SwaSan “sshhhhhhhh”koi hain. part 3


sanky is shocked to listen this he couldn’t control his feeling n goes to her swara(kavita) sees this n smirks n make sad face
sw..sanky plz leave me not for me for our child sanky plz plz i am begging u
sanky’s heart melt he hug her she smirks he sees this n understood that she is emotionally blackmelling him he stands n goes back she sees this n fumes in anger she shouts she will kill her n her child she tries to free herself but of no use she shouts u want to know where are ur shonas parents u dont want no ha
sanky turns n goes to her
S…what u mean
K…u don’t no what i mean
S…where are they
K…not so easy
S…plz tell.me

K…first free me
S…u are telling lie
K…u don’t cares for them but ur shona cares for them if anything she will hate u
S…plz tell where are they
K…for that u have to leave ur shona S…okk. but for that u have to do one thing
K…i will leave ur child but not her
he unties her as soon ahe gets freed she jerks his hand laughs loudly n says what u think i will not leave her nor her child i will kill both of them 🙂
saying this she starts beating her head on wall sanky stops but she troughs him away then ahe thinks what if u urself kill her n yr child she starts moving towards him he moves back then he stops she stops n laughs loudly but just then she starts yelling in pain as someone is holding her neck she is trying hard to free himself n sanky is shocked wind blows very fast father came with shona’s parents their sanky ask father how u found them
F…a 7 yrs girl came to me n told me where are they
sanky understood that this is all happen bcz of ragini
he then looks at kavita she is crying in pain then father starts mummers something which is giving More pain to her father draws a round circle towards her she was unable to cross it she is crowlling on ground father then throws something on her face which gives her a unbearable pain she shouts she will come back n screams loudly which was so loud that everything in that room breaks bcz of scream an went n says
she leaves from her body n swara faints
sanky takes her to doctor he checks her says she is fine n her child also due weakness she is unconscious she will come in senses after sometime

shona opens her eyes n saw sanky holding her hand she smiles at him sanky wakes up n saw her n hugs her she too hugs him back then she was saying something sanky stops her
S…shona u sleep i know u r very strong u don’t need rest but my child needs it so sleep
Sw..yas..wait what u say how do u know that day i was going to tell u but i faint n after that i don’t remember anything
S…and yaa after that day u wake up today
Sw..oh my god how much i sleep n again u are saying to take rest
S…yes just then shona’s parents came
they hug her n blesses her shoan’s eyes filled with tear seeing her mom normal
After 8months
sanky is walking outside OT all are laughing seeing his action
doc came.
S…what happen doc
Do..she is fine n congrats ahe gave birth to a girl
S…can we meet her
S…takes the baby n caresses her he is not allowing anyone to come to her even shona

they make pout face n laughs
Ap..have u choosed any name fir her

everyone’s eyez filled with tears of happiness sanky puts his angel aside n goes to her shona n kisses her for head n both smiles
but babe’s eyes colour changes into red which was not noticed by swasan


Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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