Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Acharaya says to Sushim and Ashok that you both are giving very nice answers, Ashok may not be educated but his answers have enlightening knowledge, Acharaya says last question is how important it is to divide people in different castes to peace in nation? Sushim says if we dont know what is the use of our eyes or other body parts then they will be useless and to not make our nation useless we should know our work thats why we divide people in castes so that they know what their position and duty is, we are divided in 4 classes, first is Brahmin, their work is worship, to show path, they teach people about religion, 2nd is Chatris, they protect our queens, 3rd are Vish, they do business, they are economic backbone, then comes Shudrh they serve Brahmins, Chatris and Vish.

all of them know about their work, there is no confusion so no fights, this way they follow all rules of ruler, Ashok says what if son of Brahmin wants to do business? what if a Chatri’s daughter leave everything and want to give her life by worshiping God then will she be called Brahmin?is human now allowed to choose what he wants to be called, Sushim says question was not to find problems in classes, Ashok says i am telling about wrong interpretation of classes, making classes is important but to make dependent on ancestors or birth, this is wrong, Sushim says Chanakya have written that ruler’s duty is to see if every class is working what they are assigned for, Ashok says my question is why a person is called Brahmin if he is born in Brahmin house? Karn had chosen his path, he became warrior, i have also worked in stable of Bindu, then i am Shudr too, what i mean is that classes are important but no one is less than others, like all body parts are dependent on each other, sameway we all are dependent on each other, we should not put anyone down by saying he belongs to lower class, the king who does that is going against nature, that kind of king is not in favor of humanity and his kingdom will be destroyed, all Acharayas are impressed by him.

Scene 2
Host says this round is finished, now 2nd round will start in which alongwith knowledge, cleverness will be tested too, a prototype is shown which soldiers are placed, they to make war strategy. in court, soldier informs that Ashok and Sushim have to make war strategy, Charu says sushim likes it alot, Bindu says dharma doesnt like war and violence so it wil be interesting what strategy Ashok will make.
Acharaya ask Sushim what is best way to stop attack of enemies? Sushim recalls how Khalatak told him answer beforehand, he says soldiers should soak in their attack, as enemies are not in much number so they will do attack once only which our soldiers will bear then we will attack them, Acharaya says but that way many soldiers will die, isnt there no other way? Sushim says no, and its pride for soldiers to die for their land, other Acharaya says Sushim is right, there is no other way to save soldiers, Ashok says if there is no other way then we have to create way, like soldiers are responsible to protect their king and nation, king has responsibility to protect his soldiers, he has to do everything to make sure his soldiers are safe, Chanakya ask him to explain, Ashok says we make strategy according to enemies, Sushim have told us that enemies strategy to attack us first by which our soldiers will die, what if we surprise them? we dont fight them, allow them to attack but dotn soak in their attack, dont allow our soldiers to die, Sushim says that way our protection will be broken, Ashok says yes but they will waste time first by attacking us and in meantime we will send our soldiers to otherside which is near enemies, Sushim thinks how Ashok knows this much, Acharaya says great this way they will runaway, Acharaya says this kid has great thinking, ohter Acharaya says i dont agree with him, by his strategy enemies can enter palace, Ashok says more important is saving soldiers life, they will trust and will be loyal to their king if they their king protecting them, Acharaya says this is just theoretical thing but in actual we need to protect royal palace and if some soldiers die in that then its not a big thing, other Acharaya says when we are not able to save our soldiers, when we put their lives at risk for us then we will lose their faiths in us then these palaces will not be of any use, host says we should go proceed competition.
Bindu says to Dharma that i remember how i was impressed by your views when i met you first, i am feeling AShok will win everyone’s heart wit his thinking. Ahenkara thinks that i am feeling Ashok will win, she says Ashok defeat Sushim and this win this.
Last round of competition starts, Sushim and Ashok have to take cart from one side to another side, Sushim thinks whats so difficult in it, Khalatak thinks that i had already warned Sushim about this competition, Khalatak says Sushim will take cart first, Sushim takes cart and starts moving cart, some wild dogs come in his way, all look on, Sushim thinks how to pass them.

PRECAP- In court, host says that all will put coins in Ashok or Sushim’s bag as per their liking, the one who will get more coins will win this competition, Radha comes forward to put coin.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m sure chanakya will put coin into sushims pot….damn

  2. Want 2 know who won the competition. Some said sushim won. Plz anyone reply.

  3. We know readers the headline must have left you shocked.
    Must be wondering how it all happened. Right?
    Here comes some spoiler for you all, early in the day about Colors’ Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.
    A source shared with us, “As Bindusara (Sameer Dharmadhikari) is away from Magadh, he will decide that one of his sons should take his responsibilities in his absence and rule the realm. And in order to do this, he will ask the gurus of royal academy and Chanakya (Manoj Joshi) to hold a competition between the princes. But the shocking twist in the tale will be when Chanakya will refuse to guide Ashoka (Siddharth Nigam), while Radhagupt (Jitendra Bohra) will mentor Sushim (Sumedh Mudgalkar)”.
    What will turn out be surprising is with Radhagupt’s help, Sushim will emerge victorious defeating Ashoka.
    Ummm, quite shocking. Isn’t it?
    But are you wondering why Chanakya will take such step?
    Well here we spill the beans once more.
    The learned minister of Magadh is much aware about Sushim’s lack of skills to handle political affairs. Hence, he will play the trick only to prove that Sushim is not worthy to rule Magadh, while Ashoka deserves to be on the throne.
    Aha, we have to admit that Chanakya for sure knows how to play his cards.
    When contacted, Jitendra said, “Sorry, I can’t reveal anything about the upcoming track”.
    Let us know how much excited are you to witness this track. And for more updates keep revisiting

  4. much excited…….i totally kind off love it…..nice epi

  5. Mauryan Emperor Asoka Killed 99 brothers to get the Throne | Fact or Myth ? And other Questions

    1. Did Asoka kill Susima? If yes, then why and how ?
    2. Was Asoka extremely ruthless and highly ambitious in his early youth ?
    3. Who did Bindusara want to succeed him to the throne – Asoka or Susima ?
    4. Who was Rani Dharma? Was she a commoner or a royal princess ?

    ashoka sons .. grandsons and family


    ashoka dharma bindu

  6. Ashutosh Kumar

    Shushim should win.
    He will win it is certain.
    And chankya will put coin in shushim’s pot.
    Let’s see……………………………………..

  7. As per historians bindusar did marry a rishi’s daughter named subhadrangi….no other info is given about her..
    Its true ashok killd his 99 brothers,,,and his minister was radhagupta…sushim wud b killing ashok mother while ashok wud bcum a governor of an area(cant remember the name) and sushim wud b killing subhadrangi which wl enrage ashok and he wud start showing wat he can do….
    As per the current track once Chanakya said ashok is lyk fire wich if controlled wl light up darkness bt if uncontrolld he wud burn down everythng…Ashoke thus became uncontrolld wen sushim killd his mom…
    Moreover its a drama bt sumthng or the other is based on history and then we can say that may b its true dat ashok had to face so many insults wen he didnt wantd to b a king…evry1 seems to kill him for throne wen he seems to b da best one fittd for it….so in long run he actually took revenge of the oppression,jealousy,insult,planning,ploting wich he faced,

  8. Obviously!!
    Sushim will win!! 🙁 what a political view impressed too much
    But feeling bad for Ashok if he will not win olways he defeat with cheat….
    Same conditions Never repeat with a man then why olways a truth a real man defeat against a lier gamer or cheater whyyyy 🙁

  9. To read history and watch a historical serial both are different…. Watching more painfully than reading!! It’s have many differences Many turns many twist not a copy of history oll twist are lower than my hopes….

  10. kuch bhi ho doke se koi bhi jeethe
    akhir main chakravartin samrat to asok hi hoga

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