Begusarai 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhavna goes to open door but Adarsh stops her. goons ask her to open door. Adarsh is tensed. Goons say that we have to kill girl. Adarsh says to Bhavna that we have to run from here. Adarsh takes off his and Bhavna’s wedding photo and runs with Bhavna from there. Goons come in house and sees that they have runaway, goons go behind them.
Soni comes to Ananya and says lets go, we need to go with Garv for shopping. Ananya closes door and says i was thinking about Garv only, i dont understand his behavior, i am thinking to not.. Soni says you should go, i have found that Adarsh use one courier company and i know one man there, he will help us, Ananya says but Garv will be with us, Soni says i have idea for that too.
Adarsh brings Bhavna to some godown, she says where you have brought me? he says dont worry, i am with you, dont cry, these goons are of my mother, they have come to kill you, Bhavna says if they got to know that you and me.. Adarsh says i dont know, i will go home and try to find it out, you stay here till then. Adarsh sees goons outside, he says to Bhavna that you stay here, i will go home, she hugs him and says dont leave me, Adarsh says dont worry, i wont let anything happen to you, i need to go to home to find about matter, take care of yourself, he kisses her forehead, Bhavna says come soon, Adarsh nods and leaves.
Garv, Ananya and Soni comes to market. Soni says to Garv that you go with Ananya to shopping, i have to buy books, i will meet you guys later, she leaves. Garv sees Shakti behind them, he thinks that lover has come, lets starts drama, i have to finish his love. Garv holds Ananya’s hand and asks what she wants? Ananya thinks that Garv was silent till now and now he is holding my hand, Ananya tries to free her hand, Garv says you dont like me holding your hand? i listened that girls find this romantic and i am your husband only, Ananya says nothing like that, my bangle is pricking thats why, Garv takes off her bangle and says this bangle is broken thats why it was pricking you, your hand must have got injured, he blows air on her hand and asks if it is hurting her now? she says no, he asks how did it break? she says dont know, Garv says i will buy bangles for you, Ananya says no its not needed, Garv says its needed, Thakur family’s daughter in law should not wear broken bangles, he comes closer and says i didnt gift you anything since marriage so i will give you bangles as gift, he holds her hand and leaves with her. Shakti is angry seeing all this.
Soni meets courier guy, he says Adarsh sends courier to one address every month, Soni asks what he sends in parcel? he says thats confidential, Soni says tell me if you can, man says once his packet was opened by mistake, there was some sarees, some shoes and bangles in courier, Soni thinks that he sends courier to girl, is she his girlfriend? Soni asks if he knows anythings else? man says once he forget his photo frame here, he shows photo to Soni, its Adarsh and Bhavna’s wedding photo, Soni says she is his wife?
Bindya calls her goons and asks if they did work? he says she ranaway, Bindya says now my sons will catch her, lets go back to Begusarai.
Soni says Adarsh hided his marriage maybe because he was afraid of Bindya maa, what if Bindya maa gets to know it? she will kill this girl. She clicks picture of photo frame.
Garv buys bangle for Ananya and asks if she liked it? she nods, he says i will make you wear it. Shakti is seeing all this, he says now i can hold your hand? he makes her wear bangles, Ananya looks away and thinks that i have to bear all this to get to my destination, Garv asks Ananya why she has tears in her eyes? she says something went in my eyes, Garv takes out his hanky and wipes her eyes, he blows air in her eyes by coming closer to her, shakti cant bear to see it. He comes to them and says Garv, you are here? Garv says we are here but what you are doing here? Shakti says Maa asked me to bring flowers thats why. Garv says so go buy flowers. Soni comes there, Ananya says i should back home. Garv says why so hurry? Garv says my wife has come out with me for first time, Soni you click our picture, wife you come closer, he puts hand on Ananya’s shoulder and comes closer to her, ananya is disgusted and looks at Shakti, she smiles, Shakti says she is my wife too so photo will be with both of us, right Garv? Garv smirks. both brothers sit beside Ananya. Soni clicks picture, shakti says let me see photo, Soni thinks that it has Adarsh’s photo, she says phone’s battery is dead, Shakti says let me see it once, Ananya thinks that there is something in her phone which she wants to hide, Garv asks Soni to give her phone, Ananya thinks how to stop them? Ananya cuts her hand with bench there, her hand starts bleeding, Garv goes to bring band-aid, Ananya nods at Soni.
Ananya and Soni comes back home. Soni shows Adarsh and Bhavna’s married photo to Ananya, Ananya says this means Adarsh has married and hided it from Bindya? Soni says yes, her name is Bhavna, Ananya says he hided this from Bindya as he wanted to protect Bhavna, this means he loves his wife alot, now i understand how one thakur has got heart, she recalls how Adarsh never came closer to her and now he always told her that he is with her as per maa’s order only, Ananya says to Soni that we will not let this truth out, there will be no difference between me and Bindya maa then, Soni says you can never become like Bindya, Ananya says for our mission, we cant put Bhavna and Adarsh’s life at risk, Soni says how you will make Adarsh on your side? Ananya says i have to do something so that Bindya accepts Bhavna as her daughter in law only then Adarsh will realize that biggest fight can be won by love too, Ananya says this will my victory in true sense and her defeat.

PRECAP- Bindya shows Bhavna’s photo to Adarsh and says i have got contract to kill her, Adarsh is stunned and asks who gave this contract? Ananya comes there and sees Bhavna’s picture, she thinks that Bindya has got contract to kill Bhavna? Adarsh thinks that i have to save Bhavna at any cost, Ananya come to Adarsh and says you seem tensed from the time you have got contract to kill that girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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