Swasan – Saza (28) the end

Here we are

Assalam alikom all dosto

as you read its the end

And an end should be well written

Hope you enjoy this part as I did


After couple of days from MM big scandle swasan were alone at home while ram and sujata out for shopping and uttra and nikil traviled to have some alone time. Sanskar make swara sit in hall on the floor after he put a duvet for their sit with him hugging her back locking their fingers together. His lips were nippling her neck to her shoulders and back…

Swara: ram?!

Sanskar: we already have one, no need for another.


“seriously swara, you wanna name our son sharu”

“no just teasing hahaa”

Sanskar bite her shoulder lightly: stop teasing then

“aww… mmmm what about shiaym”

“hmmmm possible… why all names you say are boys?”

“cause I feel its gonna be aboy”

“achha… well sorry mommy, it’s a baby girl, her daddy ka princess so start suggesting girls names”



“boys Sanskar”

“girls swara”


Sanskar flip swara on her back and start kissing her shoulder and neck playfully

‘aww Sanskar, what you doing?”

“Convincing you on my way”

“and how is tat?”

“if you kept telling boys until I am finished with you then you win”

“Sanskar this is……..”

Sanskar kissed swara lips with passion and love roaming his hands over her body

“Sanskar, that’s not fair… you take advantage of my eyes”

“yea yea I am big bad boy, deal with it”

“Sanskar choro na…”

“sorry mommy it wont work”

Sanskar kiss her over her eyes and swara was simply smiling

“so boy or girl mommy ji”

“sans…” ding dong

Swasan were interrupt by door bell and unwillingly Sanskar went to open the door….

Swara: who is it Sanskar?? Sanskarr??!


Swara heard her mother calling for her and felt Sanskar supporting her to stand

Swara: mom, you came!

Shome: I had too…

Swara: did papa come with you?

There was silence for a while as shome and Sanskar were just exchanging looks

Shome: how could you do it Sanskar?

Swara: do what? What is it mom?

Sanskar: I told you shome ma, I have been merciful on him just because of you.

Shome: but that wasn’t a good way Sanskar

Swara shouted: STOP DOING THIS!! I am here so don’t ignore me. Sanskar you tell me!!

Sanskar hesitate to talk, he afraid swara may not like him for this….

Shome: he put drug to your father’s drink swara, he made him dance in MM at ragini baby welcome party and everyone watch that on network.

Sanskar defended: he hurt swara a lot, he slapped her, I had to to this to him…

Swara: did you really do this Sanskar?

Sanskar was slightly shaking and swara felt him: ha…haaan.

Swara: you should have waited Sanskar…. So I can see it my own eyes.

Shome: what are telling swara….

Swara: why you came now mom? Why now? Let me guess, papa is no longer holding you and left you, if he didn’t you wouldn’t have come…. I may not agree what Sanskar did, but if its for me and if it was me instead of him I will surely hurt anyone hurt my husband ma…

Shome: swara… i…

Swara: please ma, don’t explain to me, I know you better… just leave me for a while and when you come again I will be ok, I am your daughter after all. Sanskar take me to my room please, you …. You won’t let me fall.

Sanskar lead swara to her room and shome left. Swara was silent, so silent and her unlight eyes were adding fuel to Sanskar nervousness whether she dislike him now or no.

Sanskar: swara? Speak to me…

Swara: do you know where is he now?

Sanskar sighted: last I know he left badi as society asked him to leave

Swara: you know …. I feel bad, but not bad enough to feel sympathy.

Sanskar sat beside swara and put his arm around her shoulders

Swara: find him Sanskar, please…. Get him in a home without being known its you…

Sanskar: why swara??

Swara smiled with pain: he is my dad Sanskar… I can’t hate him, for me Sanskar.. please…

Swara was spilt and hurt

Sanskar: ok I will for you my girl… (saying so he hugged her and let her rest in his arms)

It has been a month since swara got blind, her body digest food better now and her baby faced weakness but going fine too. That morning swara was sleeping on top of sansakr and cuddling cutely on him when she felt a call of nature to bathroom, her bladder was having really weird times to be filled. Swara opened her eyes slowly expecting only darkness, but surprisingly it hurt her a lot… the light…

Flash of light and blurriness hurt swara’s eyes and she winced in pain, then her vision softly get better as she saw Sanskar sleeping shirtless but having his white track pants on but then black dots came back and darkness start engulfing her again

“no no no please wait….” But too late, she was all darkened again

Sanskar start to wake up: kya hwa princess…hmmm

“sasnkar I just saw you Sanskar”

Sanskar jerked up from his dream: whaaat?? Princess do you see me ahhh?

“not anymore Sanskar, I am all black” swara hanged her head down

“swara…. Just tell me what happen?”

” I …. I just…. ” she had soft sops, she wanted to be finally ok and see her prince one more time “I wanted to go to toilet… I woke up and light… light hurt my eyes… and.. and then it was blurry and i.. saw you.. you wear white pant… but then fastly all gone… all…. That’s not fair sanskarrrr”

Sanskar hugged swara so tightly: ohhh princess, shshs shshshs I know it’s not fair, but it’s a progress na princess …. so be positive, you will see me sooner than you think princess, now show me your pink smile, come on”

Swara faintly smiled then Sanskar picked her lips lovely and softly showing his gentle love, but slowly the kiss gained energy of passion and Sanskar was having swara’s lips as his breakfast. Swara moaned of pleasure and gripped his neck exchanging same passion but then she bited his bottom lip before he can use his tongue magic

“I need to use toilet”

Sanskar chuckled: yes princess

Swara swore she heard some smirk in his voice and she was correct. Sanskar picked her up from bed as bridle and start walking to the toilet he waited her to finish and then he caught her from behind.

“I miss you swara hmmm madly”


Sanskar start peeling her cloth slowly: morning shower??

He asked evilly knowing that swara won’t be able to reply, he printed kisses over her neck and shoulder while his hands traveled the way down to rest on her slightly plumped tummy. He whisper in her ear

“my princess will be as amazing as her queen mother”

“I am sure he ll be as great as his king daddy”

Sanskar chuckled: huh… we shall see princess, now lets shower, shall we?

Sanskar turn swara around kiss her lips one more time with love and passion while swara hands felt the cold wall behind them and turn the shower on cascading them in warm water. Sanskar plastered his body to swara’s while her hands draw patterns over his abs gaining groans from him and soon they forgot everything while having their love making session.

Swasan got ready and went to the doctor who told them that swara case is improving only and expect to have her sight soon. Swara wanted to see baby s*x too but Sanskar said the surprise will be even more fun.

Then there was another night swasan spending it alone in front of the fireplace where Sanskar resting his head on swara’s lap after long day work and swara simply played his hair for massage, playing again their game…

Sanskar: layla

Swara: too used


“not really”


“she ll be baby sanskar not 45 aged woman”

“right…. Rani”

“seriously???” swara said with a mix of chuckle and smug tune

“well it worth a shot na… how about saraswaati”

“saraswati” swara said trying the name to her lips “bit oldi?”

“well not really and it have letters from our names, its like you can hear the ryhm of our names there…. Sarswati Sanskar Maheshwary… I love it”

Swara leaned down her hand searching Sanskar lips and kissed softly “and I love you”

Sanskar hand reach up and hold swara’s back neck keeping her as he kissed her more and more…. Swara was closing her eyes and when she opened them again the light hit them but softly this time as it was only the light of the fire place she hissed in pain…

“swara!! Are you ok?”

“sanskaaar… hssss… the light… ssss”

“easy on yourself princess” Sanskar said sitting on his own…

Swara start blinking and hissing several times until the light finally seated in her eyes, no blur no darkness, simple soft a shade of red and orange light that belonged to the fire.

“san… sanskaaar” swara whispered softly and two pearls trail down her cheeks.

Swara looked at Sanskar, he was in beard again wearing blue top and black track pant :I see you… sanskaaaar…. I … I see…”

“swara… do you… swara… such….”

Swara sit to her knees and cupped his face: you hate devdas beard hi na…

Swara hugged her so tight: ohh god swara…. Oh god….

Swara hugged him even more tight: Sanskar…. It won’t go na….

Sanskar: let hope not baby… lets hope…

Swara kissed Sanskar neck softly in small peaks whispering “I love you” and Sanskar enjoyed her love calmly. Step by step swara was happy she still see the light and her love and wanted to fill her sight thirst, she took off his shirt and her eyes roamed his perfect body and her hands followed her eyes slowly going down from his neck to his board shoulders then make slow move over his chest and then to his abs

Sanskar moaned: swaraaaa

He felt high by swara touches and hot gaze, he laid on his back dragging her with him and then her lips marked every inch of his upper body, soft kisses but demanding, Sanskar left all control to his wife to do as she pleases as he simply lay moaning her name and groaning from the pleasure. He pulled her hair a bit hard when swara licked over his nipple and sucked lovely, but didn’t maintain control for long time and couldn’t bare the growing sensation in his pants any more so he flipped her and looked to her eyes, he was beyond happy finally seeing them twinkle again, her bubbly eyes filled with light and love and passion for him.

Sanskar sealed his lips over hers in a passion love kiss locking their fingers together and pulling her arms over her head. He made sure where his weight lay mostly and devour each inch of his wife, swara unlikely kept her eyes open watching everything afraid to lose the light again.

Pants, groans, moanings and whispers of s*xy love words filled the room, it was filled with s*x aroma as Sanskar laid on his back panting very heavy and swara in same condition beside him.

Gaining few breaths to calm swara brought herself to lay over Sanskar chest and he circled her waist with his arms and the other hand took one of her hands and close to his lips printing small kisses on the back of her hand

Sanskar between kisses: ohh swara, I love you so much

Swara simply smiled and hugged him while he kept whispering love to her until she slept. Next morning swara eyes hurt as sunlight came to the hall, she hissed and cover her face more in Sanskar chest and wiggle of pain in her head. Sanskar woke of on her wiggle and hisses

“swara baby…”

“it hurts Sanskar… it hurts”

Sanskar hugged her to shield her from light and felt pain in his heart, he cupped her face watching her pain expressions…

“swara please hold the pain and open your eyes… princess”

“I … can’t”

“you can, my jansi ki rani… please”

Swara had two tears flow from her eyes as she try open and close again in pain, Sanskar print two kisses over swara’s eyes and calm her down and slowly she open her eyes resisting the pain and finally opening it totally grapping Sanskar shoulders tight to hold the pain…. She was all blurred again but slowly her vision was clear and watched Sanskar in full day light as he smiled lovely to her

“I missed the color of your eyes jaan”

Then he print a kiss over her forehead and join their foreheads together

“I never missed you Sanskar, you are printed in each inch of me and most place is inside the darkness of my eyes and your features roll over my lashes”

The whole aura around them filled with love and kind and sweet and it was endless… swara eyes no longer hurt but her stomach start aching and Sanskar dragged her to the toilet quickly as she start to have her morning vomits then they showered and Sanskar didn’t leave her all the day enjoying every second of it.

Swara kept the house and didn’t move to a mansion she liked the house the way it is and wanted to keep it. Sanskar thought being daddy was easy, but it was far from it. Swara vomit morning sessions and mood swings, and last but not the least the cravings. But the last pleasure thing Sanskar get was at swara’s fifth month as they were at the room and Sanskar got out from shower and put his perfume then got close to swara, hugged her and she felt something…


“what happen??”

“you ewwwww what is that smell eeeewwww”

Swara took steps back and cover her mouth and nose

“swara what is it? Its just me and my perfume, you always loved it”

“awww god… oh god” swara was happy holding her tummy

“swara talk to me”

Swara got close to him and put his hand over her tummy then got closer sniffing his neck in disgust and then Sanskar felt it too.

Soft shudder, the most lightest kick feel he ever felt, almost not feeling it, swara sniff again and again the kick

“ok ewww ewww I can’t hold your smell anymore” swara stepped away covering her nose

“its not you, it’s the baby… I read that… babies are sensitive to smells, that’s why you can’t hold some smells”

“you….*coughs* you.. read about… babies”

“I am going to be daddy”

“I didn’t even bother reading an essay and I am the mommy here and you already with the books…”

“anyway….” Sanskar made swara sit and spoke softly “you will love this” then he sighted “and will hate me”

Sanskar went for his perfume bottle

“sanskaaar please make this away from me” swara retreat with crunches on her face as the smell was already hurting her nose

“trust me shona”

Sanskar made swara lay on the bed and left her top hem kissing her belly sensually making swara moaning then he spray two times from his perfume on her belly button.

Swara giggled: ahh oh god

Sanskar was moving his hand on her little tummy softly as the baby moves, the baby felt the smell and was wiggling inside swara and it made both of them happy and content.

This day on Sanskar barely could have perfume on around swara, she would always say he smell as rut eggs even when he changed the perfume. But on the other hand she made him buy a sponge ball have concentrated scent of wild mint that she would smell at night, not to mention she always smell his shaving cream scent when she is angry. Swara was so strange to Sanskar with all the hormones but still he loved each second of it.

Swara usually had difficult of walking with her big tummy, yet that morning she started making breakfast for Sanskar, she was preparing toast when she felt his hands circling her tummy from behind and his lips on her earlobe nippling it very softly…

“hmmm good morning prince”

“hmm ahmm good morning queen, why would you do this hmm?”

“cause we take care of each other na baby… so let me care you ok”

“hmmm… i… love… youuuuuu” Sanskar whispered with love slowly brushing his breath over her neck

“sanskaaaaaaaar” swara whisper with mix of love and pleasure and Sanskar hugged her back warmly.

Same day at night Sanskar was sleeping in peace but not for long as his wife was thinking of one thing only

“sanskaaar…. Sanskar wake up na”

“swara, I am so tired leave me”

“sanskaaar, I want pani pury”

Sanskar was so used on swara cravings in the after midnight times. Like he really don’t understand it at all (neither do i) why women crave stuff in the middle of the night, can’t they crave in day light, no… it must be at dawn or something when its too hard to find someone awake not to mention food.

“is it 1 or 2 am??”

“its 4 am Sanskar”

“whaaaat??” Sanskar jerked “where to find pani pury now swara?”

Swara childly and stubborn “I don’t care… I want shahinshah pani pury with light spicy right now”

“sha…. Shahinshah??? Swara that’s an hour far from here. swara please be reasonable”

“reasonable???? Are you calling me crazy????”

Sanskar gulped as he just maddened a pregnant wife “n… no… swara.. I didn’t.. sa….”

“watch it Mr. Maheshwary…. In case you not see it’s your baby who wants to eat not me… and you call me crazy ahhh… ohhh god… now I am crazy… did I have this kid alone ahh…”

“swara I’m sorry please I didn’t mean that.. sorry yaar”

Sanskar was trying to make her stop as he wore his cloth, he know if he let her she will keep her mood swing…

“yaaaaaaaar!!!! Now I’m a yaaaaaar, not your shona any more, ahhh ahhhh” swara would sop…

Sanskar slapped his head and calm his breaths and got closer to her

“shona… please shonna, don’t cry na… I will go wake the shahinshah one and bring you best pani pury my sweet princess, how can I not fill full my princess wish hm… come on calm down now”

“hmmm ohh ok, I am coming with you”

“swara please I won’t be late, it’s late for you to go out”

“I want sanskaaaar”

“ok ok ok come” Sanskar said in surrender before she got all over again.

Both swasan were in the car and after 20 mints swara hissed…


Sanskar” I know baby I am driving fast” Sanskar thought baby kicked for the crave….

Swara breathed hard: Sanskar go to hospital fast…

Sanskar: what? Why?

Swara: cause I think my water just broke

Both swasan looked terrified to each other then swara screamed in Sanskar face making him flinch like a girl….


Sanskar was driving fast and swara was screaming and cursing due to the pain…. As they put her in operation theater Sanskar was there too and swara all sweet and screaming

“ahhhhhh just let it birth yaaar ahhhh ahhhhhh”

“swara you push baby come on and breath remember in out in out”

Sanskar was panicking but try to be calm while holding swara hand




In this all mess nurses try make swara calm and push and finally she did it and baby cries was heard… the doctor held the baby up

“it’s a boy… congratulations”

Both swasan was happy and tears flaw of Sanskar eyes but swara whisper before she faint of tiredness “mommy always right daddy”.

Swara was good and baby was health and Sanskar couldn’t be more happy… they were just so happy, Uttra and nikil always fought over who to carry the baby and end taking turns, ram held his grandson and was so happy proud and happy. This small family hadn’t deal with Maheshwary later and they were just fine.

Sanskar was so content, he bought a camera and would spend his day picturing swara and his son whenever possible, any moment and each moment was special. His favorite moment was little pervert but he couldn’t help it, it was one morning he woke up and swara was sitting on chair br*ast feeding his boy humming slow song and had the most amazing content smile on her face. That time he fastly took the cam and capture it and it made him happy, swara smile made him much happy.

Later that day Sanskar asked nikil to take his family picture, Sanskar sit on a chair taking his baby boy in his arms while swara came sitting on Sanskar lap Sanskar hugged her waist with one arm and both held the boy and


“forever and ever…. Forever and ever I will always love you swara”

“I love you too Sanskar… I love you too”

Swasan kissed on lips and


Then both looked to their boy with love and happiness both chanting his name

“Saras Sanskar Mheshwary”




Pens down

Nothing more to say, except that they lived happily ever after in their small family.

Here I end another story so tell me how you feel about it

I will wait your opinion my dears.

C u all soon in




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