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happy raksha bandhan to all of you i dont have a real brother but i have a cousin who is more than a real one to me and i have a younger sister who is not less than a brother to me
more about my self:

i don’t like those who backstab others i want people to be clear and say it on the face
i love speaking to my friends how know that i don’t really mean bad when i speaking to them like i sometimes make fun of them they do that with me too they don’t get angry on me and if someone gets angry on me i try not making fun of them with strangers or with people i don’t know i feel that if my sarcastic talks hurt them so i speak a little less with them (if you are ready to listen to my sarcastic talks please tell me)

i speak a lot i had acquired the skill of speaking before walking i used to talk to the walls and curtains (when i was in malaysia) in india my cousins (elder ones)used to do all kinds of things to make me eat food but they failed most of the times my mom used to make me amused seeing a few things like she used to put the toy upside down or something so that i could eat my mom says i was the most difficult child to handle in my whole family.
i used to hardly sleep in the day while contrary to me is my cousin sister who is 2 days older than me she used to sleep a lot so to be concluded i used to sleep less and even now i sleep only after 12 and wake up at 6:45-7

i have a phobia of fire (and guess what my first chemi
stry practice is the study of a bunsen burner)

(i have shared most of the things with you now if you want to know more about me you can ask me)

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twinj’s children
kavya -kreesha shah-14th september 12:01am
tarun-divyam dama-13 th september 11:59pm
vidharth’s daughter

snehal-spandan chaturvedi-11 th september
yuhi’s daughter
jasmine-tasheen shah -10 th september
sandhir’s daughter
pihu-amrita mukherjee-12 th september
hope you remember the cast
twinkle-jasmine basin

kunj-siddhant gupta
sanyukta -harshita gaur
randhir-param singh
uv-zain imam

mahi-shritama mukherjee
parth-ankit gupta
vidhushi- nisha neha nayak
rohan- karan tacker

episode starts:
twinj part:
dairy in kunj’s hand
kunj see’s the picture and turn it around he sees revnge written on it
kunj:twinkle wants to take revenge(shakes his head) i have to ask twinkle about it
he leaves the office
he reaches home
kunj:(i should not shout or else mahi,uv and the kids will get scared) twinkle twinkle
twinkle:kunj please let me go out of the room i am bored here
kunj:twinkle (control’s his anger) twinkle get ready we are going out for dinner
twinkle:(places her hands on his forehead)kunj you are all right na i mean to say till today morning you asked mahi not to move out of my bed and now your on taking me on dinner
kunj:twinkle get ready fast we will leave in fifteen minutes
twinkle:okay boss

twinkle comes out wearing a red backless gown with her hairs tied up in a loose bun with a few strands left out she was looking breathtaking but our hero was angry
kunj:lets leave
twinkle:(thinks)cant he compliment me
kunj:twinkle lets leave(irritated)
twinkle:ha coming
on the way twinj were silent kunj stoped the car in between an isolated road
kunj:twinkle get down
twinkle:but kunj…
kunj:(cuts her words and shouts)i said get down twinkle
twinkle:(thinks) why is he angry (gets down from the car)
kunj:twinkle may i know who they are(pointing to the parents photo(a picture of anita and surjeet))

twinkle:(tensed)i don’t know kunj (gulps)who are they?
kunj:exactly that is the question i should ask you twinkle
twinkle:how would i know them kunj(gets more tensed)
kunj:(angry and shouts)twinkle i found this picture in your diary
twinkle:they are your parents
kunj:yes i know that but why has revenge been written over it
twinkle:because i was here for a revenge
kunj:twinkle why did you do this to me didn’t you love me ?
twinkle:kunj i was here for my revenge and………………..
kunj:(shouts and cuts her words)twinkle i loved you and you(sits down and cries)
twinkle:(consoles him)kunj i …
kunj:i am leaving you may come on your own i will send you your divorce papers and i wont fight for a custody case but i would take care of my children’s finance (he leaves)
as kunj is starting the car
kunj:(turns around)
a truck had hit twinkle and she was ling on the rood in a pool of blood
kunj:twinkle ……………
he took twinkle to the hospital

on the stretcher
twinkle:(breathing heavily)ku…nj….i….lo…ve……you
kunj:twinkle get up i love you too don’t leave me twinkle get up
in the ot
the doctor is cleaning twinkle’s wounds
outside the ot
kunj:rohan,please come to the hospital fast and bring uv too don’t tell this to the kids and let mahi stay there total care of the kids
rohan:how is twinkle?is she fine ?what did the doctors say
kunj:they are still in the ot please come fast

rohan and uv reach the hospital
uv:bhai what happened to twinkle
kunj:(hugs him) he tells them everything from the photo vala incident to the accident
rohan:kunj so you know the truth you read her diary but still
kunj:rohan but still what i did not read the dairy
rohan:before questioning twinkle you should have read it
kunj:(confused)what do …
the doctor comes out
kunj:how is she?
dr:mr.sarna your wife is out of danger but the next 12 hours are very crucial for her
kunj:doctor will she be fine
dr:we cant say anything mr.sarna
kunj:(hold his collar)what do you mean by we cant say anything i am asking you a simple question will my twinkle be fine
dr:mr.sarna please behave your self
rohan and uv help the doctor to get out of kunj’s clutches
dr:please calm down mr.sarna

he leaves
kunj sits dow with a thud
rohan: kunj how can you not trust twinkle while she can
kunj:she left me because i broke her trust
rohan:no she left you because ..i think kunj you should read her dairy
kunj:rohan can you get it from my car
rohan:sure why not
rohan brings the dairy
kunj takes it and sits in the corner of the hospital
sandhir part:
they reach the restaurant
the manger comes upto the stage
manager:ladies and gentle men today our restaurant has completed a year so we wold like to call all the lovely couples to rock the dance floor
sanyu:aryan would you like to dance with me
aryan:(shocked +happy)yes why not
song plays :
snam re plays in the background
aryan put his hand around sanyu’s waist and sayu puts her hands around aryans neck
sanyu:(whispers)aryan see rd is here i just want to make him jealous
aryan:(disappointed)okay sanyu
sanyu:aryan just look into my eyes romantically and act as if we are lost in each others eyes
aryan:(mumbles ) i am reallyy lost in your eyes
sanyu:did you say something

rd:what is sanyu doing with him why is she dancing with him and look at their eye contact why is sanyu doing this (he calls her)
sanyu:(smiles)aryan rd is getting jealous see he is calling me
aryan:(loudly)sanyu pick the phone up
sanyu:(loudly)no aryan why should we spoil our moment
aryan:(loudly)may be rd is calling you
sanyu:(loudly) leave it na i have to talk to him at home
the lights go off
sanyu:aryan where are you ?i am afraid of the darkness
suddenly sanyu feels two strong muscular hands on her waist
sanyu:leave me
rd:why when you were dancing with aryan you did not ask him to leave
sanyu:rd leave i am afraid of darkness please leave
rd:sanyu when i am with you why do you fear the darkness
a spotlight fall on sandhir
sandhir are looking perfect together
song plys:
mera mann kehne laga

tujhse hi to mili hai rahat
tu hi to meri hai chahat
tujhse hi to judi zindagi
teri yaadein hain kuch adhoori
saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
(sandhir are dancing looking in each others eyes they share a sweet eye lock which lasts for the whole song dancing with the basic moves like moving sideways as the music goes on and the one where the male partner(rd)kepps one of his band behind his back and makes the female partner(sanyu)twirl around)
mera mann, kehne laga

paas aake na tu door jaa
chhoone de, honth tere
zara saanson mein apni basa aa…
(rd makes sanyu turn back its like sanyu is standing infant of rd her back facing rd’s front and rd’s hand on sanyu’s waist making her feel butterflies in her stomach and then rd’s chin on sanyu’s shoulders while their bodies are still moving sideways with the music)
tujhe apna bana loon
tujhe tujh se chura loon
tujhe khud mein chhupa loon, sahiba!
ik mujh pe karam ho
tu hi mera sanam ho
teri mujh pe nazar ho, sahiba!
hmmm… aa aa…
(rd smells sanyu’s neck and plants a cute kiss on her neck and turns her making her face him he brings her closer to him and holds her from her waist while sanyu’s hands are around his neck they are lost in each others eyes)
mar main jaaunga, reh na paaun
gham judai ka seh na paaun
aye tujhe pyaar ka vaasta
teri yaadein hai kuchh adhoori
saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
raat ke chaand tale
aagosh mein meri tu aa
baahon mein le lo mujhe
zara sapno mein apne basa
mera mann, kehne laga
paas aake na tu door jaa
chhoone de, honth tere
zara saanson mein apni basa aa…

(sandhir still lost in each other eyes they are so close to each other that they can feel each others breath and sanyu feels butterflies in her stomach though this proximity of rd is not new to her but it had been forgotten in this busy world (thought they had some romance yesterday night little bit only)rd could not control himself looking at sanyu’s rosy lips he moved closer to her more closer their lips were just a cm apart when their eyelock was broken by the huge round of applause they had received from the audience)
they parted ways sanyu was blushing while rd felt that if the crowd did not clap he would have completed his kiss
aryan:rd wow what a surprise how come you here?
rd:voh i voh i ….

sanyu:what voh i voh will your train move ahead
rd:ha voh i was here for a meeting but it got canceled at the last moment but then i saw my queen here so thought to dance with her
sanyu:bye rd you go home now i will come with aryan
rd:sanyu aryan must be tired now right so let him go bak home and rest he would have to travel such a long way back home right
sanyu:ha aryan you go home meet you tomorrow

sanyu:voh aryan wants me to design a jewellery for his mom so he wants me to make it according to his mom’s choices so he would be coming to office tomorrow
rd:okay sanyu come lets leave pihu (stressing on the word)would be waiting for us you know na our daughter(stressing on it) does not sleep without kissing us
sanyu:bye aryan(gives him a friendly hug
aryan:bye sanyu meet you tomorrow
rd:(thinks)chipku does not leather at all
sanyu:come lets leave rd
rd:but we have to complete our incomplete task
sanyu:which task
rd:(smiles naughtily)our kiss
sanyu:(blushes)rd no
rd:sanyu yes
rd moves closer to sanyu sayu fells shy and moves back but rd holds her waist preventing her from moving back and then teir lips meet rd sucks sanyu’s lower lips while sayu sucks his upper turning wild rd bites her lower lips which make her mourn and finding this opportunity rd enters her mouth and plays with her tounge exploring each and every corner of her mouth after 10 long minutes they move back due to lack of oxygen
sanyu:now lets move
rd:ha i want one more when we reach home
rd:then i wont move
sanyu:ha okay i will
sanyu:(smiles) ha pakka
they leave
twinj part:
page 1

dear dairy,

today is raksha bandhan it is the first time i am away from bhai on this day i have sent him his gift and he gave me a dairy milk and a cute teddy bear i have named him tuffy
bhai has gone to delhi for handling ma’s business leela masi also passed away this year and bhai has all the responsibility on him hope bhai puts his ego aside and proposes sanyu bhabhi
as always i promise to find the one who has killed my ma and papa and i swer i would make his/her life hell
good night
page 2

dear diary,

today i asked bhai if i can work in a company here he said no a big no but you know na m cute se pout face and puppy face which he cant ignore made him agree to it i gave my resume to all the good companies i am waiting for their call and you know i missing uv he proposed me and i rejected him because he deserves a girl who loves him and i don’t love by saying yes to him i would have destroyed 2 lives but he should not have left me we had promised to work together and i would give all my first salary to him and he would give the his to me
as always i promise to find the one who has killed my ma and papa and i swer i would make his/her life hell
good night

page 3

dear diary,
yo know what today i meet sadu sarna an arrogant man he is my new boss to arrey didn’t i tell you i have got a job in sarna industries as an intern under mr.sadu sarna
today i was saving a puppy from a car when i jumped on the road to save him as a car was approaching him i closed my eyes in fear but the car came to a stop and a young good looking hot man came out of him i lost my control and shouted a lot on him and …(she has written her point of view)
(kunj goes in to a flash back:
kunj was just staring at twinkle as he was lost in her
twinkle:oh mr. what do you think of yourself here i am shouting at you and you are just smiling
kunj(the man):oh sorry miss
twinkle:what sorry these english people have made a small 5 letter word sorry does sorry change everything
kunj:miss you are completely fine then what is your problem?
twinkle:this cute puppy would have died
kunj:the dogs have a sense of their surroundings he would have moved away himself
twinkle:but if he could not then

kunj:then i would have been my problem
twinkle:what your problem it is because of people like you that dog’s die
kunj:oh miss just mind your own business the puppy and you both are fine then what do you need
kunj:saiyappa queen
they move in opposite directions
flashback ends)
and to my bad luck i met him at office he was my boss but he is good at heart he keeps professional and personal life separate
as always i promise to find the one who has killed my ma and papa and i swer i would make his/her life hell
good night
precap: diary story still continues and rd in india
please do comment love you all sorry for the grammatical error

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