Tamanna 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara waiting for Deepak at home. She says she has done all the work Baa told and then goes with him for cricket practice. He tells her that ball is very imp in cricket and asks her to focus on ball. He teaches her catching. She stops him and asks the time. She says Baa told me to come back, I have to focus on cooker whistle training. She says stay here, I will come back. He asks her to run and smiles. Dhara runs all the way to home. Baa is glad that Dhara came on time. Dhara learns all kitchen work so easily and well, that Baa is happy. Dhara runs back to Deepak and plays cricket. Its night, Dhara runs to Baa and tickles her. Baa hugs Dhara and they sleep.

Its morning, Dhara waits for Deepak. Saroj says Dhara has done all the work. Baa says yes, I can’t even scold

her now. She asks Dhara to come, and asks her to peel ground nut for her. Dhara says no, I will go for practice with Deepak. Baa insists and asks Dhara to work. Deepak comes and says I got report card. He tells Dhara that she has to give three tests daily, one to Saroj about studies, one to Baa about kitchen work and one to me about cricket. Baa says real test is with oneself, where you gave to get marks to herself. Baa says get a diary for her, where she can write what she wants and give marks to herself. Deepak says we will now rush to practice. Baa make sweets. Dhara and Deepak play.

Baa says Dhara will get dark playing in sunlight. She will get muscles like boys. Saroj laughs and says boys told so, girls do so much hardwork to bring water buckets, dry papad on sunlight, no one tells this to girls that time, am I saying true. Baa says yes, but girls can’t rule in boys’ rule. Saroj feels bad.

Deepak trains Dhara and the men ask what is he doing. Deepak says I taught your kids, my daughter will play. The man says we just came to see. Deepak says see and support, as I encouraged your son. The men support on bad fielding by Dhara. Deepak says if you support in bad fielding, she will not play well.

The people have mixed opinions on Dhara’s play. Deepak continues to teach her. He tells his friend that there is some problem, that she is not playing well. He asks Dhara to come and they leave. He asks for sports t shirt and pant for Dhara. Dhara laughs as shopkeeper thinks its for him. Deepak says its for this girl, not me. Deepak brings Dhara ahead of ground and says I have some work, we can’t practice now. She says we will go home. He says we can’t go home now, wait, stand here, I will come.

Deepak goes to library and asks for book. The man says library is closing, tell me name, I will keep it. Deepak says its urgent. The man asks him to get him tea for overtime. Deepak says what tea, I will get a food meal. He writes the name. The man gets the book on women cricketers. Deepak says thanks, I will get the meal.

Baa asks Dhara to move away, I can’t see her in shirt pant. Deepak shows book that all women cricketers wore shirt pants, cricket clothes are necessary. Baa says do anything, Dhara wear shirt pant, Saroj you wear frock, start this change from my home. Dhara hugs Deepak. Saroj serves halwa and sends Dhara to take it to Baa. Dhara runs to Baa. Baa says is Dhara boy to wear pant. Dhara comes to Baa with halwa.

Dhara looks for Deepak and gets lost on the crowded road. She runs to find Deepak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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