A Tale Of Two Beautiful Sisters – Swabhiman (Chapter 19)

I m really sorry guys for the late update…. But now I’ll Update regularly….
Karan broke the hug he had teary eyes
Karan – Naina…. My mum was everything for she was the one who always saved me from all the devils…. U know what she is no more today just because of me.. I m the only reason for her death….. I m the only one
He started crying….
Naina hugged her – Karan… Please don’t cry… But what happened to ur mom… Why r you saying that ur the one responsible for her death..
Karan – She was trying to save me… Nd died
Naina – what save uh????
Karan – Yes that day…

An fb is shown…
It was morning everyone was at dining table Shivani (Kunal nd Karan’s mum) was in the kitchen…..
Shivani – John make it fast… Everyone is waiting
John – yes mam its almost done…
Cake icing is done… It was Sandhya’s birthday
Shivani (in her beautiful voice nd coming out from the kitchen) – Happy birthday to you…. Happy birthday to you… Happy birthday to my lil sister Sandhya.. May god bless u (she kept her hand over Sandhya’s head)…. Happy birthday to uh…
Happy birthday Sandhya… (She hugged her)
Small Karan – Happy birthday masi maa
Small Kunal – Happy birthday masi maa
Sandhya hugged both the cuties nd give them a small peck on their cheeks…
Rakesh – Happy birthday Sandhya ji
Sandhya – Thank u jiju
She cut the cake….

Shivani – Rakesh ji…. I’ll not come to the office today…. Actually Kunal had to go to his friend’s home for some project… Me nd Karan we both r going for some shopping..
Rakesh nodded
Rakesh nd Sandhya left for the office Kunal went to his friends house..
Karan – maa lets go.. I need chocolate pastry (As we know our samridh is big fan of chocolate pastries and brownies)
Shivani – Yess beta wait we will buy it from the cliff shop…
Karan – Yeaay my fav shop
Shivani smiled looking at him… Then they left for market
Shivani did the shopping for Sandhya’s birthday party nd some products for home too…
Karan – Maa lets go to the cliff shop
Shivani nodded

(They went to the cliff shop the shop was on a cliff as per its name nd the road was quite small only one 4 wheeler vehicle can be drove on it at one time
It was really difficult to drive on that road)
They finally reached their destination
The cliff shop it was ran by an old man it was very beautiful shop nd very famous as well mostly people used to come there bu small rickshaws which were specially present their for the cliff shop costumers
Karan – Uncle we r back…
Shop owner – Are Karan baba….
He picked up Karan nd gave him a small ball
Shivani – Uncle please pack 5 brownies and 5 chocolate pastries nd 1 tuti fruity cake
He leave Karan nd keep him down…..
Karan was playing with the ball suddenly his ball falls down nd starts moving away from him he followed his ball nd came to the road then a truck starts coming towards him he didn’t notice then suddenly Shivani noticed that a truck with druken driver is moving towards Karan
Shivani (Shouted) – Karannnnn
Nd then she started running towards him
Karan looked at her confusingly
Karan – maa???
Then he looked at The truck nd got scared nd lost his senses… Shivani push him aside nd truck hit her nd she fell from the cliff
Karan was unconscious…. Shop owner called Rakesh police… But truck driver escape from the scene….
Fb ends….
Naina – Control urself….. I really don’t wanna make u sad…
Karan – Naina….. I m the most unluckiest son I wasn’t able to see my mum for the last time…. I wasn’t able to do her funeral…. Naina
Naina – Karan… It was not ur fault… It was fate Karan….
Karan – Naina u know what mum say…. He remembers Shivani
Shivani – Always keep a smile on your face…. Never cry……. Because u don’t look good when you cry… Nd then she laughed…

Karan – Aur vo (Again he remembers her)
Shivani – I know my both the bahus will be different…. They both will actually love uh… Ur heart… Karan ur heart will start beating fast when you will meet her…
Karan – Nd when I met you my heart was beating fast very fast…. I remembered maa….. I miss you maa…. I miss you soo much please come back to me.. Please
He was crying…. Naina too had teary eyes… He hugged Karan nd kissed his forehead
Naina – Karan please calm down… I’ll always be there for you…. M kahi nhi jaaungi…. Aur maa’s blessings are always with you…. She is alive in her blessings… She is alive in u nd Jiju… She is alive in ur values Karan….
Karan smiled weakly nd Nodded…
Karan – I love uh Naina….
Naina – I love uh too Karan
Karan kissed Naina’s cheeks nd then they both finally realized that its morning… Nd then they both decided to leave…

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