Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 8th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakula Helps Her Family Get Kanha Ji’s Idol

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 8th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone searches for the idol in the garden. Rekha asks Aditya to show the map and says Bakula Bua made difficult map. Vinay says we shall divide and search the idol. They make me and woman’s team. Aditya tells that the idol can be at some place. Vinay keeps his hand there and rat bites on his finger. He shouts saying snake have bitten him. Rekha says cobra bit my Vinu. Rupal says it is a rat. Madhuri, Rupal and Rekha come near the well to break it. Chanchal gets inside her and stops Madhuri from breaking it, gets inside her and asks Rekha and Rupal to search far away from well. Shyam calls Guru ji and asks for murti’s whereabouts. Guru ji asks him to walk in left, right, back and front direction, then jump and dig the land for the idol. Shyam digs the land and suddenly water comes out from land. He shouts saying miracle happened, we got oil from our land, now we don’t need idol. We will be rich.

Vinay checks the water and slaps him. He says water pipe is broken and says once idol is found, I will teach you a lesson. Aditya says he will download metal detector App. He gets his friend call and talks to him. Mohit digs the land seeing the App and finds the jewellery box. Madhuri says it is mine. You have stolen it and hidden it here. Rekha says we came here to search the idol. Aditya shows 10 Rs. coin. Rekha asks him to give to her as she is collecting it. Aditya toss the coin and it disturbs bees hive and honey bees attacks them. Rekha falls on Vinay and romantic music plays…Bakula asks Dabbu to take out idol from that pit and shout that you have found it. She goes there and finds the idol missing. She runs to Bakula and informs her. Bakula says let me think.

Dabbu says I made that map, if everyone comes to know that I made that map identifying my hand writing then they will scold me. Bakula asks her to get fake idol from inside and keep it here. Dabbu goes inside house. Yamraj comes to the thieves house and hears them planning to sell off idol the very next day. He says you had stolen me and beats them. He asks them to drop idol from where they had stolen it. Goon agrees and thinks they are talking to God itself. Niyati and Narad tell yamraj that idol shall be back by tomorrow and asks him to delay the return. Yamraj asks the thieves to dance till morning likes Gopis dance for Kanha. The thieves dance on ladki beautiful song.

Vinay and his family continue to be troubled by the honey bees. Dabbu brings the idol and keeps in the pit. Mohit makes the honeybees go. Dabbu shouts that the idol is found. They all run there and see the idol, gets happy. Vinay says Krishna kanhaiya lal ki jai.

Rekha asks Vinay not to sell this. Vinay says no, he will keep it in inhouse temple. Aditya comes and says fake idol is missing. Madhuri says if it is fake idol. Rupal asks if Dabbu had kept it there and then made us find it. Mohit asks Dabbu if she did this. Rekha says why she will do this. Vinay says when real idol pran pratikstha is done, tears come out from the idol. Mohit asks Dabbu why she is not saying anything and says if tears don’t come from this idol then I will not talk to you all life. Bakula asks Chanchal if she searched the thief. She says she can’t. Bakula says don’t know why her husband is doing this with her. Mani asks her to think about Dabbu and says Mohit will not talk to her if tears don’t come from the idol.

Yamraj continues to make thieves dance till morning. Dabbu thinks pran pratikstha is going to start in sometime and Bua is not here.

Madhuri asks Chandu if he called Pandit. Chandu says he called and he said that he can’t come as he is busy. Madhuri says you would have informed me. Chandu says you didn’t tell me to inform you. Rupal says she heard him. Madhuri calls Pandit and asks him to come. Dabbu thinks she shall leave before her lie is caught. Pandit ji comes. Vinay asks him to start the puja. Rekha asks Mohit if Dabbu is stolen? Mohit says she is not a thing. Rekha says atleast you realized. Dabbu packs her stuff and asks Bakula if she did any one work correctly. Bakula says she made straight jalebi. Dabbu says she can’t live without talking to mohit and shall leave. She comes out and asks Mohit to come to side. She tells him that she is in the house……just then thieves come there and apologizes. Vinay asks who are you? Thieves tell that they are thieves and had stolen Kanhaiya ji’s idol. Everyone is puzzled.

Yamraj asks Kanha ji what is his Leela? Narad says only he can understand his leela. Kanha ji smiles and tells something. Narad and Niyati says Bakula shall not understand what is happening. Mohit asks Dabbu to say what is real. Dabbu says I will not leave the house. Aditya asks them to decide what is real and what is fake? Megha tells that tears is coming from the idol kept in the temple. They all get happy with the God’s miracle. Bakula tells Dabbu that she will faint.

Yamraj comes and says he will tell what happened actually. He says when you entered Dabbu and take out the idol, you heard Mohit calling Dabbu and got out of her body, unaware that fake idol is on the left side and you had kept the real idol on right side. Mohit talked to you and left. When you asked Dabbu to bring the idol, she took artificial one and buried in the land. Bakula says the idol brought by thieves is fake. Yamraj says there is a twist in the story. Aditya says tears coming out from this idol also. They get confused. Vinay asks Pandit ji to show some solution. Rekha says tears stopped from the idol brought by the thieves.

Mohit asks Dabbu to tell what is happening else he will not talk to her. Yamraj whispers in Bakula’s ears. She gets in Dabbu’s body and tells that God don’t differentiates among his idols, he don’t bother which is fake and which is real idol, that’s why he made tears come from both idols. Pandit ji says she is right. Dabbu says we will get the idols tested by the jeweler and whichever is the fake idol, will be immersed in the water. They agree. Megha tells that tears are flowing out continuously from the idol kept in the inhouse temple, this means it is real. Dabbu says this is God’s miracle. She says God didn’t let his bhakts get insulted and says even Bakula was insulted. Rekha says she insulted us. Yamraj tells Bakula that kanha ji did this to make her understand. Bakula says only a husband can do this to explain to his wife and says you must have messaged me. She says she will make everything fine. Pandit ji sings bhajan. They all sing bhajan. Bakula smiles.

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