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There is an announcement that Umang and Rewa are at same position now and there is a tie between them.
Bhagat walks around and asks Rewa till when she will set this way. He asks her to eat something. Rewa denies, she says what she must do. If she beats Umang, this would mean she beated her best friend and if Umang beats her she will be terminated from Zonals. She gets Umang’s call but says she won’t attend it, she doesn’t know what to say to her. Bhagat tells to Rewa that if she will think about anything in pool, neither her career nor friendship will remain. Had UG been here, she would say the same. She must not think about anything in the pool, be it her best friend. She has to give her best to save her career and friendship both. Rewa asks Bhagat how he always know what she must do.

Bhagat says he knows her better than herself, she agrees. He boasts. She thanks her. He says he is always there for her. They hug.
Neel worked out vigorously thinking about Umang’s confession for TK’s love. Umang comes there in front of him. She asks why he did this, why he lost the race. He doesn’t listen to her, she says she is talking to him. She says her race has been really bad, there was a tie between her and Rewa and there was a tie between him and Bhagat as well. She asks why he is avoiding her when she needs him. Neel says there are a lot of people, they will talk later. Umang says she don’t care, she wants to know the problem. Neel tells Umang not to tease him, she must leave. Umang says he is after her the day he came here, and now when… Neel says he isn’t confused about his liking, but that thing… Umang asks what thing? Neel says the relation between her and TK, if she had to tell this to him just before the race. Since she told him about the kiss between her and TK, he can’t think about anything else. Umang says she was just being honest. Neel says she must leave it. He says there might be people who doesn’t care about this all, she may call him illiterate and backward but this affects him really. He asks Umang if he would tell her about his girlfriends how she would feel. He tells her to leave it, she is selfish and thinks only about herself. She lightened her heart in front of him, resultantly he lost the race.
At night, Rewa sat on the bed with her inhaler. Her mother comes in the room and asks if she isn’t fine. She says she was thinking about tomorrow. Her mother tells her to relax. Rewa asks to lay in her lap, she says it is very important for her to win the race. Papa’s respect, her dream… will she be able to do this. Her mother says she will do it. She tells her to sleep sound.
Umang sat in her room thinking about Neel’s complains. Her mom comes with coffee for her. Umang asks if she thinks she is selfish. Mom says not at all, she always share and help with others, how can she be selfish. The bell rings outside, her mother goes saying her dad is home. She tells Umang not to take any tension, she will not get eliminated from this competition as she is a world record holder. Umang says wow, she solved her problem at once. She leaves at once saying she will be back in a while.
Umang enters Rewa’s room from window. Rewa asks if she is crazy, couldn’t she come through door. Umang says she didn’t want to disturb aunty. Umang complains why she didn’t pick her call. Rewa tries to make up. Umang says her mom solved their problem about their tie, she had never thought about it. Umang says that she can’t be eliminated from Zonals. Rewa says everyone knows about it. Umang says if she loses this race, it wouldn’t affect her but Rewa will be eliminated. Rewa says she can’t let her do this. Umang says she has decided that she can do this. She says to Rewa that she isn’t this selfish that she will win a race that won’t affect her at all. Rewa says she is really touched she is ready to do this for her, but she can’t let her do this. Umang asks Rewa to let her do this, else what someone has said will prove to be true. Rewa asks who did this. Umang tells her to let it go. Rewa asks Umang to promise her that she won’t do something like that. Umang says fine. Rewa says this victory is really important for her and she wants to win it by herself.
Kanika finds some way to win on internet saying she must win this race. She fines a Teflon gel. She orders a servant to get it for her by bribing him. She says whatever way she has to win the race tomorrow.
Rewa couldn’t sleep. She gets Bhagat’s call and wonders why he is calling her so late. He asks why she is disturbing him so much. She asks what she did, she is sleeping. He says she has been thinking for him for so long, he is having hiccups for such a long time. He says he thought she must be thinking for him, and she picked up the call as soon as he called. Rewa only smiles listening to him.

PRECAP: Bhagat and Rewa talks on call, Bhagat says she can think that if moon appeared at day time. She can think about anything. Rewa laughs, remembering about hugging him. She opens her eyes at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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