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Umang gives speech Her mother sees and gets happy…Rewa’s mother comes in the function and sit..Teacher annonces Rewa’s name and tells that Rewa is training in india’s top institute and is one of the most successful swimmer..Rewa gets award..Mother is shocked..Rewa thanks everyone tells that its her father’d dream..But she got the courage from her mother to follow the dream,Her mother is strength,Inspiration..Rewa dedicates the award to her mother and tells that her mother will feel proud when she win Olympic medal..Everyone claps..Rewa’s mother cries..Later Umang hugs Rewa and tells the speech was good..Bhagat comes and tells that speech was from Heart..Suddenly Rewa’s mother comes..Rewa is shocked..Umang and Bhagat goes..Mother tells she liked the speech and she was emotional..She known from childhood Rewa is a good actor..Mother shouts and tells Rewa its was drama and fake invitation,,Mother pushes Rewa and tells Bhagat they all lied to her.
Mother tells She already asked Peon and he said there is no lecturer name VISHNU PANDIT..Mother goes angrily..Bhagat and Umang tells Rewa they thought mother would agree to sign the NOC..Rewa gives Umang the award and goes away…TK sold his bike to a person..At academy Jugnu tells Bhagat that he had to prove him today and its his deadline..Rewa comes..Bhagat practises..Rewa tells that her mother will never agree,Bhagat do pushups..She tells to Bhagat have to show NEIL that he can do anything..Rewa encourages Bhagat to do..Bhagat swims..Jugnu comes and asks If Bhagat is ready for race..Rewa is worried..

Precap::Rewa hugs Bhagat and tells that he did..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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