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Recap : swara’s vulnarable state, ragini being reliefed , swara hands bleeding..
|SHOT 3 |

Episode starts from swara folding her hands infront of doctor nd asking him about sanskar….!!

” doctor plzzz kuch tho bolo !! Kya hua hamari sanskar ko !! ” swara asked him with pleading eyes….!!

” wo…we saved him but i m sorry he is fully paralised !! Mam ur hands nurse !! Nurse !! Treat her !! Xcuse me ”

saying so doctors walks away from there..leaving shattered swara !! Nurse came there nd tries to hold her bleeding hand…!!

Swara falls on the floor with a thud uttara nd pari came nd holds swara…!! There sujatha’s state was also not less she is fully shattered…!!

Nurse tries to hold her hand !! ” i dont need any treatments…!! Nd i dont want to be treated also !! Where is doctor i want to meet !! Want to ask him !! ”

Said swara while jerking her hand nd ran straight to the doctor’s room ( guys this is swasan ff so i m concentrating on them only )

” abhi bhi ye sanskar zindha hai !! I need to do something ” ragini murmurs herself nd leaves from there…!!

swara enters the room as a strom !! Doctor starled by her entry !! He getsup being scared …!! Nd sees her bleeding hands !!

” kya hua mrs.maheshwari !! Till now u didnt get treated i told the nurse na…whe…” doctor stops as swara interupted !!

” doctor plzzz ab ye baath ko chodiye..!! Plzz tell me there is any way to cure sanskar i mean any operation or surgeries…!! Plzz i want my sanskar back ” swara asked crying !!

” no mrs.maheshwari there is nothing in my hands…!! The nerve which is responsible to movements had damaged in sanskar’s brain..!! We cant do operation also soo…i m really sorry ” said doctor nd leaves the cabin !!

Swara leans on the wall nd cries like hell !!
After sometime

” sir we have shifted the patiant to the normal ward !! U can meet him after 30 min !! ” said nurse..!!

” Nd sir here is the wheel chair for mr.sanskar ” said the ward boy while handling a wheel chair to dp !! Sujatha cries out loud….!! Ap consoles her !!

Swara was now standing there like a lifeless body !! There is no more tears to fall down !! The only thing which is running on her mind is ” HOW SANSKAR IS GOING TO BEAR THIS !! ”

she is not thinking that how can she manage him !! but the thing which is haunting her is what will sanskar do after he came to know he is paralised !!

What he ll feel if he came to know that his upcoming life will be only in the wheel chair !!

” i have done what u said !! ” doctor said to the person with a sad face…!! While looking around assuring that no one is watching them !!

” thank u doctor ” said the person with a fake smile !! Nd looking at the ground with a blank face !!

” but mr.maheshwari ur wife !! She is really broken !! I cant tell her more lies…!! Plzz dont ask me to do more ” said doc !!

” i know doctor !! Swara was broken !! Nd i know that she loves but i need to what she can do for her love..!! Nd this not for that only…!!

I want to know who did my accident…!! Nd i need to destroy that ragini also…!! I cant do anything with ragini if i was normal…!!

But now i can anything with her…!! She cant even get to know that i m going to be the reason of her fall !! ” said sanskar with a smirk…!!

” what ever mr.maheshwari plzz dont make ur wife cry more..!! ” said doctor to which sanskar gave a warm smile !! Doctor leaves nd sanskar again lay on the bed !!

” i know swara u love me !! But i cant offered that again u can take me granted !! I want to know how much u ll face to get ur love !!

I cant loose my love again !! ” sanskar said while wiping his tears nd covers himself with the bedsheet….

” mr.sanskar ko hosh aagaye hai…!! Now u can see him ” said doc with a smile…!!

Whole maheshwaries getin the cabin…!! Swara was standing outside !! After a long cries nd talk !!

” badi papa , can we out lets give some time to bhai nd babhi !! ” Said uttara to which all nodded nd leaves the ward sending swara inside…!!

Sanskar was expecting eagerly to see his love…!! His life…!! His swara…!! The door got opened swara came in but not the swara who used to lighten the situation…!! She is all pale nd dull..!! Nd tear marks are still there in her cheeks….!!

Sanskar’s heart winches at the moment..!! seeing his swara all pale…!! Nd exhausted…!! Nd moreover her bleeding hands..!! He wants to scold her for not taking care of herself…!!

He wants to treat her wound…!! Nd needs to kiss her temple ..!! In order to assure her that he is with him…!!He wants to hug her….!!

Nd to protect her in his embarass !! He want to tell her that he is fine…!! He want to take her in a bone crushing hug to make her feel him fully fit nd fine…!!

But no…!! He clutches his fist inside the bedsheet…!! Nd closed his eyes to let a lone tear came out of his eyes…!! Swara sees him…!! Sanskar opened his eyes at the instand their eyes met…!! A painful eyelock took place…!!

The moment reality hits her mind…!! She cant see her sanskar like this…!! Like an immovable body in the hospital bed…!! She cant see him like this…!!

Swara ran out covering her mouth with her palms…!! Maheshwaries sees her running !! Adarsh and laksh follows her while the rest of the family crying nd cursing their fate….!!

” i m sorry swara…!! For letting u cry this much…!! But this needed u need to realise our love…!! See after that i wont let u to fall a drop of tear also…!!

I promise u swara…!! U ll be mine..!! Nd i ll be urs forever…!! ” Said sanskar while wiping his tears.!!


Swara was crying like hell…!! Sitting on her knees infront the car’s bannet…!! Lakrsh came there nd bcm sad seeing her crying…!!

Shomi nd shekar came there at the time…!! Laksh ran to her…!! Nd tells her what all happened….!!

” Maa plzzz only u can convince her…!! She is crying since morning…!! She didnt ate anything also…!! Plzzz maa u go to her…!! I ll go nd bring something for her ” Said laksh nd leaves frm there with shekar nd adarsh….!!

Shomi kneels down infront of swara…!! Swara hugs her nd cries…!! She broke the hug…!!

” maa doctor bol rahi hai Sanskar paralise hogaye…!! Now how can i face him ma…!! How can say him that failed to save him…!! How can i see my love this condition ma…!! ”

Saying so swara hugs her nd sobs silently….!! Shomi parted from her…!! Nd cups her face

” shona…!! First listen !! U know sanskar rite…!! Do u think he will scared of his this state…!! Nahi swara kabhi nahi..!! He ll fight against this..!! He had that will power…!! U have to be strong…!!

Shona now needs a support…!! He needs u…!! He needs u as his support shona…!! Dont make him weak by ur tears…!! Dont be his weakness…!! U have be his strength….!! ”

Said shomi in a determined voice…!! to which swara wipes her tears…!! Nd standsup…!!

” u r rite maa…!! I want my sanskar back…!! My sanskar needs to face this world now…!! For that i ll be his support…!! ” Said swara…!!

Shomi hugs her nd pecks her forehead…!! Nd both goes inside the hospital…!!
Precap : sanskar came to know about ragini’s hand behind his accident….

Ok guys i know its a boring part sry for that…!! Nd now answer my questions…??

• What will be ragini’s nxt step..??
•What will sanskar do after knowing about ragini’s hand in his accident…??
•What will swara do after knowing sanskar’s plan…??

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