Swasan: my tragic Fairy tale love story. part1


“oh! ” she exclaimed at one of the women surrounding her.
She faked a very convincing look at something the other one said. And I could tell she did pretend it.
She smiled showing off teeth which reminded me much of pearls and matched perfect with her beautiful, pink and plump lips which enclosed them.
Her hazel eyes squeezed and widened as she spoke in a flow with her friend showing off her emotions which she never did with me.
“I wish you had…. ” I heard her say something to her friend when I tried focussing on their conversation.
I stood two strides away from her feeling uncomfortable with ladies around her. I was kinda jealous, even though they were ladies.
She was never a social person as I know, but the density of her friends surprised me.
“I know Swara. But it’s just…. I was busy….” her friend reasoned.
“everyone attended my marriage except you…. ” she pouted.
Did I hear her talking about our marriage? Strange!! I never thought she’d talk about it with anyone as this relationship of ours was her nightmare.
Her plump lips twitched into a smile as her friend held her ears.
“good…. ” she chuckled hugging her swiftly and stood back in her position.
Why don’t she laugh with me like she does with her friends? Why don’t she talk to me like she does with her friends? She’s completely different when it comes to me.
Is that I’m too different for her to mingle with or too sold out and rough that she doesn’t want to talk or at least look at me? Maybe the second one. That suits me. I’m not her dream boy. In fact I’ve not been able to be her friend since I’ve known her. I don’t know. I don’t know her likes. I don’t know her dislikes. I don’t know why she is different with her friend than with me. I don’t know why she doesn’t want to quit the relationship even if I ask her to do so even after the hell she’s been with me.

“let’s have dinner…. I’m starving… ” she says to me after getting back from her conversation with friends. She faked a smile at everyone whom she knew around us.
“yeah… ” I said before she walked to the food counter with me behind her.
We stood among many people in the diner of her friend’s marriage who happens to be my best enemy. My fate…. I had to attend it.

“we can leave after the dinner…..” she said as she bit on a sweet on her plate. For a second, I smiled thinking she thought about my uneasiness. But hell no!
“I don’t want you to create any nuisance….” she added.
I bit on my tongue before I said something.
This was incredulous. I had done nothing since the marriage preparations are started. And here we go, she points me for no reason. Okay!! She didn’t trust me with the marriage and I was the reason for that. I had challenged her regarding this. I had swore that I would stop the marriage. But again…. We’re humans and humans always fail to do what they say. So am I. But I bet she doesn’t accept with it.

After we finished our dinner and she said her good byes to her friends, we started back home.
We lived in a house which my parents left for ourselves. Things were different just 25 days ago. And even better five months ago, before we knew each other.

As soon as I stopped the car in the porch, she got down and within no time for me to start a conversation, she walked into the house and into her room.
As usual, I went to my room in the 4 bedroom house we lived in.

Things were same since 25 days. It’s not even a month that we got married, things are worst already. And these f**king things were initiated by me.
Sitting in the cabin of mine, on the fourth floor of the building, I stared at that beautiful creature, sitting just strides away from me.
Lost in her work, with a pen stuck to her hair which was tied in a bun, she bit on another in her hand observing something serious on the screen of her laptop. Her lips glistened with her strawberry care. Her forehead creased and relaxed often as she went through the report of our upcoming project. While I was lost in her.
They say marriage changes everything for a good cause, but here mine turns out to be the exact opposite.
I never did what a husband does for his wife. And her goodness, she never complained or at least asked for it. She is so simple and different than any girl in the world or to me it seems so.
I’ve realised that she’s the woman of my life like, too long ago. But as you know, I’ve not said that to her.

I still remember the words I told her on out first night.
She entered the room with a glass of milk in a red Saree.
I was too vexed to notice her completely. I could tell she wanted to converse with me but I was enraged to hear any of her complaints.

“can you please stay out of my room….. ” I asked her before she could open her mouth to say something. I turned my back to her.
“I don’t want you here. In fact, I didn’t even wanted this marriage with you…. I never wanted a life partner, buy I accepted because I couldn’t deny my mom. Things were so worked up and in that heat I couldn’t tell you about this. But now that I’m telling I hope you understand and stay away. And you know….. You can even apply for divorce if you want….” I said with my back to her.
Not even a single sob I heard from her. I had hoped that she would turn the earth upside down. That did disappoint me. But I let it go, turning to her.
She was sitting on the bed with phone in her hand texting or typing something.
There was a strong displeasure that ran down my spine as I saw her paying no heed to my ranting.
“are you at least listening? “no shrieked.
“yep…. You can continue…. ” she said lifting her head for the second and again her gaze back to her phone.
“I’m not narating a story I hope…. ” I said, my voice wrathful.
“I hope so too… I gotta sleep…. ” she said and threw a pillow to my face.
Attitude!!! I had just heard about the attitude of girls, but here it is…. I’m experiencing now….
Her eyes bore in my eyes throwing an expressionless look. She later smirked at me and switched the light off and was off to bed.
I didn’t want to talk anything for now cause, it was time to show her what sanskar is.
I just took the pillow with a bed wrap and made my way to the couch in the room.

It’s been three days since our marriage and now, that my mom and dad have moved back to their place, I planned on teaching a good lesson for her.
She stood near her window in her room. We had already shifted to different rooms. She spoke making actions with her parents on phone while I watched her from the door. I had known her routine for a while now. The next task she does before she reaches the office is meet her sister.
After that is what I’ve planned something for her.

I smirked looking at her. The smile on her face would go for a while and that is what I can bet on.

Getting ready with all the requirements for the day, she left on her two wheeler.
Well, how did she just forget her phone? Tsk…..

Well, when Sanskar plans nothing goes wrong. I just took her phone form her bag when she was busy doing something. And that’s how I have it in my hand.

Now, if you’re thinking why I’ve her phone. Then here it is.
The breaks of her beautiful two wheeler has been slightly or at the most, cut to 3/4. She wouldn’t reach where she has to and she’ll suffer a while. Well, even though it sounds silly, this is what I’ve planned. Nothing here could stop my plan. She can’t even call someone for help until I get there as her phone is with me.

So this is what would happen with such girls. Attitude!!! Well, let her recover. Then we’ll see her attitude.

Stupid right. I know I was standing at the heights of stupidity with nonsensical plannings.
My Goddamn fate also thought that I deserve a lesson. The accident had a very high impact on her life that she came back from her death, just a few days ago. Much to my dismay, one among her friends who was pregnant had called her about being in labor before she left. She was to go to her when this ruckus thing took place.

Well, this was how I planned a trick against her like a silly. The plan was utter flop though but instead of her facing the consequences, I am facing it all now.

I had started thinking like a seventeen year old to seek revenge from her for hurting my ego. That was something idiotic. Robbing her phone didn’t fetch me anything other than hatred from her. She hates me more now than before.

God knows when I’d started mingling with her friends and they were now my friends. We share everything that could be shared, problems or secrets are literally very safe with people here.

Our friends group was of eight members. Me, abhishek, Kavya, Naina, Ashok, sandhya, Krishna and Swara…
The superb thing goes here is everyone are paired up.
Abhi and Kavya, Naina and Ashok, sandhya and Krishna and of course as you know, me and Swara..

Yesterday was Krishna and sandhya marriage and there I had called him my enemy coz, he was such a wrath that holds no secrets. He’s an exception in the group.

Even though Swara doesn’t even see me as a human, I’ve understood that she’s more than my life.
I don’t know what brought me into such realization, but I know when.

It was the day when Krishna had told everyone except swara, that I was to apologize to her. Things just turned out nasty when she heard it while walking through the door of my cabin. She had screwed me up to hell and again cursed me to heck, while with her friends. Much to my dismay, I heard all possible conversation and was shocked about how she thinks about me. I couldn’t carry myself on it. Her thinking pricked me on my character and reminded me of the words I told her on the first night. She’s never showed any emotions regarding that and I was such a fool to think that didn’t matter her anymore.

She feels I’m a curse and a misfortune in her life. And that she would be happy and be able to live her life like she wants when I’m away from her. She feels that I’m a killer.

Well, what she thinks is sort of a true thing. I was stuffed into her beautiful life where I had no place for. And I’d almost taken two lives.

So, I planned. I planned for letting her live her life. I’ll be off to some other country so that she can live happily over here, married to her dream guy.
She’d of course get one, because she’s as sweet.

I know handling myself would be almost impossible but not exactly impossible. I can do it for her. To keep her happy. That shouldn’t be a problem to leave her and go because we never had a literal conversation. But something in me is not understanding rather doesn’t want to understand. I should let her live for my own good. I would be happy to see her happy, but of course, not with anyone other than me. But I could get it into practice. Being a burden in her life would fetch me nothing. She wouldn’t want me like I want her.

blo*dy husbands!! Do we ever recognize the pain of our wives. Well, some do unlike me. I feel hell of a lot of jealous when I see my friends. They’re living a beautiful life unlike us, tolerating each other.

“hmm.. Hm… ” I was interrupted from my thought by my wife. I smiled at her to which she grunted.
“sign on these…. I’ve to send this to dad to check it out once. ” she ordered. That is what I liked in her.
She’d never listen to someone, it is always her, who dominates thoughts.
“sure… ” I said as I took the papers into my hands.

“you sign on these…. ” I said handed her a red file. Well, red. Symbol of danger. My life’s turn is just placed below five sheets in between the agreement for our next assignment.

“did you finish reading this? ” she asked taking in my shaking form.

“yeah… ” I said immediately. Talking more would go worse.

She started signing on them. The first sheet done. Second. Third.
My heartbeat increased rapidly while my head thumped in tension.
I felt someone beating the ass out of my head when she signed the fifth paper of the contract.
The next was our divorce papers. I feared she’d sign it. Even though I wanted the same, my heart always thought the other way round.

She signed them all. And my heart fluttered. I was shattered even after knowing all the things. I would be going away from her tonight. And would be really far away from her within a couple of days. And that will be the end.

I would definitely return just after she settles but that definitely takes time. I’ve asked everyone not to trouble her. She’s best in her own ways. And she should be the same.

Krishna is the only one other than Swara to not know about me going away. Once got the news, he’ll be the first one to tell Swara. And I would never want that to happen. So the best thing is to leave now….

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