Archi love story!! PROMO

So guys a small promo for you guys . Some episodes will be very special they will contain several emotions. That can be sad, happy,love etc. So, before this special episodes I decided to post 2 promos.
So, the 1st promo,
Aryan and Sanchi are at Australia. It’s time for Sanchi to exhibit her design she goes to the exhibition before going there she asks Aryan to wait for her outside. When she comes back she doesn’t find Aryan she looked for Aryan everywhere but she didn’t found him. She was very scared she calls Aryan screaming just then a voice comes from behind “Sanchi”. It was Aryan. Aryan was in his knees.

Aryan- You taught me the real meaning of love.When I am with you I lose myself.. I love you just the way you are.Yes, yes sanchi I love you. Having you by my side is what completes me. I want to be with you forever and ever.I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you simply because you are my life.Love is patient, love is kind, and you are my precious find. You bring out the best in me. Give me chance to be the luckiest man alive. You are the one I wanted to find, to tell that I need you all my life. Yes, sanchi I need you,I want you to be mine bcoz I am already yours. So, Ms. Sanchi Mittal will you be Mrs.Sanchi Aryan sethiya?

What would be Sanchi’s decision? Does she also loves Aryan? There are many questions. To find the answers keep reading” Archi love story!!”

2nd promo,

Sanchi keeps calling Aryan but aryan’s phone is unreachable.
Sanchi-pls pls Aryan pick up the phone pls. She screams but she was not able to reach aryan’s phone phonel. She breaks down and cries terribly. On the other hand,

In sethiya house,
Aryan is breaking all the things. He is screaming and crying. He screams loudly “SANCHI”.
What has happened in Aryan and Sanchi’s life? Why is Aryan and Sanchi both so broke down? To know keep reading”Archi love story!!”.

  1. the promos are too much interesting… we r just waiting for the further ff….meher u r nailing it….and ek din mei ek upadte daal diya karo humse wait nhi hota?

    1. Christie123

      Kya Karu musu time NAHI milta. Otherwise I would and thanks Punjab di guddi for such a big appreciation I Donno if I am Worthy or not.

  2. promo have created great excitement…update soon dear waiting eagerly

  3. Christie123

    Thanks sanju and ya will try my best to update ASAP.

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