One Month Agreement – Episode 5

Thank u guyz for giving me ur suggestions.
I loved ANu’s suggestion.
So credit of this topic goes to ANu.

Recap- sanskar is jealous . pillow fight between swara and sankar.

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*3rd day of agreement*

Cloudy morning . (it’s cloudy morning becoz there will be clouds of misunderstanding between swara and sanskar)
Sanskar wakes up and didn’t find swara on bed. He calls her, “swara whr r u?”
But be didn’t get any reply. He searches her everywhere. But she is not at home.
He calls her. Her phn is switched off. He tries again and again , but its switched off.
He thinks that she is busy in her assignments that’s why she kept phn switch off.
And he fumes wid anger .
He recalls the things why he hated her 2 much.
It’s rainy days.
Sanskar is heading towards home. He is driving car fastly to see swara but suddenly the truck coming from opposite side hits his car.mistake from both..sanskar is badly injured .
Some people helps them. And takes sanskar to hospital.
He was in coma for 1 week due to heavy blood loss. When he opened his eyes, he was expecting to see swara but….
Kavita was der wid him. She is taking care of him.
He asked about swara to his colleagues and he knows that from d day of accident they tried to call swara but she didn’t responded to any of the call. Her phn is switched off. So some colleagues go to sanskar’s home to inform swara but der was lock to house.
When sanskar got discharge ,
He finds swara in home. When he asked abt why her phn was switched off and where was she. She just replied that, ” u knw na sanskar dis assignment is necessary for me. So while working on this assignment I switched off my phn to avoid disturbance and I was at my office for all those days. Leave that hows u now?”

Sanskar is angry coz of her reply. He thinks m I disturbance for her. And she is asking me only abt how r u? She is not showing little concern for me. And she is saying that her assignments are important for her. But they are more important than me.?
And kavita I knw she loves me. One sided love. But she was with me when I needed swara most.
He just replied ,” I hate u swara.”
He sees that this words r not affecting on swara.
Flashback ends .
Sanskar becomes ready. He prepares coffee for him and he goes to the office. Again hatred for swara in his mind..
He calls her again.. But again phn is switched off. He is restless now.
He recalls the moment from clg days. How her absence in clg affected him.
Sanskar was waiting for swara to come to clg. Coz he wanna trouble her but she dont come.
He is thinking ,’ why she is absent? She left her clg coz of my trouble, didn’t she? No she can’t ! If she will leave the clg then to whom I will trouble. Or something is happened to her. No! Nothing can happen to her. Plz swara come!’
Full day He is restless .
His frnds tease him , ” oh sanskar! Its ur wish na she hv to leave the clg as a punishment. Den y r u restless? ”

Sanskar (angrily )- “shut up guyz ! How can she leave me without informing me?”
All frnds (in chorus)-” wht”
Sanskar(composes words) – ” I mean how can she leave the clg without informing me?”
One frnd- ” oh so she hv to take ur permission to leave the clg?”
Sanskar – “yes” (in determined voice)
And goes to search her…
Flashback ends.
Kavita comes into his cabin.
Both greets each other.
Sanskar asks her ,” so kavita u wanna go for dinner na? Let’s go today ” (he is angry on swara dats y he accepts kavita’s dinner plan)
Kavita (happily )- ” really sanskar?
Sanskar -” yes kavita! We will go directly after office . ok”
Kavita hugs him in the excitement. And gives peck on his cheek.
He is angry with swara. But still he felt that he is not doing right. And moves away from her.
Kavita asks him(coz of his weird behavior) – “r u ok sanskar?”
Sanskar -” yes I m fine! Plz leave me alone for some time. And dnt forget abt the dinner”
Kavita smiles and goes to do her work.
Here sanskar again calls swara. But her phn is switched off.
Whole day He is restless.
@ evening kavita comes to him

And both headed towards fancy restaurant.
Kavita says ,” yeah I m 2 much happy . at last u r giving divorce to her”.
Sanskar (trying to be happy)- ‘
” yes! I m 2 happy kavita”
Kavita feels that he is not happy -” den y I feel that u r not happy as much as I.”
Sanskar -” coz u r thinking like that!”
They both finished der dinner.
Sanskar comes to home.
And finds swara is sleeping on couch and der r 2 coffee mugs on table.
Sanskar (thinks ) oh god she is waiting for me from evening. And drinks that coffee even though it’s cold. And he talks to her ,” u r waiting for me now. Den y u r not with me when I was in coma. Y swara?” Tears r flowing through his eyes.
He takes swara in bridal style and places her on the bed. And covers blanket on her.. And he sleeps on couch.

Precap- 4th day of agreement. And flashback .

So guyz do comment wht u wanna see between swara and sanskar on 4th day of there agreement..
Do comment.
And I will give the credit to that person whose suggestion is best(according to me)
Love u all.

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  1. Hai sree nice to see u here on this page,missing u n ur fictions?if u plan to write next fiction, inform me first,I am a big fan of urs ,hey ambika when do we get ur fictions next part? I can’t await to read,update asap plz.

    1. updated it.. check it

  2. awesome i have one idea..swara didnt meet sanskar when he was in coma coz she worked on an assignment..that assignment was her late dad’s or mom’s dream which sanskar didnt know…tq for bearing this idea.plz post soon..

    1. thank u kritika .. nice suggestion… I m still thinking abt how I will justify swara’s behavior ..

  3. Nice…

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