swasan -a love story of betrayal episode 16

Hiii ??guys I am back with another part of the ff …. and sorry?? for late update but I was busy with my another ff …. now I will try to update regularly …. and I am very sad?? today bcoz u all are not commenting …. but don’t worry I will continue … just for the sake of finishing it??.

Guys I forgot to mention one thing in the past that swastika doesn’t know that she is not the real daughter of shemish but swaragini knows it . They doesn’t told this to swastika bcoz they thought taht she will feel bad .

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SHAN – thanks shan … and swastika’s character is played by alia of yhm and shourya ‘s is played by adi of yhm . ??
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Guys swastika’s role is played by alia of yhm and shourya’s role is played by adi of yhm .

Lets start

Swara was sitting in her room and combing ruhi ‘s hair when someone comes .the person knocks at the door.
Swara without seeing -come in … no need of permission??
The person comes in .
Ruhi sees the person and gets happy . ??
Ruhi – sanskaar uncle (yes the person is sanky .)??
Swara stands and says – u here …. ??
Sanky – I just came to give u this dress . ??
Swara – for what ???
Sanky – for today’s party …??
Swara – but I have many dresses I can wear them ??
Ruhi – mumma plz wear this only na …plz … ??
Swara – ok …. ok … ??
Sanky – thanks …. ??
Ruhi – u should not say thanks … mummma shoukd say thanks … ??
Swara – ok …. ok …(to sanky)- thanks ….??
Sanskaar – ruhi ….. u go outside and play I want to talk to ur mumma ….??
Ruhi -ok ??
Ruhi goes .
Sanky – plz …. listen to me one time swara … plz …. I have done that …. plz trust me …??
Swa – how can I trust u …. haaan … plz leave u want me to come to the party so leave me alone …??
Sanky – ok ….??
Sanky leaves …..

At evening .
Swara is ready with red and white gown which sanky had given to her …. she come down…. sanskaar is mesmerised ?? to see her .

Sanskaar – chale yes …. maa and papa u are also coming … ??
dp – no beta we are going to a business party as lak is out of station and I have to attend this party …??
Sanskaar -and ragini uttra and ruhi …??
Ragini signs uttra to say no ….
Ragini – we are not coming … as want to spend some time with ruu…. ??
Uttra – me…. to …??
swasan nods yes and leaves .

In the party.
Swasan enters .
Everyone is shocked to see sanskaar with swara as all of them are his busiiness rivals or partners and staff and they all thought that sanky is unmarried except raj mallick and aaditya mallick . As I told u that maheswaris and mallicks are business partners plus dp is best frnd of raj so he shares each and everything to raj .

raj and adi comes to swasan .
Raj – swara beta …. u r back I am very happy for my best frnd … ??
Swara gives fake smile. ??
Adi – wow the which was left incomplete 6 years ago I will complete that now . (I hope guys u understood that what adi is planning ??)
He smlies evily ??.
He forwards his hand to shake with swara but sanskaar understood that he is again flirting with swara and forwards his hand and shakes with him. Aaditya- everytime he comes in between ??
Aaditya gives fake smile . ??

Sanskaar goes on stage and takes the mike .
Sanky – hiiii guys I have invited u here to tell u about my new music acadmey .. sargam music acadmey ….. ??
Swara smiles .??
Sanky – I want to call my dearest wife on stage ….??
He forwards his hand to swara and swara hesitantly puts on his hand .
Sanky – she is swara sanskaar maheswari….??
Everyone claps ??while swara smiles fakely . ??

The screen shifts to adi who was giving money to waiter and asking him to give this drink to the lady who is on stage . He mixes some medicine in the drink .
Aadi – understood what u had to do …
Waiter nods yes and goes .
Aditya smikes evily . ??

Swasan comes down from the stage.
Just then sanskaar ‘s business partner call him and he goes leaving swara alone . Just then the same waiter comes and gives the drink to swara .
Waiter – mam …. COCA COLA … (guys I like coca cola very much . ??)
Swa takes the glass and drink it. waiter goes .
Suddenly swara was started feeling something different . She thought to go to wash room .(guys this is a hotel and there are many rooms around .)
Swara goes upstairs and goes in one of the room . Adi follows her . Another waiter sees her going upstairs and in the room 456 . Swara goes inside the room and goes in the bathroom and started to vomit . She washes her face and comes out of the washroom . She is feeling dizzy . Suddenly she felt unconcious and falls on floor . Just then adi comes . And picks her in bridal style an keeps her on bed .

Here on the other side sanskaar gets worried ?? about where is swara. He started searching her . He reaches to same waiter who had seen swara going in a room. Sanky shows him the photo of swa and asks him about her.
sanky- have u seen this girl .
Waiter – yes. … sir. .. she had gone to room no. 456 .
Sanky – thanks …. ??
Sanky goes to room no.456 .

Here in Room no. 456 .
Swara was lying unconcious . Adi rotates his finger all around her face . He tears her clothes on shoulder . He was about to kiss her on her lips when someone comes and pushes him on the floor . He is none other than our sanky .
Sanky – how dare u to touch my wife ??? I thought that u r just a flirty boy but never thought that u can do this type of thinks. ….
He started beating him very badly . Aadi runs away from the back door of the hotel (very good sanky …. he had touched ur wife u have to do this only)

Sanky see swara lying unconcious on the bed . He got teary eyes . He wraps swara into his jacket and takes her to home . He calls jyoti (sanky pa )and tells everything to her and tells her not to tell anything to raj as he will feel bad. He will tell him afterwards . And also tells her that to attend guest and party .

Swasan reaches mm. Sanskaar pics swara in bridal style and take her inside. Ragini is shocked to see swara in this condition .
Ragini (shouts )- di ko kya hua ??????
Listening her shouting uttra and ruhi coms down.
Uttra- what happened to bhabhi ?????
Ruhi – mumma ko kya hua uncle batao na ?????
Uttra and rags understood from sanky ‘s expression plus from swara’s condition.
Uttra – go to my room …
Ruhi – but mumma ….??
Uttra – u want to listen stories na ….
She stresses on word STORIES ……
Ruhi understoods that uttra is talking about past . She goes .
Uttra – who had done this ????
Sanky – aditya mallick but don’t worry I reached at nick of time ??
Ragini – plz take di to my ….
Sanky takes swa to ragini ‘s room and make her sleep .
Uttra ‘s room
Ruhi was playing game on monile when uttra comes . Ruhi doesn’t notice uttra.

The end .

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