Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 18

Hi guys,Swasan Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 18
Scene 1:Next year,school reopening day.
Swara ,Ragini and Laksh has come early,Laksh tells them he is very excited to join them from that year,they wait at the usual place where Swaragsan meets daily,Ragini tells, “but where is this Sanky,I wana go and check if we all are in the same division,they see Sanskar running and coming,he says,”hi”,Ragini replies, “your hai,come here”.They go A division and their names are are not there,then to B and sees Laksh there,Laksh is sad,then they go to C and don’t find the the three names and is super excited and says, “so me,Swara and Sanky are in IX D,Lucky ji better luck next time ji…”Laksh shows anger seeing Ragini’s happiness,he says, “Don’t think I will leave u all,but now don’t come behind,let me go to my class ,”,Ragini says, “haha,only during free time and tuitions we will have to bear you,thank God”,Laksh again gets angry.Sanskar holds his shoulder and says, “come baba,new boy na,we will make you sit and then only we will go”Laksh again gets angry,other three smiles and leads him to his class.
Scene 2:Same day,afternoon after class
First day,so only half day,all four gather at the parking area,Swara reminds them, “tuitions will start tomorrow only,no?but don’t forget to come home today,Chetan is going to LKG,lazy he is,no body else will be there,a small get together,only you three are invited,so should come and boost him up,they agree and smile….

Scene 3:Evening,Swara’s house
Swara tells them that Chetan is now very excited to go to school,he has come to show them his new bag and books,SANLAKRAG smiles,Ragini goes and lifts Chetan up in the air,they spend some good time with the kid,they give him a small gift and after some time Laksh and Ragini leaves,Mukesh has taken taken Sanskar with him to the library at their home and tells him, “Swara had once told that only u have reading habit,u may take books from here,it is an old collection,u can read and return as per convenience,they then come out,Mukesh and Sumi asks Swara to take him to entertainment room,on the way to it,Swara shows her room to him from the corridor,through the door,Sanskar sees Shekhar’s photo on the wall,he asks her who that is?
Swara says , “I had always thought about telling you this,he was my role model,my best friend,my life,my Papa,left me alone and went away when I was in first standard,you know something Sanskar,we were in debt that time it seems,business graph was fluctuating,mom was forced to marry our G.M and he is my dad now,I know he is not a bad man,but still,I don’t even talk to him much,it is not because I hate him but I cant imagine anyone in my Papa’s place so I don’t give him space,you were right that day,I’m a bad girl,I hurt my dad,but at the end of each day after hurting everybody I used to get hurt myself,each day,Papa reminded me that I was wrong,wet pillow reminded me that my heart was wounded ,but now, I am atleast trying not to hurt others purposely,Sanskar stands there without knowing what to tell her,he just softly says, “Swara,if u don’t mind I want to go near Papa’s photo,”he goes inside and comes back after a minute, “Swara,I wanted to apologise to him first for hurting you,I had felt some sorrow was hidden in your eyes,but then thought u were a spoilt,stubborn girl,didn’t know the pain hidden inside your heart,I don’t know what to tell,but I know something,if you had somebody to be your support u at that time,atleast you would not have had to go through this pain,I am very sorry for mentioning about you not respecting dad,I am sorry for all the harsh words I have spoken to you,I mean it Swara,forgive me,She smiles and says, “leave it Sanskar,don’t spoil your mood,I am very happy,now I have three good friends to share everything and a best friend,Sanskar asks ,who is that best friend?She looks into his eyes and says, “you,Sanskar”,Sanskar is surprised as well as happy,he doesn’t know what to say,he tells her, “I don’t know if I deserve that status but thank u Swara,”Swara smiles looking at him,after some time ,Sanskar leaves.

Scene 4:Swara’s room
She goes and stands in front of Shekhar’s photo and tells him, “you saw Sanskar na papa?today I told him that he is my best friend,I wish I could tell him that I love him,but Papa,it is ok,but now itself tell God that I want him as my partner ,tell ok,God will listen to you,gudn Papa”,she goes and holds her pillow,she imagines all the moments with Sanskar,she smiles and hugs the pillow and lie down,now u r not getting wet ,u know why?because I am not sad,I feel I have a purpose in life,I will study well and I will wait for him ”…………

  1. Amazingly written your fanfiction is fabulous and my favourite

    1. Thank u dr,m humbled and honoured…

  2. Awwwwwsssssssssmmmmmmmm……………..di. Bt di plzzzzzzz….don’t tk much tm to updt d episodes. I cnt wt na…

    1. Thank u dr,I will try to reduce the gap but Im not sure dear,,let me see

    1. Thank u dear and I had replied thrice to ur comment under the episode on 24th but I think it is still not uploaded,m happy for u dear,tc…

    1. Thank u dr.

  3. Oh God Didi aaj toh u brought tears in my eyes? really !!! I am seriously touched by today’s episode uu cant imagine how much !!!! Swaras speaks of her father as if he’s still beside her like her shadow ders so much hidden in dat part of story the way she was describing him I’m so overwhelmed by ur writing that was I the moment my eyes were moist but wen sanskaar went in n came back Oh God this guy is soooooo adorable my eyes turned wet from moist by his words how understanding he is the way he asked sorry for all the things he did which were actually rite in der own way yet he apologized I must say he’s gem of a person wish i meet smbody in real life like him!!! Aaj ka episode de dil khush kar diya n best u always save for last the way she spoke to her dad n pillow oh God n dat brilliant line” i ve a purpose in life ill study n I’ll wait for hjob brilliantly written n expressed n BTW not to forget Chetans excitement in showing his new bag n book that was really cute moment Finally best friends eh? yet long way to go vinni great job

    1. Thank u my dear,wat should I say?u always makes me happy with your comments,the way u point out,thank u..

    2. wake up wake up……
      4 jan tak hume next ka intjar karna hai……….

    3. Nahi hota Didi kya karne? like ssly why 4th Jan till 1st toh it was like okayyyy but 4th

    4. Vini Grace Ross

      Today I sat n planned next episode,should type it now..

  4. OMG I never realized it became this big?? but wat to say can’t cut short it because it’s not enough to praise u?

    1. no probs dear,actually u and a few others ,I take it as a big source of support..

    2. No but seriously this episode will be very close to me I just donno but I read it out to my mom n she too said dat the writer thinks so deep it s very emotional I loved it….. A lot

    3. M happy,u know y,cos,I typed it in a hurry(most of the episodes are like that,thank God,u all r tolerating me)and ,regards to ur mom,,,

    4. Tolerating like ssly?? I’m dat case dear I’m ready to tolerate it for a lonnnggg loooooong looooonnnngg period

    5. N I agree with u I donno many a times wen u plan out n focus implement things it goes off beat but wen u just do it in hush hush it turn out to be extremely well☺

    6. That is true dr regarding last minute prep giving good results,mostly during vivas,aha,I dono wat u all will feel wen I proceed with the track I have planned,most probably u all will regret supporting my ff,cos that wonderfully stupid track it is going to be,I feel if I don’t put some effort to pull it off sensibly then this comments column will be filled with ‘good’ words for me,haha,can’t wait…

    7. Oh come on now… Ur being modest don’t u see these many comments u get inspite if having not even a single romantic scene or sequence wer as at this point if time viewers are fulfilling their demand through nyc sweet romantic ffs on SwaSan…. So that means mere pyari behna ki aap bohot acha likhte ho the way u write things makes us go deeper in our thoughts….. So why do u fear wen Shraddha is here? lol? kidding ur great u know it all ur readers know it u just chillax n keep loving us by updating mannnnyyyy ffs?

    8. Vini Grace Ross

      Y do u fear wen Shraddha s here,no? Haha,m not afraid instead I feel strong cos f u all….actually I don’t think I will ever be able to write expressive romance,mine don’t have it ,still u guys r supporting me so much,n m not a good writer,there are a few good writers in this site,if I mention,others will feel bad,I feel if I get a scene to direct I may modify n do it in my style,have done small attempts for skits during college, but writing,still,honestly,I don’t consider myself as a writer.

    9. Ur concept is so refreshing n innocent n how u shape up the plot is the best part of it I atleast Love it now u plz start loving ur writings skills ? because itna nervousness theek nahi hai else shall I say ur becoming that topper girl which u had mentioned earlier??

    10. Vini Grace Ross

      M not nervous baba,it s just that I know m not a writer,wen I type I visualise the scenes as though these characters are going to act in front f me,can’t call it script as it requires some more detailing,a mini script I would call…writing …topper girl told the same yesterday after PSC test.. Won’t change ..haha..bt m not like that baba,I know my limitations ,that’s y m saying like this..

  5. Vinni 🙂 u are awesome

    1. Thank u dr

  6. i m speechless today……..
    u rock today…..
    1st day of school,nok jhok between them.chetan’s excitement…superb……..
    swara and sanskar’s conversion is mind blowing…… she is sharing her feeling related to her dad (shekhar) to sanskar…..i think she is sharing dis feeling wid some1 at 1st time…….u have differentiated her feelings toward shekhar and mukesh very welll…..perfect……….
    sanskar’s apology 1st to her dad and then he says sorry to swara…..yr dis is so heart touching…………
    bina jane harsh word us karna and all superb…….
    last paragraph is amazing,superb,perfect most imp there is lots of innocence (tell to god na he will listen to u,pillow scenes and all perfect…….

    1. My dear,I dont know wat to say,u understand ,na,how much ur comments means to me,hope I will not disappoint u,thank u for understanding every word dear,thank u,don know wat else to say.

    2. one thing i have noticed….
      i dnt knw i m ri8 or wrong…..but i want to share wid u…
      there is a scene mukesh has taken sanskar to his library….mukesh ko yaad raha ki only sanskar has a reading habit….
      matlb he loves swara a lot…..uski bachchhi ki face par uske jin doston k wajah se smile dubara wapas aayi hai wo log bhi mukesh k liye important hai.special hai….
      (old books collection…..aayla…superb….)

    3. You are cent percent right dear,I’m shaping Mukesh’s character in a such a way cos the track requires it later,and,ya,I have a small collection of books so I simply added that,then my parents knows about mine n bro’s friends,same way theirs knows about us,that is y I told m writing based on some characters I have met in real life…

    4. same here di…….
      my friends are my equal partners in my parents love…..
      u have a collection of books….
      really good yr……….
      u r too good……

    5. Yea,now I miss my friends a lot,my bestie is in London,havent seen her for two years,then others are at different places,memories are precious,and collection of books,not many dear,m not a voracious reader…

    6. i can understand ur feelings…..
      ur best frnds are at different places but at the same time they all are at the same place and that place is ur heart….they are away from u physically but they r wid u in ur precious memories….
      so always be happy….

    1. THank u dr

  7. Amazinggggg veena. Awesome.

    1. Thank u Tara,some episodes just happens like that,many others would be boring,even I wont be satisfied..

  8. Diiii super super super episode

    1. Thank u Appus………

  9. Itss very nice.. well vini how old are u..

    1. Thank u dear,haha,good question dear,well, 28…

    2. oh so i should call u vini di.. right? huh..

    3. U may call anything dear,no probs…

  10. Really superb….no words to say..☺

    1. Thank u Shabrin for this support………

  11. omg..vini Di this was heart touching epi..the way swara told her feeling abt her father to sanky..it touch my heart..you have expressed her feeling very well that i got tears in my eyes..then the best moment of this epi when sanky went to swara’s fathers photo n apologies..ohh i hv no words abt that..other then this swaraglaksan were so cute..swara sanky “best friends”..!! swara telling her father to tell god abt sanky..wow..u know what Di this small small heart touching moments made me love ur ff..

    1. Niti ,I often forget to mention,u r also there in my army of analysts along with a few like Joya and Shraddha(a few more are there but these two daily makes me wonder),thanks dr for understanding this simple storyline of mine in the sense that I wish u all understood..

  12. Awesome yaar

    1. Thank u dr

  13. Loved it yaar….u rocked today. ….keep going….

    1. Thank u dr…

  14. Awesome…. I got tears in my eyes today… 🙂

    1. Thank u dear,oh,glad to hear that u felt it..

  15. Superb

    1. Thank u dr

  16. make a leap and make sanskar a rich and spoiled brat coming back from london and swara a
    normal rich bookworm type of girl and raglak apair –that was suggestion if u like it then plz apply on story

    1. I respect ur suggestion,but m very sorry dear,most probably u will be very disappointed with the track that m going to write,but this one I wish to write in a way that I have planned,I think many would be disappointed,m waiting to see the feedbk under those episodes,but,sorry once again,m not being arroagnt and stubborn,I wish to develop the one line in my mind,a little away from typical style of all zz well…yea,all will be well but after a lot of moments..

  17. Awesome Dr..last para was very emotional wen she talked to her father’s photo…And her pillow.. Wow superb. Dr love u lot.. Ever time u make my day..

    1. Thank u dear,m happy that u liked it,thank u very much for this support,once in a while type ur full name,it is a nice name dear..

    2. sethulakshmy(sethooty)

      haha k dr..actually i always used my short name ..njan mikkappolum marannu pokum

    3. Hei,so happy to see ur name,nice name it is…

  18. Speechless.. No words to describe…
    Your writing in ff is so mature & heart touching…
    And the way the thinking of Swara u portrayed is really well…
    If possible please update two episodes per day…

    1. Had replied to ur comment below..

  19. once again, an amazing update… well going… loved it more than the word describes it… the blooming feelings are awesome… keep it up…

    1. *loved it more than the word could describe it

    2. Thank u dear,m humbled and honoured……….

  20. Ur ff is d best one I,ve ever read..keep updating soon:);) ur simply d best!!

    1. Shria,thank u,m truly humbled and honoured but as the track proceeds it will have similarity to some familiar scenes…

  21. Thank u dr,wish to write more than one but a lil busy dear,shall try..

    1. This was my reply to u Sravya..

  22. Telly team has mentioned under submit new article that they will accept ff’s again from the 4th of January only( due to holidays)…………so next part will be on 4th,Wish u all a very happy new year in advance…….

    1. dis is not fair…………………………

  23. This is just not done….. I mean 5 to 6 days without u all ? Happy New Year in advance then to all the readers n writers? but tellyupdates team rehem karo

  24. Wow veena Sis it was awesome?
    Especially swasan scene was very emotional….
    Keep it up?☺

    1. Thank u dr,glad to know that u were reading..

  25. Actually Joya and Shraddha,was not getting time to think about upcoming episodes,dont hit me but m feeling a bit relieved,haha,no need to think for two three days ,na?my father in law is here,can take care of him,ah,but shall try to be regular from 4th..

    1. Now coming to u my dear sissy see ajka episode ko he lelo hadbadi me likha hai lekin it itna dil ko chugaya woh…. Toh aapko time ki kya zarurat hai aptoh aise he itna acha likhte ho but since now u ve mentioned u got some time so let me put some pressure on u?? I would be expecting Vini spl episode on 4th eh?? just kidding nothing as such chill n enjoy thses days because I know its easy for us to read n comment but it takes a looooot n loooit more for u to write happy mini vacation??

    2. Vini Grace Ross

      Mini vacation,ha,kind of,but busy too,I think it s better not to plan ,and next I have planned ,though,s simple one..take care dear

  26. ohhhh ho……
    u r feeling a bit relieved….. that’s nice……
    but what’s about me and specially my heart…?????
    i m going to miss u alot…
    thank you shraddha and vini di for ur valuable compliment ( related to my Hindi)
    humne nahi pata tha ki aap dono humre comment ko observe karte ho….
    thank you so much…..
    most imp happy new year……….
    telly updates ko follow shayad hume karna hi tha,
    aap jaise achchhe logon se mulakat k liye koi bahana bhi to jaruri tha….
    gujare is saal me yaade hongi kuch baate hongi
    aanewale saal me naye sapne,ummide nayi hongi…
    khushiyon ki samruddhi ki barasat har pal ho
    aap sabko naya saal tah-e-dil se mubarak ho…….
    again thank you….
    missing u guys….

    1. I’ll respond to this…have to..

    2. Hi dear,will miss u too,shall share my thoughts with u,to start with,I was not a regular reader of this site,used to wonder Wats the use of commenting here,then happened to write one ff episode,felt bored after 7 and stopped,bt simply checked after a few days,a few were still there asking for next update,came bk and it reached 36 somehow though it is an average one,may be it was destined to meet u all thru the ff,a few of u r like younger cousins,we havent seen each other,diff states, language,culture n back grounds,still wen I reply,I get a feel that m responding to my cousins,(and u Rupsikha,if u r reading this,u r d one who broke the ice),I was n still is a little prejudiced if it is right to share n reply here bt the honesty in all ur comments makes me reply from heart,and I often think,since my name n things that I share is not fake,then I should not think that others are fake,they also will be genuine,and regarding ff,don’t know if I’ll write another one after completing this but will surely remember all of u especially you,Rupsikha,Vinita,Appu,Shraddha,Sethooty, Leku,Niti,Manu if I name a few ,others n their feedbk are also very important but I think I personally chat more with u guys,then ur words,especially those in Hindi,goes straight to my heart,I feel n see a strong support in u guys,thank u for being there,glad that m in touch with u,wish u a very happy new year, dear…God bless…

    3. hi….
      actually i m not regular watcher of swaragini…i was not regular reader of dis site..u stopped ur writing at same time i read ur story.(dt was 1st ff jo humne padha tha)
      monday,Tuesday sometimes Wednesday ko ek marathi show dekhte hai..aise hi bus stop pe baithe baithe telly updates pe swaragini k missing episode padh rahe the aur apka ff dikha…fir bus waha se safar shuru huaa apke sath….aur aaj dekho naye rishton ki suruvat ho rahi hai…u r ri8.we have not seen each other…we r from different background but relationship does not need dis na..bus dil k rishte hai yeh..inke liye yeh sab jaruri bhi nahi hai na……
      we r trying to know each other through comments…… jaise har kisi ki comment unke soch ko represent karti hai…all r so supportive……truely speaking i m sharing special bond wid u…
      thank you so much….
      thank you so much RUPsikha…
      ha humne bhi lagta tha ki internet pe kai log fake hote hai..isliye actually humne bhi yaha par comment k liye dusra nam use kiya…actually i m not saying my name joya is fake bcz my my best frnd call me by using dis name….uska kuch spl bond hai joya nam k sath isiliye wo humne is naam se bulata hai….but my thoughts and feelings are genuine,true….hope u all understand……
      my real name is Sheetal….

      thank you so much
      thank you so much…….

    4. vini di u said joya,u should write for us…..
      off course di……
      i know how bad writer i m…..
      bad me padhne ke baad yeh mat kehna aap log ki koi achchhi wall hi dundh kar deti yeh.wahi sir patak dete….isko likhne ki kya jarurat thi…..

    5. Arey thank God warna I would ve missed this comment….
      1st of All Joya kya baat hai aap toh hint pe hint de rahe go ki aapki Hindi lajawab hai.isi baat pe try toh karke dekho kya pata likhna aapka kwaab hi…. N btw Thank you sooo much wish u all the luck health n happiness not only u to everybody!!!?

    6. Now coming to u my dear sissy see ajka episode ko he lelo hadbadi me likha hai lekin it itna dil ko chugaya woh…. Toh aapko time ki kya zarurat hai aptoh aise he itna acha likhte ho but since now u ve mentioned u got some time so let me put some pressure on u?? I would be expecting Vini spl episode on 4th eh?? just kidding nothing as such chill n enjoy thses days because I know its easy for us to read n comment but it takes a looooot n loooit more for u to write happy mini vacation??

    7. After reading urs now even I’m feeling like to express my feelings
      1st n for most I never thought that ppl actually do comment on this website I used to think its all fake? ?den 1 fine day I realised no they actually do comment n den these ffs started to be posted n vini didi urs is the 1st ff I ever commented on n now ders no stop? but ur ff I cudnt stop myself n u are the one who started this personal reply n I agree rupshika played a role in dat because i uesd to read dem but never ccomment because I used to feel how to say abt us without even knowing den n dp profile nothing is der just a name n dats it but gradually I opened up I realised ppl do share their details n all the comments are genuine n real now I’m one among dem

    8. thank you so much shraddha….
      1st don’t call me aap….jaise upar ke upar k comment me kaha hai ki i m sharing special bond wid u guys….
      sach batao to likhte hai hum thoda thoda par wo itna achchha nahi hai…bus ek story ka editing kiya tha….
      koshish karenge achchha likhne ki……

    9. Shraddha darling,U know something,thru comments I have an idea abt a few of u in my mind,I may be wrong but wen I thought about Ragini’s character in my ff today u came to my mind..don’t know..bt I’m not joking..n abt Joya’s writing,I love it..Joya,u should write for us…and Shraddha dear,a very Happy new year to u…regards to ur mom too…

    10. Vini special episode,thank u for mentioning that it was a joke,is there something like that?? My vehicle s always moving in the same track,bt u guys r so good,haha,m too lazy dear,ah,if I write in a hurry,at least I will write something,I thought abt next episode bt feeling lazy to type it..I open a M word page n stare at it n close it,new hobby that is…

    11. Joyaaaa aka sheetall dono he naam bohot khubsoorat hai!!!! Aur dekha mujhe laga he tha ki aap sorry? tum likhti ho kyunki ur Hindi as a language I’m not saying ur thoughts abt ff n their interpretation is what that makes me think ki u might be good at writing n BTW Happy New year!

    12. N vini didi hawwww u guesed quite rite because I also keep comparing myself with ur ragini even I’m a total buk buk Rani….. During my school days my teachers used to call me chatter box n walky talky?? n even after being tall they used to make me sit in 1st bench to keep an eye on me? I also think that theres resemblance BTn me n her ? but ur dentist or psychiatrist ha?? n wish u too a very Happy New Year!!!! Thank you so much for wishes n Honestly even for me it has become a habit of checking out fr ur comments now?

    13. N no it wasn’t a joke by vini special episode I meant some really nyc stuff that u write…. N joke was a part but not for this it was wer I said I’m pressurising u?? hehe theres absolutely no pressure just go with the flow because that’s ur high point I feel like u just write it n it turns out to be great

    14. Hei dear,through ur comments u made me feel that u have resemblance to Ragini’s character in my ff,haha,sitting in first bench,was smiling reading that,u guys will expect a decent episode n dono wat rubbish I will type n post in episode 19,wen I used to write one daily I didn’t feel this laziness but now very very lazy ,ah,hope I will write something n post on Monday ,one thing I would like to mention ,things which may seem to be irrelevant in the episodes will have relevance later..simple n common track it is but even m waiting to c what all scenes will be there…

    15. Arey chill don’t worry ull be great as usual n u know what joya is actually rite bechare Monday ko itna pyaar aur importance kabhi nahi mila hoga?? n see didi pressure badhta ja raha hai badhta ja raha hai
      ??hehehe kidding no pressure nothing just exitment m fewling monday there will be over flow in sswaragini section m so gonna love Monday I tell u? n ragini part ssly ya I’m extremely chattar pattar but m composed a bit now wen I see rupshikhas comment I feel like arey yeh toh meri behen hai?

    16. Ha,u r right,there will be an overflow of ff episodes from Monday,all r not lazy like me,no?and regarding Rupsikha’s and ur comments, haha..bt she sounds like ur naughty younger sis…

    17. Vini Grace Ross

      Hi dear,Sheetal,nice name,I’ll reply ok,m missing letters n typing wrong ones,sleep is playing with my eyes..If I continue typing now then most probably our relation will end..I will come bk dear n Niti,Mickey, Vinita, Harini.. I’ll respond ,ok…..

    18. Joya dear,so it s my luck that u happened to read my ff that day ,I got to know u,yes dear,though we haven’t seen each other(Saba must have seen me thru fb) still I believe the honesty in our comments connects us,now like Whatsapp ,I check this site wen I get time,even my hubby laughed wen I read out a few comments at the start,I understand u dear n u have a beautiful name,thank u for mentioning it…lots of love…

  27. Ohhh??..dat’s nt fair yr..dt mns hume 5days wt krni hogi!!…me toh aapke ff ki liye 1din v wt nhi kr skti thk se…pta h bar bar chck krti rhti hu..bt kya kr skti hu wt krni ki alaba..so….!! !!Anyways Wish u a vry vry vry happpppppyyyy wala new year di n 2 allll offfffffffff u guyzzzzz???(in advnce)

    Hei Vinita?whre r u dr?…hmmmmmm 2maloi Noboborkhor bhtt bht bht huvessssa jonalu??..

    1. Mickey baba,after a long time u r bk to form under my comments column,glad to c that,u wer the one who made me reply to personal comments so ur silence was felt,but I understand the situation dear,and a very happy new year to u too,may u be blessed with all happiness n yea,thank u for the wishes,then since I didn’t understand wat u wrote for Vinita,is it a new year wish ??wat I felt like telling after reading that was,don’t scold Vinita like this,leave it ,leave it…

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