SWASAN RAGLAK—- Hum Sath Sath Hain (part 2)


Hello friends I am back with part 2… Thanks for ur support. Silent readers thanks a lot…..

Part 2
Scene 1

A room is shown where one boy is sleeping. He is laksh. Another boy comes out from the bathroom and wakes up laksh. He is sanskar. They get ready. Laksh is wearing blue jeans with a black t shirt and sanskar is wearing blue jeans with white top. They leave for college.


Ragini goes to her class and sees her place near laksh. She goes and sits near him. Laksh says,” Hi I am Laksh Maheshwari, naam to suna hoga….”
Ragini says ,” Hi I am Ragini Gadodia.. Let’s be friends…” Teacher comes and all start studying.

Swara is going to class and some boys come and start ragging her…. They ask her to dance s*xily….. She gets angry and slaps one boy. They try to touch her…. She gets scared. Suddenly a boy comes and starts beating them all. He saves her. She thanks him and they go to their class.

Preacap— 5 yrs leap.. Laksh ragini swara and sanskar are best friends….

Credit to: Aisha Kapoor

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  1. What 5yrs leap

  2. tooooooo short

  3. no 5 years leap

  4. Why so soon leap???

  5. Awesome but it is tooooooo short

  6. plz make it a lil bit lenthy

  7. interesting but it was a short update… please make it lengthy…

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