Would you miss Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani?

Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani which started in July 2015, will be coming to its closure in April end. The show had a successful run with fair Trps. The show began as a epic love story of Rana Indravardhan and Rani Gayatri, played by Drashti Dhami and Siddhant Karnick. The second season starred Eisha Singh and Sarrtaj Gill in lead roles. There was connectivity between the characters, as Eisha played Rani, daughter of Rani Gayatri. Rani falls in love with Raja, who happens to be Kaal’s son. Eventually, Raja loses Rani and turns into a don. The show took a leap again, where Eisha Singh played the character of Naina. Raja and Naina’s love story was seen. With not so logical twist, Badi Rani Maa enters their love story to seek revenge.

By all means possible, she kills the lovers. Both the characters Raja and Rani die and get reborn at different places with new identities. Rani and Raja meet again by their destiny, in the show’s third season. Rani gets born in a royal family, where her life is shown in danger. Raja is born in a middle class family as Raj. He is appointed as Rani’s bodyguard. Rani dislikes Raj while he does his best to look after her safety. Rani and Raj fall in love after many tussles. Rani realizes Raj is the guy made for her. Rani and Raj’s happy union will mark the end of the show. The third season will recreate the magical moments of Rani and Rani’s love story. The viewers would be missing two adorable pairings given by the show. Would you miss Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

  1. Yes yes yes…I would miss this show very very much. I love it a lot. It started well but unfortunately the writers messed it by by the end of season 2 with the bizarre ghost track. I hope they learnt from their mistakes and all the comments from viewers of what went wrong and correct it in future. I think that the serial had great potential to continue on into something more fantastic but the writers had messed it up beyond repair and poor decisions like Eisha’s refusal to pay a mature character were major stumbling blocks which add to the troubles. If these did not occur we could have seen a longer stint of the show which many viewers wanted. However, the show was really good. Season 1 was really really awesome and I particularly enjoyed season 2 when raja and rani were first introduced and got their love story going. The chemistry was great, the sets were awesome and regal. The costumes fantastic. Thr attention to details good. The soundtracks and musical scores brilliant. The acting was awesome. A big shout out to Jeeves, bindu, Ambika, Kaal, Bari rani ma and raja Mata. Brilliant acting guys. Jeeves you were loved by so many. Hope we see you around in another show. You are sweet and adorable and a really good actor. So we look forward to seeing you. Eisha is a good actress and I still think she needs to mature a little more. She will bud into a pretty good actress one day. And last but not least…the ever dashing, handsome and brilliant actor a Sartaj gill. You set my heart throbbing and made me blush. You are really brilliant and I love your acting and expressions. You romance well on screen…love it! You are so so handsome and quite a character. I really love you for who you are. Keep you the good work and please come back soon in another serial. We want to see more and more of you. You are truly an amazing actor. My gosh…you will be so so so so so sooooooooooooo missed. I love you lots. Thank you all. All the best in your future endeavors and hope to see all of you soon…especially Sartaj Gill. God bless all of you. And THank you Tellyupdates for keeping your viewers informed of their show and for helping viewers like me from outside of India, in another part of the world, who doesn’t know a clue of Hindi to understand what’s happening in these serials through your updates. May you Tellyupdates continue to grow and improve and bring in new features on your website and God bless you too. Happy Easter to all. Jesus loves you!!! ❤️❤️????????????

    1. It happened again. It’s me JESS. Mistyped my email and got the wrong profile picture. This is my comment. ?????


    Yes i will miss the show.. as show is showing 3 generation love story starting from royal to present

  3. Replaced by which serial??

    1. It is replaced by mostly ‘aisi deewangi’

  4. Yes 200% I will miss this show,The chemistry of Eisha & Sartaj is unbeatable.I will miss their cute scenes love the serial

  5. I will miss them a lot.One of best serial ever in Zeetv.

  6. I will miss the show very much ..
    sartaj ‘s and eisha’s chemistry is very cute.

    hope they will be back together soon on screen..

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