Tamanna 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun’s dad scolding Dhara for using the team and doing this drama. Sanjay stops Arjun’s dad and says you can’t break the peace like this. Dhara asks Sanjay to leave him. Sanjay says I will teach him how to get peace. Dhara stops Sanjay and says this war just started, we won’t won so easily, have patience, they will understand it soon. Sanjay says patience, they are not understanding, they are blind. Dhara says even you were blind, you too much time to reach here, thinking won’t change in a day, let them go.

Arjun’s dad asks is there anything to say. Dhara says the air we breathe is not of any religion, your son knows this, this city should identify the air. Arjun’s dad says just be the coach, don’t get in our matter, I want Arjun to become cricketer and make

his name shine, don’t pull him in your politics, its good Chaurasia told me everything. He tells Arjun that all these rose and story distribution things will end today, come with me. He takes Arjun and leaves. All the people disperse.

Dhara stops Sanjay from going to Chaurasia. Dhara tells the team that she is proud of them. She says we made a new start and it will take time, don’t lose heart, this will give happiness to coming generations, you all are hero, I want to do something for you all. She claps for the team. Everyone clap. Mridula sees Chaurasia provoking people against Dhara. He says what is Dhara teaching the kids, I will not sit quiet, I will call community meeting, how can Dhara blame me for other community’s bad happenings, I will kick out Dhara from this area, if anyone supports Dhara, I will make them leave too. Sanjay hears this and stops recalling Dhara’s words. Chaurasia gets scared seeing Sanjay and says its time for my practice, I m going. He goes.

Dhara gets Shubhangi from school and teaches her maths. She hears Mridula’s baby crying. She drops Shubhangi home and goes to Mridula’s house. She advices Mridula to cure baby’s acidity. She asks why are you worried. Mridula says Chaurasia was creating an issue, he was saying wrong things about you, he wants to make you leave from here. Dhara asks her not to worry, I will see him. The students’ fathers come and talk to Dhara, about using the kids against the religion.

The man says we are staying since ages, we don’t need anyone who try to change the situation, we request you to live peacefully, else we have to give notice to vacate your house. Dhara says fine, I want peace in this city, if everyone likes to follow your children, you should be happy, if you make me leave from this city by listening to anyone, even then you can’t make my thinking leave from this city, its my promise. She goes.

All the students apologize to Dhara at school. They say we got to know our parents opposed you and wanted to make you leave your house and locality. She says its fine, you all should not focus on your cricket tournament, work hard and win, that should be your goal now. They all agree. Sameer and Mridula see Sanjay outside Dhara’s house. Chaurasia talks to some men. Sanjay tells Mridula that he is very angry now, that’s why he is here, Chaurasia is irritating me, he will plan something against Dhara, so I m sitting here to limit that old man here, if he does something, I will get double anger, so I m sitting here till Dhara comes. She asks about tea. He says you also get good ideas, tea will be great. She says I will make it and bring. She laughs. She tells Sameer that Dhara is a good teacher, the prove is this locality’s bad guy is sitting here as a good class monitor. Sameer says yes, she is coach and can teach anyone.

The students go to Dhara and say they all got much tired by practice today. Dhara says there is no success by shortcut. They ask what name will she keep for their team. She says team hope, you all are hope for this city, if you play together, city will get hope to stay together. Mishra gives the letter and says its related to tournament. She reads that tournament committee regrets to inform that last date is over for submitting participation forms. She gets shocked.

Dhara meets the committee officer and says we got this letter from you, I have sent entry on time, but… The man Tiwari says but, date has passed now, we got all entries, come next year.

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