swasan and raglak @vampires forever part-13



Swara:Ragini Di it here with laksh saw Sanskar I had told u

(swara in happiness to see ragini goes forward to hug her but due to her excitement she drop the glass from her hand and it breaks)

swara:oh no

(swara goes to pick it and gets cut on her hand blood starts flowing from her finger)

sanskar:swara pls lets go from here

swara:but why

(ragini cannot control after seeing the blood since she is new vampire she opens her sharp fangs goes ahead in speed towards swara but sanskar comes in front and puts swara back of him and laksh catches ragini)

laksh:take swara inside please i won’t be able to catch her for long

sanskar:ya i am taking her

swara:what is going on anyone tell me

(sanskar catches her shoulder and takes swara to his room since she is not ready to leave her sister and she is confused)

(laksh is making ragini to calm down,she slowly realises what she did.she is in the verge of crying)

ragini:i tried to drink my own sisters blood how could i even think about it

laksh:ragini pls it’s not us mistake ur new vampire so ur not much used to control urself

ragini:what swara will think

laksh:sanskar will handle it

(mean while in sanskar’s room swara totally shocked)

swara:sanskar she looked like ragini di she is a ghost… no animal…noooo she is not my sister

sanskar:no she is ur sister

swara:no monster she removed those big fangs she was going to kill me she can’t be my sister

sanskar:swara she is ur sister but….she is a vampire like me laksh and our whole family

swara:this is not the time to joke sanskar be serious are u mad vampires pls no kidding

sanskar:u got hurt i will put bandage otherwise even i will get tempt

(sanskar puts bandage on swara’s hand)

Swara:Vampires what rubbish

Sanskar:So ur not believing rgt?

Swara(angry like a child):No

Sanskar (Sighs): Okay I’ll tell you everything from start. That day Laksh and I went out for a walk in the jungle near those mountains and we could smell fresh blood so we kept following the smell and then in the middle of the jungle we saw a girl who was covered in blood was lying on the ground and so first we thought we’ll call our parents and ask them what to do but then it would have been too late for that so suddenly Laksh said let’s turn her like us? And I was a bit confused but we had to save her from dying so Laksh changed her forever. After that we got her home and Laksh took all care of her. He made her feel like home. Soon all her bruises healed. There wasn’t a single day when she didn’t miss you all. She told us such a lot of things about you and how you both spent your childhood and lots more.

Swara: Oh okay but I want proof that even you’re a vampire so show me your fangs.

(Smiles at him)

Sanskar: What no never if I show you my fangs you’ll get scared (He says in his mind: And run away from me and I can’t risk loosing you at all)

Swara: No, I promise I won’t, now come on show me or I won’t talk to you.

Sanskar: Fine but don’t tell me I didn’t warn you

(And shows her his fangs)

Swara (A bit scared but doesn’t show it.): Can I hit them with a hammer and see if they are strong? *giggles*

Sanskar: Oh no miss, they are my fangs you better stay away

Swara: Awww okay *Bursts out laughing*

Sanskar: And by the way, Laksh and Ragini are soul mates.

Swara: HOW do you know that? And I know what’s a soul mate but still tell me? *Shocked with the new information*

Sanskar: Well, the day we turned her into a Vampire like I said we suggested that we’ll first talk to our parents but he hissed at me and was ready to fight and a guy only gets that possessive about a girl when she’s his soul mate and then when she was still healing he helped her with everything. So that proved that she is his soul mate but he isn’t ready to accept it and when we meet our soul mate we instantly feel a connection and we can’t handle another male being next to our mate.

Swara: So what’s the problem? Why isn’t he ready to accept it?

Sanskar: According to him there is no such thing as soul mate. But I know one thing for sure that Ragini knows that they are soul mates but since he won’t accept it she’s keeping that secret all to herself but you know there are a lot of times he gets possessive about her like once she was going to go out with her guy friend and he made sure that she wouldn’t go with him and he succeeded in that and there were a lot such incidents

Swara: You know what I think I have a plan to get them together.

Sanskar: Really? Tell me? I want to see them happy together.

Swara: So what we can do is that we can get Laksh jealous so that he’ll finally accept it that he loves her.

Sanskar: That’s a good idea but how will we do that?

Swara: Firstly we need a guy who will pretend to flirt with Ragini and will get close to her in front of Laksh so that he’ll crack and will confess his love for Ragini.

Swara: But the thing is who will pretend to flirt with her? I think….


Ace: I’ll be that guy beautiful. *Winks at her*

Swara: Ahh! Who are you?

Sanskar (Rolls his eyes at Ace) : This guy here is my cousin Ace and let me tell you he’s a big flirt. Anyways what are you doing here?

Ace: I appreciate the introduction and can’t I come here to see my cousin? Of course I can and you both are welcome and before you ask me why I’ll tell, You both are welcome because I agree to be that guy who’ll pretend to flirt with Rags and I think I’ll be able to defend my self if his vampire instincts take over.

Sanskar: As much as I don’t like you, you’re right. So we can go according to that plan.

Ace: Yeah whatever Sanskar. (Turns towards Swara) Well, Beautiful what’s your name?

Swara: Haha okay well, my name is Swara. I’m Ragini’s sister.

Ace: That’s such a lovely name but of course it’s only because the person itself is such a beauty.

Sanskar (Stands in between them): Enough of the talking now let’s go down and tell Ragini about the plan shall we?

Swara: Yes sure let’s go down.

(All three of them go down and Sanskar guides them to Ragini’s room)

(Swara knocks on Ragini’s door)

Ragini: Yes come in.

(Laksh was sitting next to Ragini consoling her that it wasn’t her fault)

Swara: Di, can I talk to you alone for sometime please?

Ragini (Smiling brightly): Yes of course shona.
(Looks at the guys) Will you’ll give us 5 minutes?

Laksh (In a concerned tone) : Will you be okay alone Ragini?

Ragini (Smiles at him): Yes lucky don’t worry I’ll be fine.

(All the three guys go outside)

Swara (immediately jumps on her and gives her a big bear hug): Di I’ve missed you so so much you’ve no idea.

Ragini (Hugs her back): Shona I missed you much more.

Swara: And I’m extremely sorry that I reacted like that it was just all too much to digest at the same time and then Sanskar explained everything to me and then I guess I calmed down.

Ragini: Don’t worry shona I can totally understand I don’t blame you.

Swara: Thank you so much and I got to know one more thing. (Winks at her playfully)

Ragini (Totally confused): Ummm what are we exactly talking about here?

Swara: Sanskar told me that you and laksh are soul mates (Ragini was about to deny it but Swara stops her) no don’t you even try to deny it, the way you’re blushing says it all.

Ragini (Blushing furiously): Okay yes we are soul mates but he doesn’t believe in them (Looks down on the bed sadly)

Swara: Di don’t worry I’ve a plan that will work awesome for you but all you have to do is a bit of acting of flirting with Ace.

Ragini: What? Are you serious? Will that even work? (Looks hopefully at her)

Swara: Trust me di it will work within seconds but promise me you won’t tell him the truth till end and you’ll do what I ask you to do?

Ragini: I promise I’ll but when do we start the plan?

Swara: From now the second you walk from the room Ace will immediately put the plan in action and all you have to do is flirt back that’s it.

Ragini: It’s going to be a bit difficult but okay I’ll try my best.

Swara: Let’s get the plan on action.

(They both walk out of the room and Swara signals Sanskar and Ace that the plan is on action and Ace immediately gets to it.)

(As Laksh was about to ask Swara if she’s fine now Ace cuts him short)

Ace: Ragini darling are you okay? (And pulls her in to a tight hug)

Ragini: Yes I’m pretty good what about you? (Hugs him back)

Ragini: Oh My God Ace have you been working out lately?

Ace: Yes a bit and after all I wanted to impress you and I guess it’s working *Winks at her*

Ragini: Maybe it is *Winks back at him*

Laksh (Laksh a bit angry now but still covers it up and says): Rags I’m going out for a drive do you want to come?

Ace (Before Swara could say yes Ace cuts in): Don’t be rude Lucky, I came to meet Ragini and you’re asking her to go with you? That doesn’t matter because me and Ragini are going to spend lots of quality time talking to each other.

Laksh (Gives a murderous look to Ace and Ragini): Fine enjoy spending your so called quality time I’m going out and Sanskar tell mum I’ll be very late. (And with that he storms out of the house)


Ragini:Swara yaar what a plan!!

Swara:Yeah I know it will work

Sanskar:Yup it will

Ace(with attitude):bcz of me

Ragini:Ya thanku Ace

Ace:Ur most welcome beauty

Sanskar:Again u started ur flirting business

Ace:Swara dear lets go and discuss about our plan for tomm mission laksh jealousy

Swara:Ya let’s go

Sanskar:I and ragini are also there in the plan,Ace why ur calling oly Swara?

Ace:I flirt with beautiful girls not guys like u if u have mistaken

Sanskar:Oh pls I know u very well

Swara:Ok guys don’t fight we alll will discuss together


Ragini:I will go and bring juice for u Swara since this people will never get hungry but u will

Swara:Thnx di



SANSKAR IN MIND:this guy I told him to do acting in front of laksh and now he started with Swara


RAGINI IN MIND:Omg now Ace will make both brothers jealous Wow!!both are going to smash him…poor Ace

Sanskar:Hey why u both are laughing

Swara:I was telling him about hammering ur fangs…haha

Ace(hitting on Swara’s head):Ya I mean really Swara ur crazy

Swara:Hey y u hit me ur vampire and I am human I got hurt badly

Sanskar:Hey Ace if u trouble Swara I will kick u out of this balcony

Ace:ohhhhh Swara’s bodyguard

Ragini:Swara here I am with ur juice

Swara:It’s yummy after so months I drank juice made from ur hand

Ragini:Thnx shona

Swara:So let’s discuss our mission laksh jealous further part




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