Archi love story!! Part 11

Aryan left from sanch’s house. After aryan’s departure sanchi called Rohit.
Sanchi- mera kaam ho gaya?
Rohit-yes sanchi. Don’t worry. Tune jaisa KAHA bilkul waisa Kiya HEI mene and don’t worry everything is in the way you wanted.
Sanchi-OK but yaad rakhna agar Kuch bhi garbage hui na toh phir mein tujhe….
Rohit- pata HEI TU mujhe mardalegi.bit don’t worry woh nobad hi NAHI ayegi.
Sanchi- fine so let’s meet at Jaipur highway at the bike race at sharp 11:30 pm.
Sanchi-ab Aryan ko phone karke batati Hoon ki bike race 11:30 ko meone prepone kardia.
Sanchi calls Aryan.
Aryan- sanchi ji ne mujhe saksshat phone Kiya. I can’t believe it.
Sanchi- shut up.
Aryan-ok. Bolo any work?
Sanchi- yup. Maine tumhe yeh batane Kiya o have preponed the schedule of bike race. 11:30 at Jaipur highway.
Aryan- prepone kardia. Any prob?

Sanchi-no no . No problem. Bas aisehi.
Aryan- fine toh milte HEI sharp 11:30 at Jaipur highway.
Sanchi- OK!
Sanchi cuts the call.
She goes in front of the calendar and marks the date of tomorrow and smiles.

At 10:30,
Sanchi was trying many clothes but she wasnt liking any of them. Just then tanu enters.
Tanu- Jiji yeh Kya halat banakar rakha HEI apne room ka.
Sanchi- tanu I can’t figure out what to wear. I am super super confused. Yo know na today is something really special.
Tanu- itni sI bat HEI just wait.Tanu gets a blue short dress to sanchi. Yeh pehen lo.
Sanchi-wow it’s beautiful. Thanks .
Sanchi gets ready in the dress.
Sanchi’s dress-17 Best ideas about Blue Cocktail Dress on Pinterest |
Tanu- WOW! You are looking gorgeous!!!
Sanchi-thank you so much. Accha ab mein Katie Hoon . Already 11:00 baj Chuke HEI. Bye!
Sanchi goes to Jaipur highway by her bike Aryan was already there.
Aryan- hi!

Aryan-you are looking gorgeous!
Aryan and sanchi’s friends also come. They greet there friends.
Rohit- so let’s start the race.
Tania- is mein race karne ki Kya baat of course sanchi hi jeetegi.
Kabir- no Aryan will win.

Rohit-OK relax . Kon jeetega yeh to race karne ki baat hi pata chalega.
Aryan and sanchi gets ready for the race.they starts the race. They were going perfectly but suddenly sanchi changes her road. Aryan stops.
Aryan-sanchi! Sanchi KAHA jarehiho?
As he was not finding any response he follows samchi. Sanchi stops in a dark place. Aryan also stops.samchi gets off the bike and and stands in an place.Aryan was calling sanchi’s. But she wasn’t responding. Aryan also goes to sanchi.
Aryan- Tum yeh kAHA ayiho? What happened sanchi?
Sanchi turns.
Precap: Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Super one…excited what surprise would be…Please update soon

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