Tashan-e-Ishq 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Twinkle is on road when some goons eve-tease her. Twinkle says i will teach you lesson, she takes off her sandal and is about to beat them when they hold her hand. Kunj comes there and sees them, he tries to go to her but Yuvi comes there and says you think Twinkle is some weak girl? do you have any idea how many goons she beat? she is my tigeress Twinkle, he cheers for Twinkle and asks her to beat them. Twinkle frees her hand and beats goons with sandal, they call her sister and run from there. Everyone claps for her. Yuvi says thats like my fighter Twinkle. Kunj asks Twinkle if she is fine? Twinkle asks Yuvi if he is fine? where is he all these days? Yuvi says i am fulfilling your wish to stay away, it cant happen that you ask me a thing and i dont comply, i am busy with friend’s

marriage, Twinkle asks him to take care, she leaves. Yuvi comes to goons who eve-teased Twinkle and gives them money, Kunj sees it. Yuvi says now my score is more than Kunj.
Kunj is sitting on his bed and says Yuvi is clever, he knows how to trick people but he can try alot but my wife will never be his. He calls Twinkle. Twinkle takes his call, Kunj says thanks for coming to meet me at Guradvarah but we couldnt talk, you know we have to talk once, please will you go on date with me again? Twinkle says i have assignments, Kunj says no pressure, come when you have time, he ends call.
Anita shows photos to Yuvi and says choose one girl, i will ask for marriage proposal, Yuvi says whats wrong with you? Anita says i cant see you go around Twinkle like that, you were never important for her, Yuvi says there cant be any other girl in my life other than Twinkle, end of discussion, he leaves.
Kunj looks at his and Twinkle’s photo, he says i know your heart Twinkle, even i can play games too but i want to win your heart and i will win it one day.
Yuvi says to himself that i will do anything to win Twinkle’s heart, i promise i wont lose you this time Twinkle.
its morning, Twinkle is waiting for Jassi to pick her up. One kid comes and gives her flowers, she asks who sent it? kid points to Kunj, Twinkle gives flowers back to kid and says give it back to him. Kunj gives puppy eyes, love me thora aur plays, kid gives note to Twinkle, note says that say yes for date. Twinkle writes her answer and give it to kid, Kid brings it to Kunj, it says no. Kunj sends her another card, it says please please please just once. Twinkle says he wont agree, she says to kid that tell him i have agreed for date but not for forgiveness. Kid tells it to Kunj, Kunj smiles at Twinkle and thanks her, he leaves. Yuvi comes there as Jassi and sees card in her hands. Twinkle asks shall we leave? Yuvi says mom asked me to give courier, i have to do it, can you go to college alone today? Twinkle says okay but come soon to college, Yuvi says yes.
Pallavi brings Jassi/Yuvi to Sarna house. Pallavi tells Usha that he is Jassi and Twinkle’s friend, he knows Rocky too, Usha offers him biscuits, he tells them about Twinkle and Kunj’s for the night, Usha and Pallavi gets worried listening it.

Scene 2
At night, Usha is setting bedsheet and feels dizzy, she falls unconscious. Pallavi comes there and sees her unconscious. She asks what happened to you? Kunj is leaving for date but Pallavi calls out his name. He comes there and asks what happened to Usha Maa? Pallavi says her pulse rate is low, you stay with her, i am going to call doctor, she leaves. Kunj stays with Usha.
Twinkle comes to restuarant for date with Kunj.
Doctor comes to check Usha.
Twinkle says he called me here but is irresponsible, i wotn his calls now.
Doctor says that Usha has low BP. Kunj asks how she is? Doctor says she is weak, dont let her take rest. Kunj goes to see off doctor. Pallavi comes to Usha and calls out to her, Usha opens her eyes and smiles, Pallavi is stunned and says wow what an acting, our plan was a success, Twinkle must have left from there now and must be angry with Kunj.
Twinkle stops taxi and hires it.
Kunj comes to Usha and asks how she is? Pallavi says she is fine now, she took stress, i am here to take care of her. Kunj asks her to take care, usha says i am fine.
Twinkle comes to club and orders drink. Kunj comes there, Twinkle looks at her watch and thinks that he came after making me wait so much. Kunj comes to her and says are you miffed with me? he tries to talk ot her but there is loud music in pub. Kunj says i got late.. he sees Yuvi there and thinks that how he got to know that Twinkle and I would be here? Twinkle has back towards Yuvi. Yuvi gives money to manager and cameraman. Kunj sees this and thinks why he is giving them money? he must be planning something. Cameraman comes behind Twinkle and starts clicking pictures of her bare back. Kunj sees this and comes to cameraman, he asks why you are clicking pictures of my wife? she breaks his camera and goes to Yuvi. Kunj grabs Yuvi’s collar and says you wont stop playing your tricks, what you wanted to do with those pictures of Twinkle? you are cheap. yuvi says shut up Kunj Sarna, you are cheap, you think i will click her explicit pictures? she is my wife, i am not like you, i brought cameraman here to click pictures for my friend’s party. Kunj says dont lie. Manager comes and says Yuvi is right, he gave money to arrange party for his friend, this photography was for reference. Yuvi says i have always given Twinkle her space, she wishes for space so i gave it to her, unlike you i have always respected her wish, Kunj says i dont need to learn how to behave with my wife. Twinkle shouts stop it, just stop it, i am fed up with you both, i am tired of you both. Twinkle says you both wont understand and wont stop this competition right? so i will tell you both in your language, let me tell you Yuvi is ahead of Kunj in this competition, yes Kunj, Yuvi is winning okay? Kunj is stunned to hear it. Yuvi is happy, Kunj says what are you saying Twinkle? Twinkle says yes Yuvi is winning and i mean it, because he is not jealous all the time, he doesnt pressurize me, he doesnt force me to meet him or talk to him all the time, he gives me space and respected my wish, he proved again that he is my best friend and he is winning your so called competition and you are losing Kunj.

PRECAP- Yuvi says to Kunj that why you are going to college? the one for whom you are doing so much, she doesnt wanna see you, i feel bad for you Kunj, you are so close to Twinkle and i am away from her yet i am winning her, today i won Kunj and you lost, Kunj looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Disgusting seriously

  2. Disgusting yuvi..i just hate him.why he is doing all dis drama???plzz unite kunj n twinkle..twinkle when will u understand that fake yuvii he is doing drama..kunj is true in his own way

  3. Baby

    ugggghhhhhhhhhh wrst lyk srsly who does sooo uvraj i ll kill him

  4. Seriously man. It’s so disgusting.

  5. Soooooo boring please we want #yule

  6. This bastard yuvi he’s always so evil ?. He’s a loser. I know that twinkle loves kunj

  7. I wonder is this the same tei that
    a)I used to eagerly wait for 8 o’ clock
    b)I used to fight for remote with my brother
    c)I used to watch all the repeat with same interest
    d)I used to wake up at 2am to watch the episode
    e) I can’t sleep without watching it
    f)I used to watch the break to see the promos of tei
    g)I used to browse for latest news of tei

    that happy days are gone.
    today tv was free at 8 but Mujhe Koi interest nahi di.Acha huva mein dekha nehi.standing ovation for making my favourite show to nuisance.
    one thing is sure trp is gonna decrease at an increasing rate

  8. On Zee tv usa they air the show early in the morning at 9:30am yesterday and tomorrow they skipping it to put paid program so it only showing at 1:30am in the morning. Is the ratings bad for this show is that why they putting it at a early time slot.

  9. Disgusting Kunj…

  10. Peewangmo

    I too really hate uv..
    Jst love kunj s alys

  11. I just hate uv, pallavi, they are the real problem of twinj.
    I want aaaaaa twinj.

  12. He kya bakwaas hai. Itne time bad read KIA mene usme b whi h serial abhi. Yrrr writer plssss apko smj nhi as RHA kya dikhana h to ff padho plssss kaafi idea mil jaega. But for god sake itna irritate mat karo

  13. indera sanichara

    Hi Twinkle just forget both of these men and choose a new hero please because everyone is boring around you, if not no one will watch this cat and mouse story anymore

  14. Rhimjhim

    haha… same here guys…all rubbish..

  15. Romaisha

    Seriously im feeling extremely sorry for kunj … Wen will both twinkle and yuvi open their eyes? Hes helping both of them… God help these writers yaar .. ?????

  16. lol…sid ke bina show bohot hi bakwas hain…ekdam nonsense hain show..puri ki puri pagalpan and natunki se vara hua show hain.pura boring..twinj re unite ho rahe hain i am happy for them.but show bohot hi bakwas hain..nonsense..?

  17. OMG,I HATE YUVI,USHA AND PALLAVI…Yuvi is so much disgusting.usha and pallavi I will kill them.
    But now I am 100 percent sure that twinj will only reunite.Bcoz truth is with kunj.And truth always wins.

  18. Pls unite twinj……nd sid plz comeback in the show……show pura bakwas ho gya bina sid k….plz writters sid ko wapis le aayo..show mein……
    And show starting se chla do plzzzzzz zee anmol par mujhe starting se dekhna hai ye show bcoz ab to ye bakwas hai atleast hum starting se hi dekh le apne sid ko

  19. Katee what do you mean by digusting Kunj? please be more specific cause as far as i know yuvi is the one who is a low life he needs to back off and let kunj be with his wife and someone needs to knock some sense into twinkle’s head yuvi had five years in which he could have woo twinkle, he wait until kunj came back into her life to cause corruption,dont you guys see ,he is hell bent on creating mischief he dont love twinkle, its his ego that is hurt and he is wearing that thing on his head and no one recognizes him lmao poor directing lets just wait and watch and see who will win because its like a match now oh and by the way this pallavi is so stupid just by giving her boyfriend face to kunj does not make kunj her boyfriend her boyfriend is rocky and rocky can never be kunj she is in denial she needs two tight slap to bring her out of her stupidity

  20. Mahi ko bapash laooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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