Swasan- Tere ishq mein (episode 1)

I know many Swasan fans are here.Guyzz enjoy this ff.It will end in below 10 episodes.okay let we begin…..

“I will not be here for just a minute.Come on Swara….” Sanskar holds her hands and moving out of MM.
Ap:Sanskar no you can’t do like that please don’t go beta.
Dp:Annapurna let him go. I don’t want anyone here who is disobeying me…….
Ragini:Sanskar please don’t go…..I want Swaragini here….I want my sister and my jiju here……
Sanskar: just shut up Ragini….
Ragini:Swara please don’t go…..she holds her hand….
Sanskar:come on Swara I don’t want this loss talk. He tugs her hands.Swaragini’s hands are separating…..
“Raginiiiiii….”she is shrieking


Swara’s forehead is hitted on the window of the bus.It makes her awake…..

1 year later in India….

It was night….she checks her forehead it is paining.”Sanskar,Ragini…. “Sanskar I am getting rid of your life. I am not blaming you… I want you, Kavita and your baby will be happy and I am also happy about you.” Her eyes are filling “Your happiness is also my happiness na.Tumne mujh par koi kami dekha hoga. mujhe maaph karna Sanskar……she feels something.She touched on her belly.” Uth gaye tum donon”tears are rolling from her eyes.”You both are hitting me. Please forgive to your maa that I can’t give you your papa…….


Swaraaa where are you Swaraaa

Sanskar is searching for Swara in their home.He is alone in his house.
He fails to find her…
“Hello Rajeev is Swara there” He called his friend. But that was also a failure…. Sanskar takes Swara’s pic.She slowly strokes on it “Kahan ho yaar tum tere bina kuch bhi theek nahi hain.Tum jahan kayi bhi ho jaldi vaapas aa jaana.Tumhaari Sanskar tumhaari intazaar kar raha hai.Tere alava koi nahi hai iss duniya mein mereliye(where are you my love. Nothing is alright without you.Where ever are you please come to me. Your Sanskar is waiting for you.None for me except you.)….he rubs his eyes…..


Swara is in a road side dhaba.She is having a glass of tea.She looks at the glass


Come on princess have it.Sanskar comes with a glass of tea.it was exactly like that dhaba.She received it with a smile.” Chears….”
“Princess we will go to America”
It changed her face.
“Swara promise me promise me that you will never be go to that house without my permission”……” You will never contact them ”
She abomins….at last
She holds his hands
” Sanskar okay I am promising you that I will never go to them.Hamhare apnon ke paas main kabhi nahi jaunga.From now you will be for me and I will be for you “She tightly holds his hands and resting on his shoulder.He kisses on her head……


Swara’s cheeks are wet with tears.” Kabhi nahi jaunga Sanskar. Kabhi nahi .Main tumse kiya hua vaada nahin todunga.(I will never go to MM.I will never break my promise.


Sanskar called to MM.

“Hello Ragini where is my Swara.Give her her the phone”

“What Sanskar she is not with you then where is my sister. Tell me.
He angrily cuts the call.
He is shattered to knew that Swara is not in MM.
” Mujhe pata hai Swara you will never go to there.Apni vaade mein main hi phas gayi”(I am knotted in my promise)


Sanskar is sleeping. Calling bell rangs.It wakes up him.He smiles.”Swaraa….” He is overjoyed. And runs to the front door.But he is stunning to see Ragini…
She blames him for Swara’s missing. “Sanky voh tumhaari zimmadaari thi na phir kyun tumne use chod diya”…… (Sanskar, my sister isyour responsibility. But how could avoid her like this)
Sanskar:Ragini main ne kuch nahi kiye hai.Yeh sab uski galat phahmi hai(Ragini I didn’t did anything. She is mistaken me)…..okay tell me
what happened between you…..


Swasan’s past

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