ya i really liked it

    1. Thank you happy that u liked it

  5. Ya its very gud…..harsh I pls continue as ff….,,??????

    1. Thanks i will as soon as my exams get over

  6. harshi i jus loved it plz continue it as a fan fic we will surely love to read it..

    1. I am happy that u liked it

  7. yaa it shd be continued as a ff…its amazing… harshi..but plz update destiny also….

  8. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE YOUR WRITING and your ideas please keep writing

  9. awesome! !!!! Truely u r an amazing writer Harshi! !

  10. Nice going. If can keep your writing posted regularly.

  11. Plzz continue it as an ff

  12. Please continue it as an ff.

  13. U know what at night i was thinking d same but u re awsm!!!!! Pls continue it waiting desperately ! Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thank you prapti, desigirl , sanam , star, aarti and riddhi for the love
    I am happy that you liked it
    Pls do suggest names that I can give to my Fan Fic.

  15. Woooow harshii…I really hope this is what happens…but I doubt?

  16. Awesome… what a story it should be like this only…. loved it mindblowing… ??

  17. really good harshi…

  18. I loved it….pls continue

  19. Wow wow wow no words ?????

  20. Thanks guys for the lovely comments cant wait to start writing pls do suggest name for fan fic

  21. awesome loved it…. plz continue….

  22. Very good pls continue

  23. Very good pls continue
    Name:-TWING -Love is the way

  24. Its good dear please continue.

  25. wow….it is awesome…

  26. Thats a gud one manvi will surely consider it
    Thank you I am happy that u liked it

  27. I like it this one too but I think the other one is better where is shows after leaving Kunj twinkle went to London. But any way I love this one two please continue, if u write next part isn’t Kunj trying to make twinkle forgive him by asking her forgiveness everyday by doing something.

  28. I like it… very much

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