Bigg Boss 10 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and dances on selfie le le re. Salman says Lopa, Bani, Niti,Mona and Rohan are nominated. Salman says let me show you what happened in house.

In house, Manu says to Manveer says i would not change my decision for anyone, Manveer says you wanted to leave jail task for captaincy but stopped when you didnt agree, Manu says yes i did what i felt right,i will leave if i am not right,i wont change opinions.
Manveer says to Lopa that i was not increasing for myself.
Manu says to Mona that Manveer said he would have protected Swami’s pyramid.

Salman connects call to house, he asks Bani if she is fine? she says i am fine sir. Salman says all are looking good including me, all laugh. Salman asks Niti that Manveer took your friendship

for granted, why? Niti says i feel Manveer doesnt care about my presence, he never put efforts if i am feeling low, Manveer says i just said what i wanted when you asked me about top 5,i didnt think to keep friendship first. Salman says lets rate Manveer’s captaincy. rating would be based on categories cleanliness, rules and leadership, you can give maximum three stars to every category and minimum one star. rating starts from Bani:
Bani: cleanliness 1-star, rules 1-star, leadership 1-star. Bani says Mona is cleaning kitchen and rules are followed much, Manveer has leadership[qualities.
Manu: cleanliness 2-star, rules 2-star, leadership 3-star. Manver thanks him. Manu says he tried.
Lopa: cleanliness 1-star, rules 1-star, leadership 2-star. She says i have seen Manveer sleeping myself, he is good leader. Manveer says if everyone is sleeping then captain would sleep, Salman says its not good.
Rohan: Rohan says he was worst captain, he was captain but did work which is against rules, Manveer says this man would never become part of us. Rohan gives cleanliness 1-star. Rohan says he didnt give punishments too, Manveer says you wanted me to put people in jail for sleeping? Salman says we will ask people on social media if Rohan was better or Manveer was better as captain, all laugh.
Niti: she gives cleanliness 2-star, rules 0-star, leadership 2-star. She says rules were broken.
Mona: Mona says i keep kitchen clean but they keep messing it. Manveer didnt do anything fine. Manu says you dont want to give any star? Mona says no, all laugh.

Salman says to Manveer that people had hopes from you but you took it lightly, Manveer says i didnt take it lightly but i cant keep asking inmates, Salman says you get immunity of captaincy for being good captain. Salman ends call.

Salman says see what happened in house.

In house, Rohan says to Lopa that i was talking in fun. Manveer says you will keep holding grudges, Rohan says it seems like that, Manveer says you keep going against me. Bani says this is enmity, Manveer says kids like you play with me, Rohan says we will see who is kid in end. Rohan says to Bani that he is not my enemy, why you are saying we have enmity, Bani says you just keep walking out. Rohan says to Manveer that i said what i wanted, i lost my captaincy, Manu says its about efforts, Rohan says i am saying same thing, i was just saying my points,Manveer says you cant be one of us, you dont talk nicely with us, Rohan says relax, you dont want to talk politely with me, Manveer says call my father then, Rohan says dont get personal, Manu says to Rohan that you keep pointing out we are commoners, you say that commoners are given privilege, Rohan says they expect something else from us, you people keep breaking rules but Bigg boss didnt say anything. Manu says you think you are star after doing two serials? Rahul was so down to earth after doing so many movies.
Manveer calls Niti winner, Niti says i gave you space to joke but i wont now, Manveer says it was all rubbish? our joking? Niti says if you joke then others think they can taunt me too like Manu.
Bani says to Niti that you were fair saying Manveer doesnt come to you, Niti says i didnt sacrifice my luxury budget because i know he wouldnt choose me, Bani says if they are strategizing friendship? its still number game, Niti says yes.

On stage, Salman says we should keep saying “Ok Janu”, Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy went in house.

Shraddha and Aditya enters house. Aditya hugs Manu, Lopa. Shraddha hugs Bani. Aditya says we have come for promotions, guess movie name. Manveer guesses it “Ok janu”. Aditya says we will ask questions to check your compatibility. we will make pairs and if your answers match then you are compatible, if you loose then egg will broken on your head, some eggs are boiled and some are not so its your luck. Aditya says pairs are Mona-Manu, Niti-Lopa and egg queen Bani will break eggs. Shraddha says you have to break with force Bani, Manu says she has broken many eggs. Mona and Manu comes forward. They have to write answers on board. First question is who is fake in house as per Mona. Manu writes Rohan and Manu writes Rohan. Manu chooses egg, Bani breaks on his head, it was not boiled. Second question if Manu or Manveer should be finalist? Both write Manu.
Next pair is Niti and Manveer. First question is if Manveer values Mona or Niti more as friend? Manveer writes Mona, Niti writes Mona too. Aditya asks Manveer who is negative person as per Niti? Niti writes Bani, Manveer writes Manveer, Bani breaks egg on his head, its boiled. Shraddha says Gaurav answered one question, who is his favorite in this season? Bani says he said i am his favorite, he might have lied, all laugh. Shraddha says his favorite was he himself, Bani rolls her eyes. Shraddha says Manu will break egg on Bani’s head now, Manu breaks boiled egg on Bani’s head. Aditya and Shraddha takes selfie with them and leaves house.

On stage, Salman says Swami gave interview with debang. Clip plays. Debang says to Swami that you were doing acting but why you chose role of villain? Swami is sobbing and says i never watched show, Debang says dont cry and answer, Swami says this show was my life,i destroyed my image and everything for this show and what i got? only insult and they expelled me. Debang says you came as Ram but became Ravan, Swami says situation made me Ravan, debang says you choose it, accept it.Swami says i am an actor, whatever i said was acting, what i said as crying or loving was not acting, Debang says you are doing overacting, cut it, why did you become villain? Swami says they asked me to not be peaceful, my people said i dont know anything so i can show anger, i am happy that people liked me as villain, i want to be biggest villain of world, i want to be actor,Debang says you will change your look too? Swami says i will go to hollywood, Salman laughs. Swami says i have movie offers, i will be top villain, Debang says you want to be villain in Salman’s movie too? Swami says yes, i have tattoo of Salman too. Bigg boss was finding excuse and he threw me out for splashing water, Debang says this is not reality show,dont lie,you said it was urine, Swami says its still there, you can go for lab test. Debang says you stooped low making that kind of strategy, Swami says i stooped low, i even said to Salman that i will throw pee on Rohan, Salman didnt tell me that i would get evicted for that, Debang says Salman had no idea that you would actually do it.Debang says you can change your name for acting? Swami says i will make Godfather, Debang says you lie so much, tell me who can win show? Swami says i will wait for two weeks, then i wont let finale happen, Debang says you are threatening? Swami says yes. Clip ends.
Salman says i wont react on this. Salman says to Debang who is Swami? Debang says he doesnt even know it, he keep lying and keep making worlds in his mind and think its reality. He thought that doing cheap acts would be liked by people but he didnt know when limits are crossed and he did, he should know who he really is,he is not able to handle this platform. Salman asks what will happen with him? Debang says he wants to be villain in movies, he has wishes, but i dont think he has long way, handle him. Salman says we will not encourage him, entertainment industry wont handle him.

Shraddha and Aditya comes on stage. They dance hamma hamma song. Salman greets them. Salman asks about “ok janu”, Aditya says we are in living relation in movie but we dont want to marry, Salman says you are telling my life story, all laugh. Salman says Shraddha is multi-talented, she sings well, dances well and Aditya is great actor. Shraddha says we will ask questions to you about your love life, Salman says go ahead. Shraddha says first question is you want to see match and lover wants to go for shopping then? Salman says i would leave her, i would ask her to go herself. Shraddha asks Salman that situation is its your lover’s birthday and you forgot it, Aditya says this happened with me, Salman says this happened with me always, they laugh. Salman says i would say you didnt tell me baby, your birthday just came earlier, i dont keep tab on dates. Aditya says next situation if your lover sees message in your phone that is i love you, Salman says i would make excuses, all laugh.
Salman says to Aditya and Shraddha that we will give you boards and you have write answers to questions on it then we will see if your answers match or now. Salman asks if Shraddha will choose bungee jumping or Vada pav? Both write Vada pav. Salman asks if lion comes infront of Aditya will he run or fight? Sharddha writes he will run and Aditya writes fight, Aditya says you should never run infront of animal. Salman asks if Shraddha was hotie or messy in school? both write messy. Salman asks which movie Shraddha watched most? Shraddha writes Andaz apna apna, Aditya writes Pyaasa. Shraddha says andaz is one the best films ever. Salman says its because of me, she didnt like Amir, Shraddha says you cant ask these questions. Salman asks if aditya is feeling itchy in costume, will he scratch or control it in scene? both write he will scratch, all laugh. Salman says my dance steps are made for scratching, all laugh. Salman and Aditya dance acting like scratching. Salman promotes their movie, Aditya and Shraddha leaves.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says i will ask one inmate question, you have to answer and if inmates dont agree with your answers then water balloons will burst on you.
First Manveer sits on chair. Salman asks if Manveer is rude with Niti? majority says yes, water balloon sprinkles on Manveer. Salman asks if Manveer uses Manu? all say no. Salman asks if Manveer changed? all agree. Niti says i dont like his change,he is less caring and he doesnt listen to me, Salman says he is not listening now,Rohan says he is playing individual game which is good. Salman asks if Manveer game above friendship? only Niti, Bani and Manu says no. Salman asks Mona why she thinks game is more important for him? Mona says i feel he thinks game is more important, Salman says this is not bad thing.
Rohan sits on chair. Salman asks if rohan is fed up of Lopa’s friendship? all agree, water balloon falls on him, Salman asks if Rohan overreacts in every situation? all agree, Bani says see Rohan Lopa agree. Salman asks if Rohan is immature? all agree except Lopa, Salman says Lopa change of heart?water balloon falls on Rohan. Lopa says i dont think he is immature, everyone becomes kid sometime. Salman asks give example of his maturity, all laugh. Salman asks if Rohan doesnt deserve to become winner? Manveer says he is not winner material.
Salman says caller will call now. Caller is payal, Payal says i want to talk to Bani, your new year resolution was to do task but you left very first task, Bani says i want to do tasks, i got off maalgaadi because i wanted to be captain, Payal says you started talking to Rohan about Lopa when Gaurav left, you started talking to Niti when you knew Manveer had fight with her, Bani says i talk to them because i felt bad for them, Payal says you should have felt bad when Lopa had fight with Priyanka, Bani says Lopa and Rohan had rahul before to pacify them. Call ends.
Salman says its time for eviction. Salman says MONA YOU ARE SAFE. Salman says NITI YOU ARE SAFE, BANI YOU ARE SAFE. Salman says its now Lopa and Rohan, its tough. Salman says LOPA YOU ARE SAFE.. ROHAN YOU ARE SAFE.THERE IS NO EVICTION THIS WEEK but nominations will carry forward in next week, Salman ends call.

In house, Lopa asks Rohan if he is fed up of her friendship? Rohan says all said it,i didnt say it,you even said that i overreact, Lopa asks you are not fed up of me? Rohan says you should be confident that we are friends, lopa says you keep going around yourself, you keep talking about yourself, Rohan says you are immature. Manveer says this is not house, its game so we should keep that way.

Manveer is in bed and says to Mona that Salman said i am doing right, we did so much for game but Niti is sitting without doing anything. Mona says she shows right on you, Manveer says she takes me granted, i wanted to take her forward because she is commoner but she says she gave space, i would not give her attention, she can keep Bani’s company.

On stage, Salman says one inmate will get ticket to finale week. Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Two inmates will get chance to go in mall and ask for votes to win ticket to finale week. Niti is talking in english with Bani. Bigg boss asks Niti to use only hindi. Manveer says you dont listen, dont talk if you cant talk in hindi, i wont ask you to follow rules now, Niti says i didnt do it intentionally, Manveer says do anything, Niti says dont shout. Manveer says enough, dont tell me what i have to do, Niti says dont forget your manners, dont you dare talk to me like that, Manveer says you dont deserve my manners, Niti says i will slap you, Manveer says do that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Dhongi Swami ka interview , is there any need for that to prove Swami is brainless creature. We know that , he showed it clearly in bigg boss. Interesting precap niti-manveer fighting superb ,just the perfect material for entertainment

  2. Manveer winning material saying to Rohan – n*pple choosle ….is this is his maturity.

    Rohan acha bacha hai isliye kisi bhi waqt unki papa sey baat hota hai…teri jaisa tucha nahi isliye tera papa ney 8 saal boycott kiya…gawar

    Manu – 1 serial mey bhi villian ka role karkwy dikhao woh bhi top channel pey….itna gamand hai u dont know the name of Rohan but b*t*hed abt him…Monalisa ko sister bola….its your level of maturity

    Morons only support M2 and targets ROHAN.

    Guys vote for ROHAN MEHRA,alone warrior…he fights for himself…he dudnt expect from any others stand/help/support….The real Hero…

    dnt believe rumors…voting really matters as it is near to FINALE…shower ur love and support thru votes….

    #ROHAN MEHRA is a decent,matured,cute contestant…Always cordial and loyal to frnds but doesn’t blindly follow frnds

    1. U r absolutely right! Rohan is the real hero of the house. Vote for Rohan only.

  3. Salman sir is so biased i m very disappointed today i want rohan or bani to win but it is confirmed from today’s epi dat they will n ot let rohan win ? they all said rohan overreacts like seriously and immature too even salman sir insulted him by asking the example of his maturity…. I found rohan in almost all situation very mature today he replied manveer very calmly the commonor especially manveer are very insecure of cleb bani and rohan…. If i was in place of rohan i would have shouted and insulted manveer and lopa but rohan Handled d situation calmly he is very very mature and real person in d house…. PLZ VOTE FOR ROHAN MEHRA

  4. Manveer s got an attitude……..which seems to be wrong..he z creating prob about others opnion also
    Cmon yaar….and this low class dhongi baba is going to hollywood…..hez got tamil film offers…..omg babaji bas kar yaar…….

    Itna kyun phektha hai yaar…..tujhe toh koi light man bhi naa banaye…….kya barosa theri ghandhi nazar ka………

  5. Love U ROHAN

    Rohan is the most mature and sensible person in the house.Rohan has gone through a lot…He always bullied by gundas …
    salman wkw dedicated for M2 praises,Motivates Bani,Bashes Rohan.

    i think for salmankhan Rohan looks like Ranbir kapoor.

    Guys vote for ROHAN ,ROH to 56882

  6. Pam Stephens

    Manu is the most manipulative amongst all the inmates. Silly silly Mona insisted that she be nominated. He played her like a violin. Manveer has been behaving badly recently but he seems to be everyone “favourite” for some reason. Both Manu and Manveer are just too cocky. The really think that they are the winners. I really hope someone like Niti who seem to be the underdog snatch it from under them

  7. Don’t want to comment about Om.. I just now saw his interview at Sudarshan channel…. horrible even Sant Samaj is Boycotting him…

    Manveer, he is just another alcoholic and womaniser from his area wherein his father himself disowned him.

    Manu, he got so insecure when Salman Bhai exposed him by saying what he was saying about Manveer and immediately he became against Manveer by saying that Manveer is supporting Bani now because Salman bhai said her sweet heart.

    Nitibha, when you wanted a tattoo you will go to Bani and be friend with her and when she said there is no one to speak for her in the house, you were b*t*hing saying when you are not talking to some one why should we talk to you.. then without having a talking you can get the tattoo .. superb..

    Mona.. uskey bare mein toh baat karna hi bekar hai…hopeless character.. good or bad always liking the boots of Manu..

    Rohan… you are great man superb…

    Lopa, Darling you need to grow up… you yourself has told that you are the spoilt child of your parents (see Voot Unseen Undekha).. it shows your upbringing and your trials of getting footage… because you know from your upbringings where to get footage and all…

    Bani J, Love You… always supporting you…

    1. BANI is worst

      wat else cud hav beeen expcted frm a jealous Bani fan.. t walkout queeen’s manipulative fans..

      1. Lopaa rockss & only she deserves to b the winner..
        unless BB is a scripted show..

  8. Sarayumane

    I am feeling very bad for rohan. He lost his wonderful serial because of this biased, cheap and worst show. And this uneducated creatures manu and manveer, 2hat do they think of themselves they simply jealous of celebs popularity, manveer can’t digest the fact that rohan is younger than him and has more popularity than him and obviously more cuter and handsome. If one in manu and manveer wins also, no one is gonna care about them anymore and obviously not going to get chance in any movie or serial…?

    1. actually I don’t feel so.his character was getting sidelined there..and through this,we got to know abt him as well.

  9. U r absolutely right! Rohan is the real hero of the house. Vote for Rohan only.

  10. Manveer ko votes kro jo rohan type k log h apne aap ko superstar samjhte h,jaise Commons ki value hi nhi h.

  11. Stupid caller of d week..n when she saw bani coming btw rohan lopa n man-niti…when bani doesn’t talk then ppl have problems n when she tries to mix up with ppl then also she is been criticized.. She never tried to make frndship wid anyone lse after gaurav’s exit n she only did normal talk wid everyone n was blamed for doing tactics of Divide n Rule..seriously… paid caller.. Bb lwayz trying so hard to put down bani..but viewers not so blind..bani love u..u r genuine n real♥real winner♥

    Manu n manveer so overconfident n making personal comment on rohan lyk bacha he nip*le n al…manu knows tat bani n rohan having huge fan following so everytime hez targetting them n trying hard to put down them..
    I thnik Ticket to finale ll get either manu or manveer as Bb wants to save them n make one f them as winner..

    1. Actually manveer ne rohan ko bola ki tumhare jaise bacche toh hamare yaha kancha khelne jaate hai subah aur wapas aate bhi nahi haha arey bhai manveer jab ek 28 year old samajhdar aadmi ko bachha bol rahe ho toh aap ki age bhi 35year approx hi hogi to aap bhi bacche huye na

    2. Prettypreeti

      Bhai yeh toh ek dum correct haii….manveer ne toh yeh socha hi nhi

  12. guys did anyone notice those black things in swami s ear..i thought it was a earpiece..but it was his ear hair(gross)….at last shanti hai bb house mein….waise one more poem
    swami gaya,aa gayi shanti
    pata nahi kab aayega jason kranti
    swami gaya,aa gayi khushi
    raunak aayi..aagayi khushi
    kehta hai jayega hollywood
    agar jayega toh mar padega in bollywood
    at last ghar mein all is well
    let this man just go to hell
    kachra huya saaf ghar se
    sab ho gaye saaf darr se
    idiot tha
    idiot hi rahega
    aisa hai swami..swami aisa hi rahega

    1. Yea aakashi good one and did you notice finale nahi hone dega wo hahaha toh meri mano aur tumhare fav contestant ke jeetne ka sapna(dream) dekhna chor do hahaha

    2. Simran99

      Nice poem well done aakashi

    3. Prettypreeti

      Too bhai sach me uss kitna penka…buddha hil gya hai

  13. Manveer accha tha but now a days he seems like manu @mindgame. Rohan lopa &bani are good. Vo apni baat se palat te to nhi . I really like manveer & rohan. But kuch time se manveer only plays like mannu .

  14. Plz vote for kashmiri girl NITIBHA….

  15. Nitibha is d best

  16. Simran99

    Hi kp , preeti , Ditya , shriya , aakashi , swastika , gud girl , anu s , riya and all bb fans .
    Feeling very very sad for rohan . har baat par use hi target karte hai . manveer apne aap ko abhi se winner samajhne laga hai Mona be bhi bola tha . ya nitibha was ryt . manu k aaane se pahle WO uski fend thi but an jab many aaya toh use toh kuch samjta hi nhi hai selfish man.
    Guys according sources top 4 will be .
    1 bani
    2 manveer
    3 lopa
    4 rohan , manu ,Mona and nitibha m se koi ek according to public votes
    So plzzzzzzzz guys vote for rohan . don’t believe in any rumera . we should give unlimited votes to rohan . plz guys prefer SMS voting . can anyone tell me SMS voting par kitne votes allowed hai ?

    1. Hello simran is there any problem in online voting? And i think from sms you could send one time only am not 100% sure warna sneha toh baba ko akele hi bb jeeta deti hahaha

      1. bigg boss is filtering online votes because of hacking, through sms all votes are accounted.

    2. Prettypreeti

      Hi simu dii…we will vote for our cute rohan..not 2 worry.i dont know the limit of sms

    3. sachhi yaar simran….har baat pe rohan ko bura dikha rahe h
      pata nhi kyu itna negative dikhane k koshish kar rhe h
      rohan is best
      vote for genuine,cute person of bigg boss

    4. ShriyaT

      Heyy simran,kp,ditya,preeti,ria,good girl,etc etc….how r u all? N yeah i vote for Rohan always!!!

  17. Prettypreeti

    Hi guys…Hello jo,kp bhai,simu di,jj bhai,diti di,sona di,aki di,anu,reema, sonai,jiajia and all.
    Guys my today’s song-
    Salman weekend ke waar par aaye,
    Aapne sang ok jannu ki cast laye..
    Shradha aur aditya gaye ghar me,
    Rang diya sbko aapne rang me..
    Bani ne thode aande,
    Manu manveer mona nitibha ke ne diye answers ke funde…
    Salman ne bhi ki shradha-aditya ke sath masti,
    Sath hi suni buddhe ki baat jo thi ek rupaye se bhi sasti..
    Salman ne poocha ek sawaal,
    Lopa rohan ki dosti ke beech mach gya bawaal..
    Manveer ki captaincy thi bekaar,
    Ese baki gharwalo ke the vichaar.
    Monday ko ticket to finale aayegi,
    Manveer nitibha ki ladhai layegi.
    Lekin aaj nhi aayega bigg boss,
    Ho gya ek din ka loss…
    Love u all

    1. Well done little friend nice one i read it for 3 times superb

      aur jab pakhandi ka interview chal raha tha toh i was drinking water aur jaise hi pakhandi ne bola ki mai bahut bada villain banana chahta hu aur mujhe hollywood se bhi offer aaya hai tabhi mujhe bahut jor se hasi aagayi aur mujhse raha hi nahi gaya aur maine saara muh(mouth) ka pani meri mom par daal(threw out) diya kyuki meri mom mere samne hi bethi(be seated) thi hahahahaha

      1. lol kp…. mujhe soch k he hasi aa rhi h???

    2. superb poem kiddo n aakashi✌
      enjoyed reading

    3. Prettypreeti

      Kp bhai seriously…lol☺☺☺?aapki mom ka reaction kya tha

    4. hey Preeti sorry for replying late I was too Bussy tommorow. but your song is just mind blowing.
      can’t control my laugh its just superb. so keep writing this type of song.
      lots of love. take care.

    5. ShriyaT

      Hiee..preeti!! Mujhe bhool gayi na??

    6. Prettypreeti

      Shriyooo sorryy

  18. Man veer and manu are becoming worse day by day.salman made fun of rohan today also.I don’t know why he always critisices him only.manu and manveer make lot of mistakes nobody tells them anything.and the guests come and always praise m3 and for rohan guys..

  19. This is the most biased season of big boss. Not entertaining at all.
    Don’t know what happened to salman khan . Always taking side of manu and manveer and commenting rohan.
    I think they don’t care about audience.
    Manu and manveer showing their true colors now.

  20. Manveer tucha/chamcha/chela , Manu chuglokar aunty…..

    Mard ho tho Rohan jaise fight karta hai with out any support….muh pey bolta hai….Man of the season.

    For salman khan,Rohan is Ranbir kapoor…with the help of those M2 gunndas Rohan ko bash karney pe laga rahtey hai..

    Salman first watch the episode….konsi host ho tu….bina episodes dekhey M2 ko praise karney aa jaata har WKW….

    M2 fans are same like them filthy mouth people…..doesn’t have manners at all….Tv serial poey villain ka role bhi nahi milta in logo ko….

    BB ka nama change karna chahiye…M3 ko nikaalkey NAAGIN 3 daalna chahiye.

    vote for ROHAN,the most decent guy

  21. Nice poem priti.
    And plz.everyone vote for rohan.
    It is clear that rohan is handling situations with maturity but bigboss us showing him immature.
    Salman did mention in friday episode that manu and manveer could support om if they would have given the responsiblity in captaincy task but that it seems like rohan was on salman target not manu and manveer.

  22. Manveer loves his papa vey much ki Rohan ka papa key baarey mey bolta hai…Manveer u r fake.

    Manveer doesn’t have manners at all….always uses abusive language….isliye khud key papa ney 8 saal baat karna bandh kiya….shame on ur upbringing.

    commoners key namm pey gundas,criminals,gundas ko promote kar raha hai….no entertainment at all.

    Manu tho gazab hai Monalisa ko sister boa…Monalisa shame on you …your bf vikrant doesn’t like manu aunty…but u need him.

    salman u r totally waste piece as a host….ur movies are good…don’t do hosting .

    Vote for ROHAN …… and offline u limited

  23. first of all dis m3 batch is not winner material. due to fear of eviction they pla
    yed love angle in the beggining and now they are telling rohan not a winner ma
    terial stupids. i am not getting y bigboss and salman are always supporting cheap m2 batch

  24. Preeti and I akashi ur poems were very nice.I agree to u Sonia.please vote for rohan and I don’t think so there is any limit for SMS voting but I am not sure.

  25. Waise hum priyanka and im swami ko itna criticise kar rahe h par what about big boss who is promoting these kind of people. They were continuously brought back to do cheap things. Not to forget that imam was also promoted by bigboss who started doing cheap things but he also stayed in house till last. It is clear that bigboss team knowingly choose these kind of contestents and create controversy bcoz negative publicity is also publicity.

    1. Yeah sonia agree with you

    2. Prettypreeti

      Haa soni baat toh sahi hai

  26. Rohan is more mature than that immature mannerless bani ? bt even salman seems to ignore her nautankis.

  27. Guys if anyone notice…salman sir told tat nomination will carry forward next week….it clearly shows tat bb dnt want to nominate & evict manu & manveer….. Superb show, u proved tat we (viewers) all r fools…. If rohan evicted from dis show thn am sure it was a preplanned show…. still hope bb dnt disappoint viewers….

  28. Agree vth u shazna…..might b a paid caller…..

    When gourav was prsnt Bb always tried 2 create a wall btwn bani- gourav n other Hm’s…..

    Luv u bani… matter u win or not but don’t loose hope.. ..u r genuine ,,real…..u nvr tried 2 b dat wt ur not..n dats wt makes u difrnt….luv u…

    Gurbani rokzZzz!!!!

    1. agree..based on voting real winner bani..scripted winner manveer..bb10 income : baniz voting..

      1. Xctly bb10 income source is our voting??

  29. Wonder if this dhongi baba and his dhongi followers are really going to create a ruckus at the finale…. The idiot was found with illegal arms for which he is facing trial amongst other charges….

  30. I want the Prince of India to win… vote for Rohan Mehra…. Rohan… Rohan… Rohan…???????☺

  31. often I feel Mr. om is psychic patient.psychopath or sociopath something like that.his behavior maniac only. now his face even seems dangerous!God knows who worship him!!

  32. how come nitibha is till there?!!too illogical.. in fact gaurav was a good contestant.this big boss is really unpredictable…

  33. Decision of BB of carrying forward nomination clearly shows that they want Manu or Manveer to win, superb… Already BB and viewers can see in YouTube and other social media what the ousted Commeners (Jagga and Pakhandi) are saying about BB.. pls on the next season don’t call these so called commeners (Manu is a celebrity every body knows that. he already participated in an early reality show)… BB has learned a lesson I guess.. There won’t be so called commeners anymore who are disgusting for the show…..

  34. All HMs critized that Bani was rude with Salman Bhai… it was not rude, it clearly shows that she was hurt,. First of all everybody questioned (even Fizzy Caller) that she left the task, she left the task to get immunity, which Salman Bhai also said was important to get into the 14th week directly. I don’t think Bani did anything wrong only thing is she understood the task more clearly than all the others, since they didn’t understand, they were blaming her… Even Salman Bhai knows why Bani is upset and why she was rude, … she wasn’t rude to Salman Bhai, she was pissed off with Big Boss because she stood by her task of protecting her Pyramid and still didn’t get her immunity and got a bad name of leaving the Maalgaadi task early….

    1. Agreed.
      Infact even manu wanted to do that. But he could not do it.
      Lopa also said to rohan that u were afraid if i could become captain.
      It shows that everyone wanted to go for immunity.
      But bani did it first so they got a chance to criticise her again.
      They want to show that they are superior of bani.
      Agar thodi der koi bahar nahi jata tb ye bolte ki captaincy ka task b to agey badhana h and manu could come out saying this easily.

  35. flopshow bigg boss

    No expectations frm bb now. Show ka naam hi duba dia abki bar. Ab tk koi b sheer clean banda nhi h bb house me jo dur se winner dikhta h. Or ye jo so called bande reh gye h they all r useless jo sensible bande the entertaining the unko to partiality se nikal dia.
    Manveer-jo phle manu k piche khelta tha bichme thek khelne lg gya ab firse apna anpadpana dikhane lg gya. Rohan ko nip*le choosle bolna iski mardangi h khud to niti ko use kia fir celebs ki friendship ko fake bolta h. NOT A WINNER MATERIAL AT ALL.
    Manu-GOSSIP ANTY h 1 no. Ka apne aap ko perfect smjhta h mona ko use kr k bhn boldia. Apne so called bff ki b*t*hing uske piche fir rohan ko bacha bolta coward khi ka
    Bb ne in dono ko finale tk phunchne k liye pura show hi partial krdia
    Rohan-shuru se acha hi khel rha tha pichle week se irritating lgta h. Sochta h k klla hi bani ko captain bna dega ?? lopa ko forgranted lia. Itna hi tha to bani k sth hi rehta shuru se.BUT IN ANDHO ME YE FIR B THEK H
    Bani-SELFISH RATHER SELF CENTERED? itni fan following h to thoda trust b kr apne fans ro ksi or ko bolne b nhi date sbke replies me gaaliyan bhr date h. Ma bna rkha h isko apni or show me kya kr rhi h GHANTA. finale me jaigi to apni purani ff ki vjah se. Ya to winner ye h ya 1st runnerup agr manveer winner bna to.
    Lopa-acha khel rhi thi shuru se but i dnt kno bani ko itni imp ku deti h ye even though thorugh hatred. Kai bar cheezain thodi over kr deti h. Agr kuch stand lia h to logon ko explain krne ki zrurat nhi h let d b*t*hes bark.
    Mona-a fool stupid girl kaahe ki celeb jb isko ye hi nhi dikhta kon use kr rha h isko or kon nhi. Manu k piche pdi hui h apne bf ki to sunle vo kuch sahi hi kehra hoga agr 8 saal ka relation h to uski izzat to rkh BRAINLESS. Ye to layak hi nhi h is show k log bss iske stupid dance or skin show k liye vote de rhe h. Stupid ppl
    Niti-thek hi h atleast ab clear h isko kya kra h ya nhi but h to b*t*hing anty club ki member hi dusro ko judge krna iska b fav pass time h. BRAINLESS BIMBO
    In sb se achi to lokesh or naveen hi thek atleast kuch kr to rhe the. Or celebs me karan or rahul hi better the than bani or baki. Unko rkhte to finale tk dkhne ka mn b krta. Inuseless logon ko rkh lia to pkka log dkhenge but vhi jo bani k fans h kuki bani jeetaigi acc to script. Or manveer k fans kuki manveer jeetaiga agr concept pe focus krna h to. Baki sare to timepass krne aye the

    Pichle seasons me salman ne kuch kam to kia tha but is season me to bss commoners k joote hi chate h. Fair decisions liye hote to ye season bohot acha hota.

  36. bani i just want to say


  37. Constestant given the task in which they has to rank themselves with a mutual decision.

    Here’s the Ranking List
    Rohan couldn’t be a part of this task as he is nominated for entire season
    Do you agree with contestant decision…….

  38. *contestant*

  39. Prettypreeti

    Hey all….waiting for bigg boss…aur kon hai jo wait kr rha hai..raise ur hands…
    Aaj ke liye perfect song-
    Imtehaan ho gyi intezaar ki,
    Aayi na koi khabar hmare yaar ki…
    Bigg boss tu jldi aa,
    Hm sbko na tadpa..
    Waiting waiting ho rhi hai teri,
    Jaan jayi jaa rhi hai meri…
    Jldi aa jldi aa,
    Bagwaan jldi 10:30 bajja

    1. Simran99

      awesome poem as always

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