Swasan short story: MY OVERLY OBSESSED HUSBAND (character sketch)


Swara Singhania:
Cute bubbly girl, full of love, strong headed, bold, beautiful, intelligent in short beauty with brains…. She used to work in a multinational company as the P.A of the C.E.O who happens to be her childhood bestfriend Yudhistira (yudi)…her own father is a billionaire with many companies around the world but she refused to work for him bcoz before taking over the company she wanted to prove herself worthy of it.. She even was not accepting yudi’s proposal but her over protective father and big sister made her accept this bcoz they dont wanted her to leave their eye sight just for a sec

Sanskar Maheshwari:
Cool dude guy, devilishly handsome, a big flirt, he enjoys his life to fullest, waiting for his MISS PERFECT… Heir of Maheshwari companies which is not a big and powerful company like Singhania’s and Khandelwal’s… its developing company and needs a lot struggle… He has recently started working with his father but has made a drastic profit for his company…

Yudhistira khandelwal:( Yuvraj Thakur)
Yet another greek god… Bestii of swara, loves her secretly but never dared to say this to her… Their parents know about this and want them to be together and that is also one of the reasons why they made swara’s his P.A… Loves to irritate her and disturbs her everytime… They usually have a lot of fights(friendly one)

Maya khandelwal:(Jennifer Winget)
Swaras big sister… A complete hitler, married to yudi’s brother.. She is always that irritating sis which everytime gives a lecture to you about what to do and what not.. She bosses around on everyone… But loves swara to the core and want the best for her, she want to control her life and make swara follow her orders… But swara being a rebellious one their is always a cold war between sisters

Other characters:
Arjun khandelwal: maya’s husband (Kushal Tandon)

Payal Khandelwal: maya and arjun’s daughter
Suket and Janki Singhania: swara and maya’s parents
Ap and Dp: sankys parents
Arnav and Suchitra Khandelwal: yudi and arjun’s parents

Rest there might be some other cast later on…
Its their characters before swasan wedding…
Lets see what happens next

Sorry guyzz I was directly going to post the first chapter but I needed your advice over the storyline..
How Do you want me to start the story as
1. To show swasan love story before marriage ( dont worry it will only take 2-3 chappy)
2. To start story after their marriage i.e. Their lovey dovey love post marriage
3. Or to directly start with the main plot (which wud than become a little confussing).
Guyzz do share ur wish through comments bcoz it will only decide whether the next chapter wud be uploaded early or not???

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  1. Niku

    With 1st one.. n rest depends upon u…

  2. nice.I think u should start from there marriage and with little flashback of their love story.

  3. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Awesome… start with num 2

  4. Waiting

  5. Simin

    Do as u have ploted

  6. I think 1 one…. Update soon dear ??????

  7. Nice……….

  8. interesting…!!! Start with whatever you feel like…!!

  9. Simi

    1 or 2..

  10. Kritika

    Its amazing!
    I really liked it dear.
    I would choose 2.
    Please post soon!

  11. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Go with option 1

  12. Maryum

    Nice i want mix

  13. I prefer 2

  14. Arshaanya

    U can directly start frm Option 1 dan 2 dan 3…
    Or u can start from option 3 n can show option 1 n 2 in fb…
    Or u can start wid option 2 dan 3 n can show option 1 in fb…

  15. mou(swasan lover)


  16. Option 1… pls post nex update soon…

  17. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Very interesting dear.. Do as you wish..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  18. Vyshu10

    nice…i prefer 1 or 2

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