Tamanna 16th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhai ji scolding those officers. Izhar says you should have sent your men. The man says we tried a lot, even police could not do anything, their unity…… Bhai ji says shut up. Verma says Dhara and her team. Bhai ji calls them useless. Izhar says water went above the head, Dhara is not vacating ground, and Sanjay is in standing in elections such that we were never in this city, if he wins elections, we will lose respect and power. Bhai ji curses Dhara for ruining them, why does she want to get peace, I will not lose so soon, I have something to use at final time, then decision will be taken.

Dhara tells Sanjay that day was tiring, why did Mihir do such drama to make me believe he was saying true, I m fed up telling him to stop doing this. He says but people change Dhara,

I m saying this by my belief, I also changed, I m not like before. She asks are you fine to compare yourself with Mihir, there is big difference, you were never bad, you were clean hearted, but lost your way, there is difference be losing path and being bad, I know Mihir well, how bad he can think and do, you can’t do 1% of his evil, you got a chance and changed yourself completely, that’s why people are seeing their leader in you. He smiles and says maybe you are saying right, Mihir and I are different. She says thank God you agreed to me without arguing. He says thanks for coffee, I will leave.

He thinks I told Dhara that Mihir is not bad, but I feel maybe Mihir really changed, he has everything, I have nothing, I should remember Mihir is Shubhangi’s father, its enough that I m Dhara’s friend.

Its morning, the team sees the machine and ask Dhara about it. she says its bowling machine, Roy has sent this for you, you have just one day, so make the most from it. Mishra asks them to see carefully. She shows the machine working and says don’t worry, I will set its speed, Kulkarni made me practice with this, your reflexes will get speedy, are you ready. They say yes. She makes the team practice and gives them tips.

At home, Dhara feeds Shubhangi and sees Sanjay coming. Sanjay talks to some guys and comes to her asking about her practice. She says its going good, Roy sent bowling machine for the team. She gets Mihir’s call and rejects. She asks Sanjay to have tea, I also played and felt happy, how was your day, I got to know everyone is praying for you, it feels good when someone prays for you. He says I did not know Bulandgunj will change, and I will change, but the truth is we all are same from within, thanks Dhara for changing us. She says this is good lecture. He says its true, I changed, I don’t get angry when I get much love, I have to say thanks, its all because of you. She smiles. He says I will keep thanking you. He sees Shubhangi and asks her about Shubhangi, don’t you think Shubhangi misses her father.

At night, Dhara asks Mridula to take care of her. She packs Shubhangi’s bag and sends her to sleep. Mridula says its good you made food, Sameer is getting late. They hear Chaurasia playing tabla and laugh. Dhara says tournament is ahead now, I will take Shubhangi along. Mridula says why, I will manage her. Dhara says you have to see your little baby, sorry I can’t put Shubhangi’s burden on you. Mridula says she is not a burden, she is baby’s elder sister and takes care of baby, she will stay with us. Sameer comes. Mridula asks where were you, do you have any affair. She laughs. Dhara asks Sameer to say its nothing like that. He asks them not to joke, I got new order and was busy in that, come now. Mridula laughs and leaves with him.

Its morning, A man comes asking about Chaurasia. Dhara says he would be at home, maybe he is sleeping. Dhara goes to Sameer and tells him about Chaurasia, I think something happened to him, that man said he knocked many times, Chaurasia did not open door. Sameer says don’t get involved in his matter, else we can fall in trouble. Mridula says we should go and see. Dhara says I will see him, come if you want. He says wait, I will see. Dhara calls out Sanjay. Sameer calls out Chaurasia. He looks inside and sees him fallen on the ground. Sanjay asks what happened Dhara. Sameer asks Dhara to come soon. They all rush to see Chaurasia.

Dhara asks Sanjay to call ambulance. Sameer breaks the door. They take Chaurasia in ambulance. Mishra calls Dhara. She asks what, I m coming. She tells Sameer that she will go school and come. She says there is some emergency and asks Mridula to be with Shubhangi. Dhara goes to school. She asks whats happening Mishra. He says look there. She says Bhai ji won’t sit quiet. He says see what plans are they using to get our ground. They all hold Mishra. She scolds the man and says we won’t get afraid of this, you are mistaken. The man says we explained you in every way, we will take this ground anyway, stay out of this. Mihir comes in between and protects Dhara.

Bhai ji says Sanjay is useless for me, and even for Dhara, you are not a man enough now. Sanjay aims gun at him. The goons aim gun at Sanjay. Salamat looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    This is not good…. i hope dhara and sanjay unite not mihir and dhara, as he is just…..
    As show is coming toward end plz show something good….

  2. pls make sanjay and dhara pair.they look good together …I will miss the show..

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