A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Chapter 23)

Sorry for the late update… Guys I m gonna end this FF soon may be 2 or 3 episodes more I m not getting any response so I have decided to end this…

It was evening Meghnal was at beach…
Meghna’s Outfit –
Photo here

Meghna – Kunal It is really very beautiful….
Kunal hugged Meghna from the back nd his chin was on Meghna’s shoulder..
Kunal – I know that it was ur dream to come to the Greece…
Meghna – U r supper sweet… Kunal
She turned towards Kunal… Now Kunal is holding his back
Kunal – I m super sweet because my wife is super duper sweet
Meghna smiled nd kissed Kunal…

Karan too organized a date for Naina near the water fall in the hotel (the water fall was for the visitors as decorations or something)
Naina’s outfit –

Photo here

Karan nd Naina danced on Main phir bhi tumko chahunga……

Harshita was sitting alone in her room with a photograph of her father in her hand nd she was sobbing….. Vishal listened the voice of that nd went into her room
Vishal – What happened Harshita
Harshita (Hides the photo) – Nothing
Vishal – Then y were you crying..
Harshita – Crying nd mee… Noo.. (trying to smile)
Vishal – I know you are lying
Harshita broke down…
Vishal – Are u ok
Harshita nodded in no..
Harshita – 7 years back today I lost my dad
Vishal – oh I am so sorry to hear that… But how
Harshita – My mu… My mum killed him
Vishal – What
Harshita – Yess… We used to live in Chennai She used to use me as pr*stitute nd she used to beat me for self satisfaction… I don’t what kind of satisfaction she used to get by doing all this at that time I was around 10 years old… My father used to stay away from us for business purpose nd I live with my mum.. One day my dad came nd he saw me with other man who was trying to…… (she cried)….. Papa saved me that day nd Divorced mum…. Years passed away… I got a new life I was happy… But that day she kidnapped me nd sold me to a big business man….. But dad used his links nd saved me again he came there nd fought with that business man but my mum killed him by a gun…. By that time police arrived nd arrested her as we were in dubai my mum hanged till death… I became orphan…. I started living in an orphanage studied their got a scholarship nd joint NIFT

She was crying hard… Vishal hugged her..
Vishal – Don’t cry Harshita..
Harshita – I lost him….. It was my fault only my mistake….
She cried hard….
After some time she slept in Vishal’s arms..
@ morning it was Nairan’s Haldi ceremony…
Harshita wake up nd saw Vishal with him..
Vishal too got up..
Harshita – I m really sorry u suffered a lot just because of me
Vishal – No….. Vese madam dosti m no srry no ty… So chill…. I hope now u r ok
Harshita nodded
Harshita – Let’s get ready today is Nainu’s Haldi…
Everyone got ready

Karan’s Outfit –

Photo here

Kunal’s outfit –
Photo here

Harshita’s outfit –

Photo here

Vishal’s outfit –

Photo here

Haldi ceremony started everyone was dancing…
Karan(in mind) – Naina is going to be my wife every one is applying her haldi… I’ll too apply her haldi… He texted the same to Naina… Nd Naina answered in No…
Karan texted – I’ll apply u haldi nd No one will stop me. Naina replied lets see..
Ceremony ended nd Naina was about to go to bath but someone came to her nd told Karan fell nd is injured she ran towards Karan but saw he was perfectly fine nd did all this for applying Naina Haldi Naina ran from their nd Karan followed her finally hr cached her..
Naina – U do not have haldi how will you be able to apply it to me
Karan touched his face to her she became shy nd ran away Karan saw her lovingly….

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    1. Aarzu

      No Shruthy this is not a only reason actually I m really very busy too nd my doctor had advised me not to use phn much so that’s why I m not able to write it too….. Thanks for ur support dear…. My friend Arushi had started an ff now I m going to help her hope u’ll support her too…. Luv Uh ???

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    Hey guys actually Naina nd Meghna’s haldi outfits aren’t published so I m giving the links you can see them here
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  3. Hey plz continue if possible. I love ur ff. I m a silent reader but I wanted to tell u to continue if possible

    1. Arushi

      Hey Aniata thanks for commenting actually My doctor told me to not use phn much otherwise my eyes will suffer a lot…. My friend Arushi has started a new FF and now I am going to help her… Hope u’ll too support her… Luv Uh

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  4. Tamihna0808

    This was such an amazing chapter! I don’t know why you think you should end it! It’s really great work, I really hope you continue to write! The story line and the outfits are just so so good! I do understand your doctor and maybe you should take a long break and come back to write your awesome story! I would love it if you do continue a little longer! Loads of love to you girl! Feel better and keep smiling! ????❤?

    1. Arushi

      Hey dii I m Aarzu not Arushi just using her Id… Thank you so much diii for supporting me alot but now my eyes really need much care… I too really want to continue it but not possible but I hope you will always support Arushi as u supported me… I’ll always read ur ff nd always cmnt on it… Luv Uh ???

      1. Tamihna0808

        Aaaw! Aarzuuuu! You’re just the sweetest! I understand that you need to take a rest, I hope you feel better and I will definitely support Arushi! I’ve read her first chapter and I’m really excited to continue to read! Thank you for always showing me love ?
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