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Sanskaar asks Swara out on a date

Sanskaar watched Swara enter the dining room and motioned her to wait for a moment as he continued to talk on the phone.
Sanskaar : Ji Mishti aunty! Yes, I know. Wait a minute. I’ll ask her to talk to you. She just came in. You’ll talk to her now? Just one minute.
Swara (surprised) : Is that Ma? Why is she calling you?
Sanskaar (handing over the phone) : Wow! I don’t know. Maybe because you switched off your phone for about 3 weeks now and she’s worried sick?
Swara (wincing at the truth of his words) : Fine! Just give me the phone.
Mishti (her releief unmistakable over the phone) : Shona beta!
Swara heard the relief in her mother’s voice and felt guilty that she had caused her so much worry.
Swara : Ma! How are you?
Mishti : How am I? I’ll tell you how I am, Young lady. One day, You were here in Kolkata and then the next, You just ran off to Parna. If that wasn’t enough, You switched off your phone, disconnected the landline and you didn’t even check your email. Did you even think about your poor mother?
Swara was stunned. She hadn’t felt like a 12 year old in a long time, but the way her mother was scolding her sure made her feel like one.
Swara : Ma…

Mishti : Don’t Ma me, Swara Maheshwari (Swara winced at the sound of her full name; her Ma was really angry with her) You may not be a child anymore but I am still your mother and I expect some feedback from you. You cannot cut off your family.
Swara : I didn’t mean to.. I just was…
Mishti (her voice gentle now) : Scared? Shocked? Helpless? Did your running away have anything to do with Sanskaar?
Swara (pausing for a minute before replying) : I didn’t run away.
Mishti : That may have convinced someone else, not me. Shona beta! Give him a chance.
Swara (her feelings all in a muddle again) : Why? How?
Mishti : You deserve to be happy, Swara. And Sanskaar… He.. (stopping herself and changing her sentence) Sanskaar’s a good man. Why not?
Swara (thinking) : Because I want someone who won’t make me breathless. Because I want someone who won’t make me feel.
Swara (to her mother) : Ma! I’m sorry. I promise, I’ll stay in touch. Don’t worry about me. I’ll talk to you later.
Mishti : Alright, Shona! Take care. I’m not worried. Sanskaar’s been giving me daily updates. Just be safe. Think about what I’ve told. Love you.
Swara (smiling slightly) : Love you too.
She hung up the phone and returned the phone to Sanskaar who was looking at her slightly curious. She sat down besides him and accepted a plate filled with toast and jam.
Sanskaar : Tea?

Swara shook her head. She took a slice of bread and then stared at Sanskaar as she applied butter to the toast.
Sanskaar : What happened?
Swara : You’ve been talking to my mother?
Sanskaar nodded and smiled.
Sanskaar : I went and met her the day I left Kolkata. She asked me to tell her that you were alright. Mishti aunty made me swear I would call her everyday.
Swara (demanding) : Why didn’t you tell me?
Sanskaar : I should have done so earlier.
He got up and came and stood behind her. He bent down.
Swara (slightly squeaking) : What are you doing?
Sanskaar (his lips near her ear) : Will you forgive me?
Swara gulped.

Swara : You could have told that from there, You know. Why did you come so…. So close?
Sanskaar stood up and grinned.
Sanskaar : What’s the fun if I can’t make you blush?
Swara flushed crimson at that and then mentally scolded herself. She finished her toast and then stood up and faced him, scowling.
Swara : I’m going.
Sanskaar (looking innocent) : Ok madam.
Swara (pointing a finger at him) : Don’t you dare stop me.
Sanskaar (his hand on his chest) : Kill me if I do so.
Swara’s scowl almost turned into a smile, but then she stopped herself. She nodded regally at him and then turned to go out. She reached the door surprised that she hadn’t been stopped when she heard his voice.
Sanskaar : Don’t forget. Be ready at 5. We have a date.
Swara (without turning back) : I’ll think about it.
Sanskaar (cheerfully) : Oh! If you’re not ready to go out, Don’t worry. I’m sure we can entertain ourselves at home, Swara.
Swara (muttered) : I’m sure you can.
Sanskaar : I’m sorry? Did you say something?
Swara turned to look at him.
Swara : NO!
Sanskaar grinned and winked at her.
Sanskaar : We can entertain ourselves right Swara? We can use our hands… (his voice reducing to a husky timbre with each syllable) or maybe our lips? We could…
Swara : God! You told me you’ll take me on a date. I agreed. I’ll be ready at 5. I promise. Until then, Bye.
She ran off. still blushing. Sanskaar smiled once more.
Sanskaar : She’s melting. Maybe she is for me?

Swara paced about in her room, muttering to herself.
Swara : You are a foolish, foolish girl. You keep giving him the upper hand. What’s wrong with you? How can you blush at everything he said? Foolish foolish me. Swara Maheshwari, God knows what will happen to you.
Someone knocked on her door.
Swara (snapping) : Enter!
A housemaid entered with a package in her arms.
Maid : Sir asked me to give this to you.
Swara : Sanskaar?
She took the package surprised.
Maid : Yes madam.
Swara : Thank you. You may go.
She waited until the maid had left then opened the package. There was a practical yet elegant looking full sleeve top. Swara searched around for a note and found one.
NOTE : As much as I want you to wear that lovely saree for our date, Since we’ll be venturing into the woods and we’ll have to walk a bit, I thought it’ll be easier to wear something you’ll be comfortable in. I really hope you’ll enjoy the place I’m taking you to. Besides, You look lovely in anything — S
Swara looked at the note in wonder. Sanskaar’s thoughtfulness and his sweet words touched her more than she realised. She looked at the top once more and then at the chair where the saree that Sanskaar had given her lay.
She took the saree and looked at it in wonder. It really was beautiful. She placed it on her shoulder and looked in the mirror. It looked really pretty. Swara smiled.
Swara : A date. I’m going out on a date.
She looked at the clothes once again and then made up her mind.
Swara (thinking) : One day. I’ll allow myself today with Sanskaar. Tomorrow, I will tell him we can’t continue like this anymore. I cannot allow him to succeed in his seduction. I… I need to tell him no.
She tried to ignore the pain that she felt as she thought, but couldn’t help the lone tear that slipped from her eye.
Swara : Stop it Swara! You can’t behave like this. You’re not thinking rationally, that’s all. You need sleep. Two days without sleeping is very harmful. Go sleep.
But she knew she couldn’t. There wasn’t anyone to hold her.
Swara : One day and then it all ends.
PRECAP : Swasan date
A short chapter, I know… Just wanted to post something… Will try to give a better chapter soon..
Will probably post the next after the 11th… Have deviated from the book for this and the next chapters alone.. Will decide on the rest of the story soon..
Would you like a typical date? Or something different?
if you remember my unconventional date in mmai.. you’ll understand. I do have some idea of what i wanna do, but do give ur ideas as well…
Love you all <3 <3
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  3. Riaa

    This chapter was wonderful! ?
    Where on one hand Sanskaar’s thinking Swara is slowly melting and probably is destined to be his (which, of course she is), Swara is thinking to refrain herself for his after this ‘One Day’. I must say, the bipolar thoughts are seemingly interesting and dare I not mention, I am hooked to this story. I love it like anything. ? (More than you, less than MMAI (?) though. ?)
    Coming back to this, Sanskaar’s dialogue – ”What’s the fun if I can’t make you blush?”
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    Aha, I don’t think Sanskaar’s letting Swara step out of his perfectly laid, not planned, seductive trap. ? Shall be looking forward to it. Waiting for 11th. ?
    About the date, I shall prefer a date like MMAI (Ah, those Golden days! I still cherish them. ?) but taking this story into consideration, I guess, a romantic story would suit more. But go for the majority opinion, or even better, your idea! ?

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