Parvarish 2 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Principal scolds Surinder for seeking special permissions for Jassi and he can disqualify Jassi for this. Coach Sumer Singh saves Surinder by saying she came to him saying her daughter does not know swimming and she wants to get that fear out of her, so he should not be leniant and commence a fair competition.

Simran goes to Dhruv’s home and asks why he wants to share Ria’s pics with friends. He says he always wanted to befriend Ria, but she always insulted him, so he thought of teaching her a lesson, but his self conscience did not let him forward pics. His dad comes and scolds him for holding Ria’s pics. Simran says Dhruv is repenting and that is all they needed. Dad asks her to delte pics herself. She takes Dhruv’s mobile and delets them and hopes he does not have any copy. He says no. She says Ria also did mistake and since he knows her from childhood, he know who she is and he should forgive her. She thanks dad and leaves.

Surinder waits for coach to come out and says she needs to ask him something. He asks how many questions she asks. She asks why did he lie principal. He says he is a fair person and does not believe in punishment someone for smeone’s mistakes. Her daughter’s mistake is that she is her daughter, he will not punish her for that, she always tries to do something and he likes that, he will see how she becomes hero from zero.

Surinder reaches home sadly and tells Jassi that she spoke to her sirji, but he..Jassi says he know he would reject. Surinder asks her to face her fear and win over it. Surinder comes and says he will not permit Jassi to enter water. Jassi says she wants to win competition. He says she reached competition till now is a big thing and he is proud of her, she should stop now and concentrate on her studies. Surinder asks Jassi what is her decision. Kulvinder asks why is she asking a child. Surinder says Jassi has take a decision to become student of the year. Kulvinder says he is father and his daughter’s safety is his responsibility, he will not permit her to enter water. Surinder says he is father and she is mother, but they are not Jassi, Jassi is growing to take up her decisions. Kulvinder says his decision is final and asks Jassi again to concentrate on her studies and rest is up to her to decide.

Raj trains Ria in swimming and she holds her breath under water for 38 seconds. He says she can do better and encourages her.

Surinder gets up at midnight. Kulvinder asks what happened. She says she is thirsty, gets up and prays god to show her a way. Once Kulvinder falls asleep, she silently leaves and takes Jassi to teach her swimming. She with Jogi takes Jassi to swimming pool and asks her to jump. Jassi reminisces drowning in water in her childhood and stops. Surinder gets into children’s swimming pool and asks Jassi to jump. Jassi hesitantly and nervously stands. Jogi encourages her that water is just at waist level. Jassi asks what if she drowns. Surinder says she will hold her. Jogi says she is balloon and will not drown. Jassi jumps into water and panics. Surinder encourages her. Jogi asks her to hug mammaji and get into water for 30 seconds. They both get into water, but Kulvinder comes and holds Jassi’s hand. They all 3 get tensed seeing him and look at each other. He leaves hand and walks away.

Precap: Kulvinder asks Surinder to stay away from him as he is angry. Coach Sumer Singh announces that whoever does not reach by 9:30 a.m. for registration should not come back. Surinder tells Jassi that papaji is not agreeing. Kulvinder says Jassi that she should concentrate on studies and nothing else.

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  1. i like dhruv hes a nice guy 🙂
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