SwaSan RagLak ( my love , my life) episode 2


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Swaragini n sanlak enters mall, swara went 2 d food quarter 2 buy coke

In shop
Raglak entered n started looking fr gifts their phone r of d same model
They both kept their phone on d counter unknowingly
Lakhs took ragini’s phone n leave ragini also thinking it was her phone so she took it n went out

Food quarter
Swara_bhaiya give me 2 coke
Man gives him d coke
Swara opens her clutch n realize that all d money is with ragini so she called her
Swara_ragini,where r u??plzz come 2 d food quarter i dont have money
Lakhs-who is it??
Swara_hello ragini r u listening
Lakhs-hey m lakhs n not ragini
Swara thinks she must have dialled d wrong no. so she cuts d call
Swara-bhaiya m coming with d money frm my friend
Counter man-if u don’t have money u must not have bought it(rudely)
Sanskar comes
Sanskar-how can u talk so rudely 2 a grl
Counter man-she doesn’t have money n bought coke
Sanskar-so what u must nt talk 2 a grl loke that , wait i will pay for her
Sanskar pays d money
Swara-thank u soo much ,wait here i will repay u d money
Sanskar-no need
Swara- i knw boys lyk u v well ,u all first help a grl , then flirt with her and then try to woo her
Sanskar(thinking)-dad is always r8 v muat not help any grl


Lakhsya cuts d call n looks at d phond ,he was shocked 2 look at d wallpaper ,it was a beautiful girls pic.he reminces seeing d grl in d shop he goes inside the shop but by that time ragini had came out. He was irritated n started 2 search fr her im d whole mall
Meanwhile ,ragini came out of d shop n lok at her phone 2 call swara but was shocked as it was nt her phone .d phone did nt had any password so she called at her phone
Ragini phone rang laksh received i
Lakhs- hlo
Ragini-hello, aa who is this?
Laksh-u called u say
Ragini-actually u r talking frm my phone
Laksh-so u have my phone
Ragini-i think yes
Laksh-so where r u
Ragini-at starmark
Laksh-wait there m coming

Laksh goes 2 starmark
He sees ragini standing he recognised her by d Wallpaper he patted her shoulder n she turned
Laksh-your phone take this n give my phone
Ragini-excuse me who r u?
Laksh-are i talked 2 u a while ago
Ragini-ohh sry she gives him his phone, here u go
Laksh-thx bye

Then swara called ragini n she picks d call
Swara goes 2 her n takes her 2 d food counter .By that tym sanskar had already gone
Swara-stupid , i told him 2 wait
Ragini – m tired lets go
Swaragini n sanlak go home

Recap: arshi’s engagement

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  1. Mica

    waaaa… nice meeting of them, luv it rafia

  2. Raglak part is nice

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  4. Hehehe bechara sanky!!!!? ….loved raglak scene…episode ws amaznggg!!!keep rockng n stay blessed???

  5. Superb

  6. Awesome episode

  7. Both raglak and swasan part was fabulous . Update soon.

  8. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear

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  12. Woooowww what a unique meeting.???.loved it.

  13. Rafia

    Thank u all for these comments n I hope u all like d track

  14. Awesome…

  15. Its awesome dear…i cant believe that my sister is so much talented..it was a shock for me…..luv u rafi alot

    1. Rafia

      Thnx my sweet sis for your luv , n m sorry bcoz of 2day…luv u 2 n keep commenting

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