Tu Mera Hero 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Surekha asking Govind to drive Pyaari, and everyone will like you in this kurta. He gets upset and says no. She says you can love your Pyaari, I have no problem. He says no, my respect will go when people see Pyaari. He starts crying and says he has done Pyaari’s accident and headlight broke. She asks what, really. He says I drove it yesterday night. She asks what, when and where. He says I told children not to touch Pyaari and not drive without mahurat, but I could not control and went to drive it. She says what, don’t cry now. He says its your son’s mistake, they kept door open and I went for ride. She says its fine, we will tell children, they will find some way.

He says no, I scolded them, I can’t tell them. She asks what to do now, Rekha invited her friends tomorrow. He cries and says get headlight repaired soon, but how. Surekha says take bike for repair in morning. Titu plans to get headlight repaired in morning, and keep parents busy. Its morning. Surekha asks about her sons, will they stay at home. Her bahus make excuses. Surekha says it means they will come in evening. Panchi wishes they get headlight. Surekha says even Govind is going to meet his friend, he will come in evening.

The men are leaving and wives give them best wishes to get headlight. They kiss their husbands on cheeks and wish all the best. Bhagwati smiles and gets shy. Panchi and Vaishaili cough and leave. Bhagwati wishes all the best to Keshav. He kisses her and thanks her.

Titu, Govind, Mukund and Keshav try to get the headlight and meet many mechanics. Surekha keeps her bahus busy and shows sarees. They are also glad seeing Surekha busy. Titu, Keshav and Mukund come and indirectly tells their wives about getting the headlights. Govind gets headlight too and sees three more. He thinks who got this. Titu says we got it, and hears about Govind breaking the headlight. They try to get headlight fixed soon, as Rekha gets the guests home. They think what to do. Titu makes the ladies busy with his humor talk. The ladies laugh.

The headlight gets fixed and the ladies see the bike. They all like it and praise the bike. Govind says his sons saved them today. Titu says our wives have helped us and asks where is Panchi. Panchi went for vomiting and is pregnant. They all smile and think she is joking and fooling them about new baby. Titu says Panchi may just have acidity. Panchi says I m really pregnant, and tells them. They don’t believe her. Panchi thinks how to show I m saying truth.

Panchi faints while talking to Rekha. They all get worried for her.

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  1. Tomorrow is the last episode of this show bye titu and panchi….

  2. Bye bye 🙂 ;(

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Going to miss the show….
    But I am happy k show ka motive pura hua and it is ending unlike others motive pura hone baad b dragg hote rehte h ya fir itna slow chalte k dekhne ka mann nhi krta….

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