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Swara’s POV

I couldn’t believe it, and I mean I really didn’t believe it. I needed to think, clear my head, so walked past Sanskar and towards Rahul. I sat down next to him and talked to him about his dad and tried to calm him down. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sanskar staring at me, but not the way Rajat once had, but in a caring sincere kind of way..maybe he does truly love me.

We were sitting on the couch when we heard the phone ring. Rahul got up and walked over to pick up the phone.


“Yes, yes we’re on our way,” He hung up the phone, tears waiting to pour out of his eyes.
“We have to go to the hospital, he doesn’t have much longer..” Rahul said.

“I’ll drive,” Rahul said and we followed him out the door. Rahul had just turned 18 two weeks ago, so he had his license. We drove to the nearest hospital, that his dad was at. We jumped out of the car, and ran inside.

“I’m here to see Ram Sharma,” Rahul said to the receptionist.

“And you are….” she replied.

“Rahul sharma, his son,”

” Oh, I’m sorry, room 312.” she said sympathetically. We raced down the hallway and up the stairs, we didn’t want to walk for the elevator. 310, 311, 312..

Rahul walked into the room first followed by me and then Sanskar. We saw Rahul’s dad near death lying on the hospital bed, Rahul’s mother was sitting next to him holding his hand. Rahul walked up to his dad and took his other hand, and whispered something in his ear. A couple seconds later and Katie, Rahul’s older sister ran into the room. She immediately broke into tears when she saw her dad, she embraced her dad, and sat down on the bed looking into her dad’s eyes for the last time.

My eyes too became wet with tears as the monitor next to the bed flatlined. I looked over at Sanskar, he was already crying. We were rushed out of the room by various nurses and doctors. Katie, Rahul, and thier mom, sat down on the chairs in the waiting room grieving their loss. Sanskar was standing at the other side of the room crying silently to himself. Without thinking I walked over to him, and wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into an embrace, he did the same. We stood there crying in each others arms. It felt so good to be with him again, to feel his heart beat next to mine, to feel his warmth, to be with him. I knew right then and there that I truly loved him, and he truly loved me in return.

Sanskar’s POV

After ten minutes in the hospital, Rahul’s father flatlined. I couldn’t hold back my tears. We were rushed out of the room by several doctors and nurses. Rahul, Katie, and Julie were all hugging each other and crying. I, however, am standing on the other side of the room, crying. I want to stop, I want to be strong, and hold back my tears, but I can’t stop. All of a sudden I feel someone wrap their arms around me, I looked up to see shona. I put my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. I know now, that nothing, no one is going to take her away from me.

I kissed her forehead, and we pulled away. I had stopped crying, and so had she. We sat down silently holding each other’s hand.

“So, does this mean you forgive me?” I asked. She looked at me with those beautiful ocean blue eyes and smiled.

“For now,” she said and giggled. She kissed my cheek. I got to admit it felt a little wrong to be so happy when Uncle (Rahul’s father) just passed. Shona could see the hurt in my eyes because she pulled me back into a warm embrace. I looked over at Rahul’s remaining family, and Rahul and Katie had calmed down a little, but Julie was still hysterical. Rahul walked over to us, Shona was still holding my hand. He smiled at us, although it was a weak smile.

“Thanks for coming you guys. Is it safe to say that you’re back together?” I looked at Shona and we both smiled.

“Yes,” she said, “Now go be with your family,”
“Alright, but I’m done crying,” he said, it’s such a lie, i know him to well, once he gets home he’ll lock himself in his room and cry some more, he just wants to look tough. He walked back to his family, and hugged his mother.

Swara texted Laksh to come pick us up because Rahul had driven us here and he didn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. We walked to the cafeteria (canteen) to get some food, it was around 6 so we were hungry. I bought us some sandwhiches, and we picked a table near the Tv. The news was on so we mostly ignored it.

“So how’ve ya been?” I asked her.

“Ummm..alright. I mean I got to be friends with Rahul so that’s a positive,” I nodded, ” but I lost a friend too..” I shot her a confused look.

“Who?” I asked.

“Well, my friend Pooja, hasn’t talked to me in a while,”


“Well…she likes Rahul, and she thought that I was trying to steal him away from her. She’s a bit dramatic sometimes.

“What really? Pooja like Rahul?”

“Yea, I probably shouldn’t have told you that..”

” No, no that’s great, Rahul has liked Pooja since eighth grade, but he never had the courage to talk to her before!”

“Really!? Omg Pooja’s gonna flip!”

“No, don’t tell her”

“Why not? Don’t you want them to be together?”
“I do, but I don’t know, Rahul just went through something that no one should ever go through,”

“Fine, it can wait,” She said and turned her attention to the news while eating the rest of her sandwhich, Laksh should be here soon enough. I started watching the news too.
Attention all citizens, there has been a prison breakout. All citizens should be on alert for these two criminals: Abhinas singh and Rajat singh

Oh no!! I looked at Shona and sure enough she was shaking in fear. She started crying. I got up, and pick her up bridal style, carried her downstairs to wait for laksh. She stayed in my arms until laksh pulled up. He ran out of the car towards us.

“It’s okay it’s okay shona, people die all the time, he’s in a better place,” laksh said.

“That’s not why she’s crying,” I said. He looked confused.

“Then why?”

“We were watching the news inside….Rajat and his father have escaped,” Laksh was no longer smiling.

Swara’s POV

Attention all citizens, there has been a prison breakout. All citizens should be on alert for these two criminals: Abhinas Singh and Rajat Singh

I started to shake, how? How did he get out? This can’t be possible. It’s not real; they’re lying. I kept thinking this as tears started streaming down my face. Sanskar noticed and came over to me, and picked me up in his strong, comforting, warm arms. I felt safer with him, but still I couldn’t stop being hysterical. He carried me downstairs and we sat on a bench outside they hospital. I held on to Sanskar, he was the only person who could make me feel safe. Soon I heard a car pull up.

“It’s okay it’s okay Swara, people die all the time, he’s in a better place,” laksh said to me trying to calm me down.

“That’s not why she’s crying,” Sanskar said.

“Then why?” I would answer him, but I could barely breathe and I knew Sanskar would answer him for me.

“We were watching the news inside….Rajat and his father have escaped,”

“Shit,” laksh muttered under his breath, ” come on Shona, get in the car we have to go home.” I tried to stand up but my knees felt weak, then everything went black, and I felt myself falling into Sanskar’s arms again.

” Lily?” I asked the little girl who I had seen before.

“Yes Swara, it’s me,” she replied.

“Why am I here again, I just fainted,” right? I just passed out no big deal.

“I thought you’d have a few questions for me.”
“How’d you know? How did you know that they would escape?”

“One of the perks of being dead is knowing what is going to come, I did warn you it wasn’t going to be easy, listen Shona, it’s only going to get harder, but you need to stay strong, it will get better, just be careful,” she warned
” I don’t want to stay strong, I don’t want things to get harder. I never thought this would happen, Why did it happen? Why me Lily, Why me?” I felt myself returning, but I wasn’t finished talking to Lily, I didn’t want to go back, ever, but I no longer had a choice.

I opened my eyes, and I was in my bedroom. In my room was laksh, my mom, Sahil, and, of course, Sanskar.

“How long was I out?” I asked sitting up. Something cold fell on my lap, it was a wet clothe, it must have been on my forehead.

“About a half hour,” Laksh answered.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” My mother asked, she was sitting next to me on my bed.

“Yea, I’m fine,” I looked around once more, and I noticed that Sahil was pacing around the room.

“Sahil,” I said, He looked up at me and stopped pacing.

“Yea Shona?” I had to tell him now about Lily.

“Can you guys leave for a moment, I wanna talk to Sahil, privately,” I asked the room. My mother got up kissed me on the cheek and left with the other two boys, Sanskar was the last to leave the room, he looked into my eyes, and slowly shut the door. Sahil then walked over and sat on the side of my bed where my mother had been sitting.

“So?” he asked.

“I know about Lily,” I said.

“How? I never told you about her?”

“I met her,”

“That’s not possible,”

“I thought that too, but there she was standing in the meadow,”

“Swara, you’re not making any sense,”

“I’m not crazy Sahil, after I had been attacked by rajat, when I was out cold, I talked to Lily. She had told me how she died, she told me what Rajat’s dad did to her. She also knew about the break out, she had warned me it wouldn’t be easy coming back, but I had chosen to come back anyway,” I saw that Sahil was freaking out a little.

“Okay swara, I believe, but why are you telling me all this?”

“For one she’s your sister, and two she wanted me to tell you that she loved you, she wanted you to know that,” Sahil shed a tear at that and then smiled his warm smile.

“Why are you telling me this now?”

“Well, I saw her again, when I had just passed out, I talked to her,”

“What did she say?”

“She said that things are going to get a lot harder, but I don’t want them to, Sahil, I can’t handle that, I want to be with Lily, I don’t want to have to deal with this anymore,” I said and started to cry. Sahil pulled me into a hug.

“Shona,don’t say that, no one is going to hurt you, I’m here, Sanskar’s here, laksh’s here, Rahul’s here, your parents are here, your friends are here, we are all here for you, nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around

I stopped crying, and we let the other come back in, I’m glad I told Sahil all that, he had made me feel a lot better, but there’s still a part of me that would rather be with Lily in that meadow, than here where anything and everything could happen. The only thing keeping me here are my family and my friends, and most importantly Sanskar.

Sanskar’s POV

I hated seeing her in so much pain, weeks had passed, and she barely did anything. She was barely passing any of her classes. She didn’t do any homework, and she wouldn’t talk to many people, and the people she did talk to she didn’t say very much to them. She looked as though she had given up, and that’s what scared me the most. I refused to leave her alone, her parents and my parents had agreed to let me sleep on the couch in their house. They trusted us enough and they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep me away from her. I wouldn’t let him get her again, I won’t let them hurt her.

Sahil comes by everyday after school. I still don’t know what Shona had told him that day, but I assume I’ll never know, she doesn’t talk much anymore, and neither does he. Laksh doesn’t go out much either except for football practice, luckily basketball practice and football practice are at different times so we take turns watching shona. Watching shona is actually not what people would think it would be, we sit outside her room, she wants to be alone most of the time, she’ll usually just sit on her bed listening to music, or just thinking. When no one is around I walk in and hold her. Everything feels like it’s going to be okay when she’s in my arms. Sometimes I try to make her do her homework, but she never does, when she doesn’t I do some for her, so she doesn’t fail. I know it’s “cheating”, but it’s the least I can do for her.

Pooja and Rahul have started seeing each other, which is good because that means Pooja knows that there was nothing between Swara and Rahul. So swara and pooja are friends again, so pooja and rahul come by sometimes. It’s now my turn to watch swara, and I decide to go into her room, and be with her for a while. I open her door and walk in to find her staring at her bedroom wall. I sit down next to her and pull her into my arms.

“How are you, swara,” no answer, as expected.

“Do you want me to sing to you,” she nodded faintly. I walked over to the keyboard in her room.
“Alright this song is dedicated to my shona and her beautiful voice,” I began to sing as she closed her eyes to listen. When I finished she actually smiled. I walked back over to her and kissed her for the first time after three months.

“Alright enough fun, we should do some homework,” I let go of her to run downstairs to grab our backpacks. When I reached the bottom of the staircase and got a hold of our backpacks I heard a piercing scream followed by a thud. I never should have left her. I dropped the backpacks and ran back up the stairs. I spung open shona’s bedroom door, but it was too late. Shona was gone, they had won. They had taken shona. My shona..

Precap – Shocking

Where she gone ???
What happens with swara??
Will Sanskar find out swara??

Credit – Navya

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